April 21, 2019 - Lach will be performing in six UK cities (May 9-14 please see below for full schedule). All the shows (except London) are free entry. Lach (pronounced 'Latch') is the writer/performer star of BBC Radio 4's 'The Lach Chronicles', author of 'The Thin Book of Poems', composer of six albums and founder of the international music and art movement known as Antifolk.

Lach explains, "I'm really grateful to folks in the UK for getting on board so enthusiastically. I've got a regular circuit now and people who started out as fans have become friends by turning up to the live shows. Some of the towns on this tour are ones I hit regularly like Sheffield, London, and Tynemouth and I know they'll be packed, which is enabling me to simply make the shows free and to reach out to some new territories like Milton Keynes and Somerset. There's a real hunger out there for the news. Not the usual Brexit Trump blather but rather what's really going on in the collective consciousness of culture. It wasn't long ago that it was the traveling minstrel who brought the word from town to town, and those times are back with a fresh power on the Antifolk scene. These tours are really gatherings of curious misfits around the campfire of soul, like a comic con but of music, art and poetry. Without fail, when I return to a town, folks are so excited to tell me of the bands, open mics, and fanzines they've started since I was there last. And it just feels great to be able to be a part of that."

Lach's Summer Antifolk UK Tour 2018
All shows are 18+

May 9 - Sheffield
Venue: The Mason's Arms (2 Carson Road, S101UR)
Venue Phone: 01142660899
TKTS: Free

May 10- Pilton
Venue: Pilton Working Man's Club (St Mary's Ln, Pilton, Shepton Mallet BA4 4BB)
Venue Phone: 01749 890162
TKTS: Free

May 11 - Faulkland
Venue: Tucker's Grave
TKTS: Free

May 12 - London
Venue: The Dublin Castle (94 Parkway, London NW1 7AN)
Venue Phone: 020 7485 1773
TKTS:£6 Advance/£8 At The Door London Tickets

May 13 - Milton Keynes
Venue: The Craufurd Arms (59 Stratford Rd, Wolverton, MK12 5LT)
Venue Phone: 01908 313864 TKTS: Free

May 14 - Tynemouth
Venue: Surf Cafe (Palace Buildings, Grand Parade, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4JH Venue Phone: 0191 447 1503
TKTS: Free Show

February 23, 2019 - Tonight is the final night of Sidewalk Cafe in NYC, the longest running home of the Antifolk scene. The venue has been sold and no word yet if the new owners will keep music going there and if so, how Antifolk-friendly it will be. The final night features a brilliant Antifolk line-up and, as always, it's free.

Here's tonight's line-up:
6:30 - Somer
7:00 - Sourdoe
7:30 - Horra
8 - Barry Bliss
8:30 - Toby Goodshank
9 - Erin Regan
10:30 - Dan Penta
11 - Diane Cluck
With special guests all night

There is so much we'd like to say about the end of this Antifolk era but we'll give the microphone to Lach... "I hear Sidewalk is closing down. I haven't commented publicly about it and I do have mixed emotions. For me, the scene was always mobile once I brought The Fort from Rivington Street to Sophie's Bar. I instinctively knew not to anchor it to any one location. Certainly, Sidewalk was The Fort's longest home (Big thanks to Pini!), but a lot of perps don't realize that the scene started almost a decade before I ever entered Sidewalk's doors. When I was ready to leave there, it took me almost two years to find my Charlies to take over the Chocolate Factory and I think Ben and Somer did amazing jobs keeping the legacy going. Those years since I left made it very much a "Sidewalk" thing, but for me, Sidewalk was just one piece (though a very big one) of the entire Antifolk universe, and universes never stop expanding. The original Fort closed, Sophie's years ended, Chameleon closed as did other places after the Fort moved on and now it's Sidewalk’s turn. It was a good run. Babies born, friends died, careers launched, revelations experienced, times was had, and now like Max's, CBGB's and other nexus points, it's over. And yet, for me, that chapter was over almost ten years ago now, and I feel, sometimes, like that scene in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer where Rudolph leaves his friends behind and floats towards the unknown on a sheet of ice. But the thing is that NYC has ALWAYS been about change and always will be. Sidewalk was just a place, a very important place in our lives for sure, but it isn't the scene, it isn't the friendships made. Those precious things will always keep going as long as we continue to follow our art, our hearts, and as long as we ourselves keep going. Rudolph eventually was reunited with his friends and made stronger by the journey, and I look forward to my next NYC return to see what new joints, lofts, cubby-holes and scenes you all have created to fill the loss of that great venue, Sidewalk. After all, what else can ramshackle, stubborn hearts do?

Love Y'all Lach x

Feb.2, 2019: Lach, Antifolk legend and star of BBC Radio 4's hit series The Lach Chronicles, will be performing in seven UK cities (see below for full schedule). All the shows are free (Pay-What-You-Want) except for Liverpool which is only five quid and features several local acts as support.

Lach explains, "Look, it's Winter. Freaking freezing, wet, and heavy with atmospheric and media pressure keeping us down. WE'RE GOING STIR CRAZY! So, there's only one thing for it. Time to get out of our flats, travel through weather that's harsh enough to write poems about, and into the arms of warm nightclubs filled with like-minded souls heaven-bent on sharing joy, laughs, songs and stories together. I've made these shows free or pay-what-you-want (except Liverpool which has a whole bunch or local support acts for only a fiver) so that we can all just have a great time and, as Prince ordained, "Celebrate this thing called life!"

