Todd Fuller

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If you've ever been dumped by your lover, or wanted to assassinate a public official, then Todd Fuller has a song for you. Todd never lets an ounce of misery go to waste.

You'd think growing up as an only child and spending 12 years in the Catholic education system would have its advantages, but you'd be wrong. Splitting time between Texas and Kentucky as a young child, Todd had a hard time finding his place in the world. Admiring the theatrics of Professional Wrestling juxtaposed against his lackluster sports participation took its toll on his psyche. While his Dad was enjoying the pleasant sounds of Willie Nelson and Andy Williams, Todd was rocking out with Kiss and The Who. Something had to give.

After spending 5 years in the US Army, Todd returned to civilian life just barely missing the Desert Storm deployment. With his eyes opened to what was going on in the world, Todd picked up his first guitar, wrote his first song, and hasn't looked back since. Todd became a regular performer in Louisville Kentucky (Tewligans, Snagilwet, Uncle Pleasants, Twice Told Coffeehouse, The Hideaway, The Rudyard Kipling, Bearno’s By the Bridge) and the surrounding areas from early 1990 thru early 2001. Todd recorded two CD's at Louisville's RAMCAT studios, the first in 1998 - Man O'War, and the second in 2000 - Gallahadion. Todd capped off 2000 in a stunning performance with his band, The Frontrunners, at WFPK's Cash & Clash benefit, showcasing the music of both Johnny Cash and The Clash. Todd's versions of Cash's "Wanted Man", and The Clash's "Washington Bullets" rocked the Phoenix Hill Tavern, receiving towering praise from both the country elite and punkers alike.

A short planned hiatus starting in the summer of 2001, when he moved to Bozeman Montana, turned into almost 8 years of down time with only a few limited performances (one being the Louisville Kentucky 2005 Antifolk Fest at Molly Malone’s). Now, back in Kentucky and better than ever, Todd is currently working on a new CD - Happy! , with plans to be an independent release in the summer of 2009.

Why am I Antifolk?
I was Antifolk way back and I didn't even know it. When I started, nothing I did was like what anyone else was doing, I didn't sound like anyone else. People asked me what type of music I played and I just told them I was playing MY music and couldn't really explain it beyond that. When I first heard Roger Manning and Joie DBG , I knew that if they were Antifolk, I was too. I'm proud to call myself Antifolk.

Press Quotes: "Todd Fuller could have stepped out of a (musical) Frank Capra movie" - Paul Curry - Louisville Courier Journal (Contributing Writer)

"He has taken to heart the spirit of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero" and he's made a damn decent record with no label support"......"nobody can doubt the guy's sincerity, it's practically inspirational." -New Burt Post

"Pure....simplicity of economy with no distractions....driving acoustic guitar riffs" - Louisville Music News