Listen to Lach

Lach's Last-Minute UK Mini-Tour Winter 2019

All shows are 18+, and start at 8pm

February 8
City: Tynemouth
Venue: Surf Cafe (Palace Buildings, Grand Parade, Tynemouth, North Shields NE30 4JH)
Venue Phone: 0191 447 1503
Support Act: Hector Gannet (solo)

February 9
City: Hull
Venue: The People's Republic (112 Newland Ave, HU5 3AA)

February 10
City: Leeds
Venue: Hyde Park Book Club (27-29 Headingley Ln, LS6 1BL)
Venue Phone: 0113 345 5820
Support Act: Rory Holl

February 11
City: Liverpool
Venue: Jupiters (10 Hackins Hey, Liverpool L2 2AW)
Venue Phone: 0151 227 5265
Support acts: Evil Pink Machine, Pedro Magma and more.

Jan.29 2019 - It seems that new owners have taken over Sidewalk Cafe NYC which was home to the Antifolk scene for many years. We at Antifolk.net have no illusions that they will simply allow the scene to continue unfettered. Looks like a chapter has ended, folks. Wonder what's next. Here's what Antifolk founder Lach commented, "I hear Sidewalk is closing down. I haven't commented publicly about it and I do have mixed emotions. For me, the scene was always mobile once I brought The Fort from Rivington Street to Sophie's Bar. I instinctively knew not to anchor it to any one location. Certainly, Sidewalk was The Fort's longest home, but a lot of perps don't realise that the scene started almost a decade before I ever entered Sidewalk's doors. When I was ready to leave there, it took me almost two years to find my Charlies to take over the Chocolate Factory and I think Ben and Somer did amazing jobs keeping the legacy going. Those years since I left made it very much a "Sidewalk" thing, but for me, Sidewalk was just one piece (though a very big one) of the entire Antifolk universe, and universes never stop expanding. The original Fort closed, Sophie's years ended, Chameleon closed as did other places after the Fort moved on and now it's Sidewalk's turn. It was a good run. Babies born, friends died, careers launched, revelations experienced, times was had, and now like Max's, CBGB's and other nexus points, it's over. And yet, for me, it was over almost ten years ago now, and I feel, sometimes, like that scene in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer where Rudolph leaves his friends behind and floats towards the unknown on a sheet of ice. But the thing is that NYC has ALWAYS been about change and always will be. Sidewalk was just a place, a very important place in our lives for sure, but it isn't the scene, it isn't the friendships made. Those precious things will always keep going as long as we continue to follow our art, our hearts, and as long as we ourselves keep going. Rudolph eventually was reunited with his friends and made stronger by the journey, and I look forward to my next NYC return to see what new joints, lofts, cubby-holes and scenes you all have created to fill the loss of that great venue, Sidewalk. After all, what else can ramshackle, stubborn hearts do?"
Sidewalk Cafe Closing

Nov.5 2018 - Lach releases a free single through Facebook to celebrate his birthday!

Oct.18 2018 - Fort alumni Ruth Gerson's daughter Emma Gerson has released a powerful new video calling for political change from a youthful perspective. Check out the wonderful song and singer at Ready For Change

Sept. 2 2018 - Beau Johnson, a regular performer and friend on the Antifolk scene that emanated out of Sidewalk Cafe in NYC has passed away. Antifolk founder Lach had this to say, "I heard this morning that a major figure and friend on the Antifolk scene, Beau Johnson, has passed away. I don't know any of the details but it's a sad day indeed. Personally, I don't recall the first day Beau arrived, though I know it was during the 'Sidewalk years'. Tall, angular and plain-spoken. He was of a certain class of songwriters on the scene who an outsider might consider 'folk' without understanding that we weren't 'anti' traditional music, but we didn't suffer the phoney sound it had morphed into gladly, and Beau was as far from phoney as one could get. In some ways, I used to think of him as the Pete Seeger of the scene. Though we knew each other for years, we didn't interact that much on a personal level. He seemed to be a very private, quiet and dignified man whom I respected very much. I observed countless times how he would welcome newcomers to the scene while they shook off their nerves and settled in. That type of service was invaluable to an artistic community and he will be sorely missed."
Listen to Beau captured live at The old Raven open mic in NYC June 25 2018 - Lach's Summer English Antifolk Tour 2018 (July 19-27)

"Really quite magical!" - The Herald

"Thoroughly entertaining and unique!" - The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

Lach Tour To Hit: Hull, Sheffield, Oxford (Truck Fest), Milton Keynes, London, Leeds, Tynemouth

Lach (pronounced 'Latch') is the writer/performer star of BBC Radio 4's 'The Lach Chronicles', author of 'The Thin Book of Poems', composer of six albums and founder of the international music and art movement known as Antifolk. Though Lach isn't touring a new album per se, he does put out a new single every fortnight, receiving steady airplay on BBC Radio 6 and other fine outlets. The singles are all available to stream and/or download on Bandcamp. While there, folks can join Lach's Fan Club for less than 50p a week and get Lach's back catalog plus the singles every two weeks plus...a Lach fridge magnet! Is this the new paradigm or a doomed dream?
Lach explains, "The Fan Club thing has been amazing. Knowing that there's perps waiting out there to get a new song every two weeks is so energising. The connection is immediate, it's like we're all in this together. I got booked to perform at The Truck Festival in Oxford from it and figured I'd make it into a full tour. There'll be a new addition to my usual stage set-up of a beat-up acoustic guitar and weathered overdrive pedal, and that's a new digital piano. I've very rarely played piano at gigs as most venues don't have one, but I have these piano songs that I'd love folks to get to know. There's something special about a piano. When the aliens land and ask why they shouldn't simply destroy humanity and start all over, I'll say, "Well, we did invent the piano, we can't be completely hopeless!"
Listen to Lach on Bandcamp

See Lach's Upcoming Shows Window for Ticket Links and More Info.

March 13 2018 - Lach, Antifolk legend and star of BBC Radio 4's hit series The Lach Chronicles, will be performing in seven UK cities (March 21-27 see below for full schedule). All the shows are free (Pay-What-You-Want) except for Sheffield, Liverpool and Hull which are only five quid.

Lach explains, "I've been touring the UK steadily now for years, going from a dozen folks in the audience to selling out shows. On this tour, I want to give back to all of my grassroots fans for their amazing dedication and the wild times we've been sharing, by making these shows free, or really cheap, to get into so that we can all raise the roof together!"

Lach's tour includes an already sold-out night (March 26) at The Islington Pub in London. This will be the third instalment of Lach's new podcast series "The Lach Klatch" recorded live at the venue. The series focuses on the war stories behind an artist's life; mixing conversation, song swaps, audience Q/A with Lach's enormously funny conversational style that earned him Top Radio Pick in The Times, Observer, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Radio Times! On the 26th, Lach's guest will be Maria Mckee. Mckee first made her mark with her band Lone Justice, later going on to have the #1 hit, Show Me Heaven, and a sparkling solo career.

"5 Stars! Really quite magical!" - The Herald

"5 stars! Thoroughly entertaining and unique!" - The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

Listen to Lach: https://lach.bandcamp.com

Lach's Spring Antifolk UK Tour 2018
All shows are 18+

March 21 - Hull
Venue: The New Adelphi Club (89 De Grey St, HU5 2RU)
Venue Phone: 01482 348216
TKTS:Get Them Here

March 22 - Sheffield
Venue: The Dorothy Pax (Frewin Court (Arch 17, Wharf Street, S2 5SY)
Venue Phone: 07539 733199
Get Them Here

March 23 - Leicester
Venue: Duffy's Bar (18 Pocklingtons Walk, LE1 6BU)
Venue Phone: 0116 255 3316
TKTS: Free (Pay-What-You-Want)

March 24 - Oxford
Venue: The Harcourt Arms (Cranham Terrace, OX2 6DG)
Venue Phone: 01865 556669
TKTS: Free (Pay-What-You-Want)

March 25 - Lewes
Venue: The Lansdown Arms (36 Lansdown Place, BN7 2JU)
Venue Phone: 01273 470711
TKTS: Free (Pay-What-You-Want)

March 26 - London
Venue: The Islington (1 Tolpuddle Street N1 0XT)
Venue Phone: 0207-684-1577
TKTS: Sold Out

March 27 - Liverpool
Venue: The 27 Club (40 Victoria Street, L1 6BX)
TKTS: At The Door

September 17 - New Lach song 'Poor Town' released to The Lach Fan Club. Learn more at : Lach on Bandcamp.

In This week's New Yorker Magazine:
September 15, 2017 - "Feb. 19-28: The Winter Antifolk Festival. In 1993, a hardened singer-songwriter called Lach took the musical reins of the dark back room here, and since then this East Village café has served as a soul-enriching alternative for local independent musicians fed-up with watered-down folk music. The venue has been as a launchpad for artists ranging from Kimya Dawson to Regina Spektor, and around eighty artists from Sidewalk’s musical history will play this celebration of the twentieth anniversary of live music here. Highlights include Jeffrey Lewis , appearing with Peter Stampfel, of the Holy Modal Rounders (Feb. 26), and the banjo-slinging singer Debe Dalton (Feb. 22).

August 18 2017 - Lach will be bringing a new one-man show of songs, stories and comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year for two nights only.

Lach in Concert will premiere as part of the Late Night series at The Bedlam Theatre (11 Bristo Place) on Saturdays August 19th and 26th at 11pm. Tickets available now at www.edfringe.com under "Late Night".

The two full-length concerts will feature Lach playing new songs as well as hits from his six critically acclaimed albums ("4 Stars! Splendid! Best of it's kind!"- Mojo). Lach will also be telling his hilarious stories as featured on the hit BBC Radio 4 series The Lach Chronicles which was chosen as the Pick Radio Comedy Hit Of The Week by The Times, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and Radio Times!

Lach is the founder of Antifolk, recognized internationally for inspiring the careers of such artists as Beck, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling and The Moldy Peaches as well as hundreds more. Indeed, everyone from Jeff Buckley to Suzanne Vega to Florence Welch has asked to join Lach onstage for duets.

Lach's more recent career as a comedian has led to his three season run as writer/star of the BBC Radio 4's The Lach Chronicles, closing act for BBC Radio 4 Extra's "Stand-up: Best of The Fringe 2016" as well as numerous appearances at the top comedy clubs in the country.

"Five stars! Really quite magical!" - The Herald

"Five stars! Lach is a funny bugger and not just mildly amusing, but properly pant-wettingly Billy Connelly with an American accent funny! One of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent years." - Invernessgigs.co.uk

"Five stars! Thoroughly entertaining and unique!" - The Daily Record and Sunday Mail

"Lach is NYC’s living legend, riotously catchy! The roots of modern songwriting are Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, The New York Dolls and Lach" – Time Out London

"Lach is a beat-punk-unplugged joy, and likely to send you home with several favourite new songs"- The Guardian

"Lach is a star! More Woody Allen than Woody Guthrie and a raised middle finger to the folk purists."-NME

April 13 2017 - Antijuke updated with tunes from Lydia Ooghe, Roy Moller and Lach April 8 2017 - Lach announces first live gig in five months. It will be at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh on May 2 with Simon Joyner and Hamish Hawk

April 7 2017 - Lach releases his new single My Girlfriend's A Dick (And I'm Her Asshole)

February 4 2017 - Cindy Lee Berryhill releases new album entitled The Adventurist

January 22 2017 - New Lach single title revealed: 'Pretty Punky Evening'. Fans will get it free at lach.bandcamp.com Lach Fan Club Free Stuff Drops in 24. Join now...

January 17, 2017 - We are sad to announce the passing of Antifolk pioneer Billy Syndrome. Billy was the embodiment of the scene, wild, free, creative, anarchic, psychedelic and funny. He lived his ethos and his art as a musician/songwriter, organizer and artist. "Billy was one of the first signs that Antifolk would attract the best of the so-called strange. He was what Mr.Jones wouldn't understand. He was the living koan, acid in human form, that would make newcomers to the scene have that "A-ha" moment when encountering us that would either lead them, thank Loki, to the exit or draw them further in to change their stale thoughts into creative blooms."- Lach

October 19, 2006: The November UK Tour: Chris Barron (of The Spin Doctors) and Lach! (Full Tour Calendar Included below) Chris Barron's legacy is the stuff of myth. His band, The Spin Doctors were ubiquitous in the early nineties. Everyone owned their iconic album Pocketful of Kryptonite and blared it out of summer speakers all across the globe. Barron has a Grammy nomination, a Rolling Stone cover, two multi-platinum albums and two Top Ten hits - Little Miss Can't Be Wrong and Two Princes. In 1999, doctors believed that Barron would never sing again because of a rare vocal cord paralysis. Perhaps the story would've ended there had Chris not, a year later, wondered into the landmark venue, Sidewalk Cafe in NYC, home of the Antifolk scene, to see his friend Lach host the infamous open stage night known as The Antihoot. Charmed by the burgeoning scene, which at that time included the as yet unsigned Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis and The Moldy Peaches, Barron kept coming back to the weekly event. After several weeks Barron asked Lach for a slot. You could hear a pin drop as Chris took the stage (as by now the scene knew he had been hanging out, a multi-platinum superstar in their midst who had tragically lost his voice). Barron recalls that time, "The Antihoot was a crucible where, right there in the East Village, you could see someone like Regina Spektor timidly trying on her persona, playing tunes that weren't famous yet, next to some kid who could barely plug in his guitar. I'd sit there in the dark over by Lach, the ringmaster and raconteur. I was recovering from this (for me) cataclysmic episode. I'd lost my voice... And there, in the dark, watching and listening to that hodgepodge of a cavalcade, I found it again." Chris nervously strummed a few chords, opened his mouth and sang like an angel. Those in attendance went nuts and Chris broke out his famous grin, the man could sing! Things moved pretty quickly after that. Chris actually joined an early incarnation of The Moldy Peaches helping them get signed to Rough Trade and he proceeded to build his solo career with the release of Shag. Eventually all of this led to the reunion of The Spin Doctors and the release of 2013's beautiful If The River Was Whiskey hitting the Top Five on Billboard's blues charts. Chris still loves gigging with his highly in-demand band The Spin Doctors but he also cherishes playing his solo, acoustic shows as he evolves into that rare beast of singer-songwriters, the journeyman. The November UK tour with Antifolk legend Lach will see Chris playing his hits as well as breaking out exciting new material.

Lach - "Lach is New York's living legend. The roots of modern songwriting: Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The New York Dolls, Nick Drake and Lach!"- London Time Out. High praise indeed but not uncommon for the founder of Antifolk, the international phenomenon. "Lach is incredibly bright, influential and funny with his own counter-culture charm. He's become part of New York folklore."-Suzanne Vega "Lach is the best punk rhythm guitarist since Johnny Ramone."-Billy Ficca (of the pioneer punk band Television) "Lach is fucking funny!" - Nikki Sixx With six critically acclaimed albums ("5 stars. Splendid, best of its kind!"-Mojo Magazine), a sold out book of poetry ("Outstandingly beautiful." - stirlingwriter.com) and a hit BBC Radio 4 comedy series The Lach Chronicles (Top Radio Pick Hit from The London Times, The Observer, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and RadioTimes!) Lach still cites playing live as his favorite part of his artistic life.

Lach says, "I dig all of it or I wouldn't do it. The albums, the books, the radio show, I see them all under the general umbrella of being a writer. But it's at the gigs that it all comes together and I'm so lucky to have an audience that's there for the ecstatic live moments like I am whether I’m singing a song, telling a story or just riffing. No genre, no definitions just that campfire glow of total possibility."

Five years ago Lach moved from New York City's Lower East Side, where he hosted Lach's Antihoot, the most successful, longest-running open mike in town, to Edinburgh, Scotland. Since then he has been constantly touring the UK and building up a fanatically loyal indie-club circuit. Not surprising for a man that founded a worldwide music and art movement and who's been compared to Dylan and Lenny Bruce in the same breath with the admonishment, "You've got to see him live!"

With his UK touring circuit firmly intact Lach has begun inviting some of his favorite performers along for the ride. Past UK tours have included bills with Suzanne Vega and Hamell on Trial, duets with Florence and The Machine, Michelle Shocked and now Lach's second tour with Chris Barron. Two journeymen from New York's East Village mixing tales of the Rock and Roll life with songs that are loved by millions. Not to be missed!

"A Lach show is a face-ache funny, beat-punk-unplugged joy, and likely to send you home with several favourite new songs"- The Guardian UK Barron & Lach November UK Tour (8-19) Tues. Nov.8 - Inverness - Mad Hatters (67 Church St, IV1 1ES, 01463 233 651, £10 ) Wed. Nov.9 - Edinburgh - Sneaky Pete's (73 Cowgate, EH1 1JW, 0131 225 1757, £8) Thurs. Nov.10 - Glasgow - The Vortex @ The Weavers (30 Airdrie Rd, G67 4 Cumbernauld, 01236 735343, £5 - Benefit for Maggie's Centre) Fri. Nov.11 - Leeds - Hyde Park Book Club (27-29 Headingley Ln, LS6 1BL, 0113 345 5820, £8adv/£10door) Sat. Nov.12 - Nottingham - The Running Horse - (16 Alfreton Road, Canning Circus, 07770 226926, Free Entry) Sun. Nov.13 - London - The Islington (1 Tolpuddle Street N1 0XT, 0207-684-1577, £13.50) Mon. Nov.14 - Leicester - The Musician (Clyde Street, LE1 2DE, 0116 251 0080, £10adv/£12door) Tues. Nov.15 - Liverpool - Magnet (45 Hardman Street, L1 9AS, 0151 363 6623, £7) Wed. Nov.16- Weston-Super-Mare - The Back Bar (122-124 High Street, BS23 1HP, 01934 620871, £8.50) Thurs. Nov.17- Cardiff - Clwb Ifor Bach (11 Womanby Street, CF10 1BR, 0292 023 0429, £8) Fri. - Nov.18- Birmingham - The Windsor Theatre Bar -(377 Bearwood Road, B66 4DL, Smethwick, 0121 420 3203, £6)

August 2016: Th

e New Wee Theatre presents the inaugural AntiFilm Festival at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at The New Town Theatre (Venue 7) on Edinburgh's George Street this weekend (Aug 26-28).

The Festival features films by Adam Green (Oscar winner for the Juno soundtrack), Jack Dishel (AKA Only Son), Jude Rawlins (of the bands The Subterraneans and The Lene Lovich Band), Rew Starr and Antifolk Hip-Hop artist Timothy Dark. Each night of the festival is headlined by The Underground and Unseen Films of Ken Russell, the late, legendary, Oscar-winning British director of such films as Tommy, Altered States, The Devils and Women in Love. Russell left behind a treasure-trove of films, some unseen, and others not screened since 1965, waiting for just the right time and place for them to be revealed. Lach, creative director and producer at The New Town Theatre and founder of the Antifolk movement, said: “After announcing the screening of the Ken Russell films, we were inundated by requests from other producers and realized we had the potential for a unique film fest on our hands. I am thrilled to be able to present films from the Antifolk scene.” Friday August 26 and Saturday August 27 4:30 - Film Short 'The Future' from Timothy Dark (NYC Antifolk Hip-Hop Artist) 4:40 - 'The Divine Image' by Jude Rawlins (of The Subterraneans and The Lene Lovich Band) 5:20 - Jack Dishel's DRYVRS - Two hilarious shorts films (Jack is Regina Spektor's husband and stars in the films along with Macaulay Culkin and Tom Petty and has over 24 million views on YouTube) 6pm - Adam Green’s Aladdin - Full feature film by the Oscar-winning songwriter of The Moldy Peaches. Friday - 8pm - The Unseen and Underground Films of Ken Russell hosted and Q/A by Ken's wife, actress Lisi Tribble Russell - Elgar Redux, Kitten For Hitler, Mata Hari, Good Ship Venus and Russell’s last completed film: Boudica Bites Back Saturday - 8pm - The Unseen and Underground Films of Ken Russell hosted and Q/A by Ken's wife, actress Lisi Tribble Russell Lion’s Mouth, A Kitten For Hitler, Charlotte Bronte, Revenge of the Elephant Man, Boudica Bites Back, Girl With The Golden Breasts Sunday August 28 - The Fall of Louse of Usher (Feature Length), Out of The Past All events are free except for the Ken Russell films, for which are available now online at www.edfringe.com, in person at The New Town Theatre box office or by phone at the Fringe box office on 0131 226 0000.

August 14 2016 - Michelle Shocked: The Mercury Trilogy at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Aug.4-28) - 5 Stars - Michelle Shocked is half-way through a 24 night residency at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's largest arts festival, at The New Town Theatre. Shocked is performing her three albums released by Mercury Records (Short, Sharp, Shocked - Captain Swing - Arkansas Traveller), a different album each night in rotation. Simply put it is one of the best Fringe shows I've seen over the past six years. Shocked has been doing each night solo acoustic, no PA, with the audience seated around her, campfire style. The shows are warm, funny, intimate and rocking. The audiences each night leave the venue glowing and many of them have been returning to catch the other albums performed. A triumph for this journeyman performer and mega-talented songwriter.

Feb.22 2016 - The Winter Antifolk Fest at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC is now in full swing and tonight's show looks wonderful with Antifolkers covering each other's songs and tribute to Dashan of Huggabroomstik. Expect appearances by Dalton Deshain, Ray Brown, Beau Alessi, David Warpaint, Mallory Feuer, Ben Krieger, Emily Einhorn, Gio Colantonio, Joe Yoga, Oliver Baer, Leslie Graves & Julie Delano, Charles Mansfield, Jay Ackley, Doug Linse, Stephen Stavola, Bob Black, Brandon Perdomo, Cannonball, Inglewood, The Bad Traits, and Virgo Power. Here's the full event listing.

Jan.10 - AntiJuke updated! Featuring: Erin K, Lach, Mike McFarlane, Barry Bliss, Roger Manning and Dog On A Swing!

2015: Nov.24 - Antifolk newcomers The Prettiots signed to Rough Trade! Read more...

Nov.18 2015 - Nice Jeffrey Lewis and Andrew Jackson Jihad review from a live show in Tallahasee

June 10 2015 - New artist, Nicole Strachan added to the Artist Pages and AntiJuke today. Billy Liar and Zander Schloss playing Sneaky Pete's tonight in Edinburgh.

May 9 2015 - New song added to the Antibox from ThePureGallus

April 27 2015 - New artist, thepuregallus from Scotland, added to the Artist Pages.

April 22 2015 - New artist, Billordo from Argentina, added to the Artist Pages and AntiJuke today.

March.24 - Staten Island Antihero Phoebe Blue to end her wonderful run of 'Creative Happenings' at Hashtag Bar but we are confident her path will lead to even more radiant adventures. Phoebe Blue's Last Stand...Until The Next One

March 17- Lach will be bringing his groundbreaking acoustic mix of songs and stories to Woodland Creatures (260-262 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 5EL) on Thursday April 2nd at 8pm. Admission is £5 at the door. 18+ only. Joining Lach on the bill: Duglas T Stewart - "Duglas T. Stewart is the founder of BMX Bandits; a pop spokesman for love, magic and fairytales. Whilst BMX Bandits have shared members with many brilliant Glasgow bands (such as Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines and The Soup Dragons), Duglas T. Stewart has been the effulgent yellow yolk that's spanned it all. Kurt Cobain claimed on a New York radio show that if he could be in any other band it would be BMX Bandits, and, well, flocks of us convincingly concur!" - The Skinny McGuire - "Colin McGuire's new book is the most exciting thing to happen to Scottish poetry since Colin McGuire's last book" - readthismagazine.co.uk The Pure Gallus - Brilliant, funny, catchy and mesmerizing. With song titles like "Grease Mustache" and "Pigeons With Nae Feet" you know you are in for a grand time. Feb/10 - Antifolk alumni Beck wins Grammy. Jan.17 - Antifolk founder and writer/star of the hit BBC Radio 4 series The Lach Chronicles to celebrate the release The Thin Book of Poems on January 19th with a UK tour. Renowned singer/songwriter Lach will be celebrating the publication of his book The Thin Book of Poems with a week-long UK tour (Jan 27-Feb 3) featuring daytime readings from the book in local indie book stores and rocking out the clubs at night as part of Independent Venues Week. Think David Sedaris meets Bob Dylan in Joe Strummer's squat. "Lach is NYC's living legend, riotously catchy. The roots of modern songwriting: Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The New York Dolls, Nick Drake and Lach!" - Timeout London The Thin Book of Poems by Lach will be published on January 19 (Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday) by London-based Desert Hearts Publishers. The first edition is a limited, numbered and signed run which will be available on Amazon, Foyles as well as on the tour. "The Thin Book of Poems: It's perfect." - taostyle.net "The Thin Book of Poems: In places the autobiographical accents of Betjeman meet the curl of TS Eliot, but the driving force is pure Lach. There is a firm understanding of rhythm and cadence, voice and pause, which you would expect from a musician. There is a great deal of good here with a flourish of the outstandingly beautiful." - stirlingwriter.com "Lach is incredibly bright, he's influential, he's funny, he's smart, and he's got his own, sort of, counter-culture charm. A very intelligent songwriter, funny, poetic. He became part of New York folklore." - Suzanne Vega "Lach - one of the originators, and one of the sharpest arrows of the New York Antifolk scene. A Lach show is rarely less than a face-ache funny, beat-punk-unplugged joy." - The Guardian BBC Radio 4's recently aired season two of The Lach Chronicles was selected as the Top Radio Pick of the Night by The London Times, The Observer, The Telegratel, The Independent and RadioTimes! Like Lach on Facebook Follow Lach on Twitter @lachtoday Listen to Lach on BandCamp.com Lach: The Thin Tour January 27-February 3 Jan.22- Kick-off party in Edinburgh at Woodland Creatures! 8pm. 27 - Liverpool - Daytime Reading: 4pm - Free admission: News From Nowhere Book Shop (96 Bold Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 4HY Tel: 0151 708 7270) Night-time Show: 9pm - £5 - 18+ only - at The Lomax (34 Cumberland Street, Cumberland Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1 6BU, United Kingdom Tel:0151 236 1834) 28 - Dibsbury and Wakefield - Daytime Reading 4pm - Free Admission: Art of Tea (47 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M20 6TW Tel: 0161 448 9323) Night-time Show - 8:30pm - £5 - 16+ only - (19 Bank Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF1 1EH, United Kingdom Tel: 01924 367111) 29 - Sheffield - Night-time Show - 8pm - £5 - The Rocking Chair (23 Furnival Gate
Sheffield S1 4QR) Also on bill: Dave Woodcock 30 - London - Daytime Reading - Free Admission: Rock n Roll Rescue Charity Shop (96 Parkway, Camden London NW1 7AN) Night-time Show: £7/£5 on the door - Dublin Castle (94 Parkway, London NW1 7AN Tel: 020 7485 1773) Also on bill: New Vinyl, Recklings Feb.1 - Hull - Night-time Show - £5 - The New Adelteli Club (89 De Grey Street, Hull HU5 2RU Tel:01482 348216) Feb.2 - York - Daytime Reading - Free Admission - 3pm - The Inkwell (10 Gillygate, York YO31 7EQ, United Kingdom (Tel: 07846 610777) Feb.3 - Nottingham - Rough Trade - 7pm - (5 Broad Street, Nottingham NG1 3AJ Tel: 0115 896 4012) The last show of the tour ends with a giant Antifolk/Antihoot party. Performers are invited to cover one of Lach's songs or poems and one of their own with a concert from Lach capping the evening! Nov.30- "The Lach Chronicles on BBC Radio 4: Compelling! You will find yourself leaning in to listen more closely"- Radio Top Choice in RadioTimes (One of the highest circulation magazines in UK.) "The Lach Chronicles on BBC Radio 4: Prepare for a dizzying encounter with sonic psychedelia!"- Radio Top Pick in The Telegraph Listen to Episode One of Season Two on Wednesday December 3rd at 11pm UK time (6pm EST) on BBC RADIO 4 iPlayer Nov.28 - Antifolk legend Lach celebrates Season Two of his hit BBC Radio 4 series The Lach Chronicles Renowned singer/songwriter Lach (the legendary founder of the Antifolk movement and host to New York's longest running club night, The Antihoot) will be bringing the second series of his ground-breaking BBC Radio 4 series The Lach Chronicles to the airwaves this December. Written and produced by Dabster Productions and pioneered by Richard Melvin (who has helped kick-start the careers of some of comedy's biggest stars - Sarah Millican, Tim Minchen and Miles Jupp) Season Two of The Lach Chronicles, (running every Wednesday night in December at 11pm) ramps things up from where Season One left off and is certain to set the radio world alight. Teaming stories, comedy and music around subjects such as Lach's Fringe comedy debut, his run-ins with Joey Ramone and NYC's punk scene The Lach Chronicles wonderfully illustrates Lach's underground and transgressive persona whilst inviting listeners into his bizarre and stimulating world. Think David Sedaris meets Bob Dylan in Joe Strummer's squat. Season One of The Lach Chronicles received pick of the week in The Observer, The Mail On Sunday and The Scotsman. Season Two is guaranteed to go even further in breaking the conventional radio show mould. "Lach is NYC's living legend, riotously catchy. The roots of modern songwriting: Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The New York Dolls, Nick Drake and Lach!" - Timeout London As a comedian, after being welcomed to the Edinburgh Fringe by Noel Fielding, Lach hosted the celebrated Antihoot and was joined by such stars as Paul Foot, Rich Fulcher and Caroline Rhea, garnering multiple five-star Fringe reviews. "5 stars! Quirky and Quixotic!" - Colin Somerville, The Herald "Top Five Late-night Fringe shows!) - The List Since moving from New York to Edinburgh three years ago Lach has toured the UK with everyone from iconic punk band Television to The Spin Doctors and has been joined on stage for duets with such stars as Michelle Shocked and Florence and The Machine. The Lach Chronicles will be airing on BBC Radio 4 at 11pm on Wednesday the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th of December. May 22 - Cool video of the song Internet from Toby Goodshank's new album Piper Laurie. May 12 - The Antihoot Open Stage at Henry's Cellar Bar in Edinburgh (16a Morrison Street). £500 IN PRIZES! Hosted by BBC Radio 4 star and Antifolk founder Lach. ADMISSION IS FREE. 18+ only. Doors at 5pm. Sign-up to perform at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm. Yes, The infamous Antihoot, NYC's longest running open stage is now a weekly event in Edinburgh, Scotland (With the original Antihoot continued on as The Open Stage at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC. How cool is that?!?) TWO ACTS EACH WEEK WIN £25 EACH AND ARE INVITED BACK FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN £200! (If you've been a finalist in the past you can totally participate again! Remember, our main rule: Have fun!) Our winners become finalists and on Tuesday June 10th will perform in a Superhoot with one superstar winning THE GRAND PRIZE OF £200, securing a Friday night set and being our third inductee into Henry's Cellar Bar Hall of Fame with their own artist page on henryscellarbar.com Congrats to our first finalists this time around: Ten Wizards and Dog On A Swing! All performance is welcome: Musicians, Comics, Poets, Burlesque and more. All Monday night performers get two songs or eight minutes with a great sound system and an engaged and enthusiastic crowd. Two ways for artists to win! The first is to be voted in by the crowd.The second avenue to glory is to be handpicked by the Antihoot's founder Lach, a songwriter in his own right and the man cited by such acts as Beck, Regina Spektor, Rick Shapiro, The Moldy Peaches and hundreds more as helping to launch and inspire their careers. Lach, along with Henry's staff, will be making a wild card pick each week in addition to the voted in act! Pick of the Week in both The Herald and The Scotsman! One of the best nights in town for performers and audience alike! "Henry's Cellar Bar Top Ten Nightlife Attraction!" - Tripadvisor.com "Lach is a face-ache funny, beat-punk-unplugged joy!" – The Guardian UK See you at The Antihoot! Feb.28- NYC Antifolk Fest in full swing at Sidewalk Cafe. Catch up on their blog Clicking Here. Feb.19 - UK NEWS: The Edinburgh Superhoot at Henry's last night was completely packed and a grand time had by all. Talent level was through the roof and produced the night's winner of 200 quid and a Friday night gig: Christopher Willatt! Dig him here. Feb.19 - USA NEWS: The NYC Winter Antifolk Fest is now in full swing at Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan. Dig the full schedule by Clicking Here. Every night is amazing. Dec.14- Cool review of Antifolk in the Southern states featuring Grey Revell, Phoebe Novak and Cannonball Statman Review Nov.18- Austin John Marshall passed away last week. Lach comments, "Though steeped in the type of folk-english trad that I found boring as hell he embraced the Lower East Side Antifolk scene and performed at the various incarnations of The Fort with his various guises. John was very supportive of me during my periods of apartmentless sofa-surfing. Always there with a cuppa and a smoke and ALWAYS with a positive, creative attitude. I am saddened by his passing, warmed by his memory and chastened by his generous heart. At tonight's Antihoot in Edinburgh I will drink a cup of tea in his honor. Peace ye old dog!" Here is an Article about that man from Goldmine Magazine. Nov.1 - Joe Crow Ryan has a box-set one day sale TODAY. Pick it up. Good stuff! Click Here to listen and buy. Fri. Sept.6: Winter Antifolk Festival 2013: The Interview with Lach by Bernard King (A Facebook Chat) L S'up BK Good timing, I just woke up. So, Lach… What is Antifolk? Lach (Sound of gunfire) BK I remember I asked you that once like ten years ago and the expression on your face was priceless. As if you had been asked it ten times that day already. Good times. So what would you like to say to the musicians of the Lower East Side (or whatever it is these days) on this lovely afternoon? L "Pay me back." BK Ha, I know. I keep asking people rhetorically, “Whose idea was this?” and then after a pause either I or they answer, “Oh... it was LACH.” So “A man walked into a bar” was how it began I think. And then look what has happened. How does music look to you these days from where you are in Edinburgh, while we're still over here doing this? And is the Antihoot—or is Antifolk—as you see it, thriving over there. Or, is it thriving over here for that matter. L A man walked into a bar and it took him 15 years to leave! How does music look to me these days? Well, you can't see music. And in many ways the idea that music is a visual medium is what screwed it up. I read “the music news” and I don't see anything having to do with music in it. Is Rhianna posing nude, music news? Here's some music news... not all piano tuning hammers are of the same quality. BK I do picture you seeking out the music wherever you travel, which I guess could be a kind of game of hide and seek, but from what I understand you've found some of it at the Antihoot you set up over there. How much of what you find do you consider to be Antifolk? Is that more of an ethos, or a term you actually still use? Or something more from the past. We use the term broadly here, and there are some people on the scene who use it who you wouldn't expect would, and others who you would expect it from don't want to use it at all. Maybe it could be said that “Anti” takes “Indie” a few steps further, and when you're there, you're there. But you've also said that once you define it, it disappears, which may go back to what you said about music being seen and not heard. L As for the Antihoot, I've held it at The Edinburgh Fringe the last three years and it's been AMAZING. I released a live version of it on my label Fortified Records. People can dig the latest from that scene by downloading the album at: http://lach.bandcamp.com/album/lachs-antihoot-live-from-the-edinburgh-fringe-festival-contains-adult-language All proceeds from sale of the album go to a great charity here called Maggie's Center that counsels cancer survivors and their families. BK Ah, i didn't even know that, live from the Fringe, that's great. L Yeah, hit that link and you can listen for free. But the next thing I am doing with Antihoot is starting in Edinburgh at end of March. I will be doing a weekly show at a dive bar here called Henry's Cellar Bar. http://www.musicglue.com/theraft/eventdetails/24-apr-13-lachs-antihoot-radio-night-henrys-cellar-bar/ Click that link for more info. BK So there is this continuity between the scene you created at SideWalk, that's still going strong, and the one you've fostered in Edinburgh. A lot of the newer artists don't know about this, because they've only ever met Ben Krieger and known the Open Stage. How did the recent tour go with your old buddies from New York? L A lot of artists back in 1997 didn't know of the Antifolk scene of 1990 and a lot of them didn't know of the scene of 1984. I really am the only constant through it all. BK I love the poster for your March tour in Spain: "Antifolk... Gran Creacion De Lach." L The recent tour was wonderful. I did five or six shows with Hamell on Trial who is one of the best Antifolk performers of all time. It was a treat watching him working and catching up with each other on the long rides twixt gigs. Being joined on stage by The Spin Doctors in Liverpool was a real high as well. These days I never know who is going to join me onstage, this year alone I've also dueted with Michelle Shocked and with Florence and the Machine. Glad you like the Spain poster! I held a one-day Antifolk Fest in Liverpool and Maurici from Spain flew in for it. That resulted in setting up my tour in Catalonia next month. BK It seems that these people from your past keep coming back, over and over. It's the same at the SideWalk, one day someone who hasn't been there in ten years walks back in and starts playing. If it's true you're the one continuity, you also created a continuity that's self-perpetuating. L The weekly show at Henry's Cellar will be called Lach's Antihoot Radio Show. I did that purposely, creating the community, and when I left I wanted to leave with honor. I stayed a year more than I wanted to just to find the right person, Ben Krieger, and teach him the ropes. I had experienced enough people leaving the scene in a bad way and I didn't want to do the same thing. We are taught important things in school such as how to leave, how to say goodbye. BK Of course, Jon Berger is still at SideWalk after a couple of decades, that's continuity on a Monday night for sure. Joe Bendik is doing the Fest after having hardly missed any since, I think, '86, and Jeff Lewis will be here with Peter Stampfel, and Kirk Kelly was hanging out at SideWalk a few weeks ago. L I mean we are NOT taught that in school. So, a lot of people decide they need to get mad at something to force their leaving. It's nice to hear that Jeff, Joe and Kirk are playing. All fine examples of AF. Anyway, Lach's Antihoot Radio Show will be a weekly gig presented as an old-time radio show. Each week will have a special guest. We'll record it for podcast with an eye towards it becoming an actual radio show. I've become more involved with radio here. BBC Radio 4 commissioned a series from me that will air this summer called The Lach Chronicles. And I've been listening to all these old-time radio shows through iTunes podcasts. So the weekly show will be like old-time radio. BK That's an interesting point, about school, the scene is very much a kind of school, and it's been said that it has its different classes (class of '99). It seems to me that in general the people drawn to this scene are the nicest you'll find. There's always been very little rancor. Do you find that, that this kind of creative freedom brings out the best in people? L I think Toby Goodshank will be a guest in June. I think the school model is apt, as far as the rhythm of people coming into it and growing within it and then moving on and then revisiting. BK Ah, old-time radio show. That reminds me of when you brought the Antihoot to Webster Hall, that was like an old-time TV show, a “What's My Line” almost. L I think creative freedom on its own does not bring out the best in people. I think you need to mix in horror, sex, desperation, all-nighters, billiards and a broken heart, as well as camaraderie and criticism. BK Toby has been doing amazing things with his paintings as well as his music, over in Berlin, after his New York exhibition with Macauley Culkin and Adam Green. He's definitely one of the individuals who keeps on going, who holds up that standard. Berlin has become a visiting place for Antifolkers, as well. Are there any other cities where Antifolk seems to have a sort of home? L I'd love for more NYCers to come over to UK and be on my show and play the clubs. There is a healthy scene here, as there is around the world. But don't go calling yrself Antifolk if you aren’t living it. I have had acts ask to be on antifolk.net and then I go to their webpage and they call themselves new folk or American or some shit. Berlin for sure. Barcelona. BK And artists from the scene will use Berlin as a base when they tour in Europe, Germany in particular is Antifolk-friendly. Thomas Truax lives in Germany as well. L A lot of perps are Antifolk and don't know it. The discovery process is part of the joy. A lot of the best art comes from saying “no.” BK "Horror, sex, desperation, all-nighters, billiards and a broken heart as well as camaraderie and criticism," nice. Yes we had to have the billiards removed from SideWalk because the lowlifes from the corner kept coming in and starting fights with the musicians. That was a great hangout, with everyone practicing their songs around the pool table. I think I may have a photo of you playing pool with the Baby Skins. L I am looking for the SideWalk Antifolk Fest sched, I haven't seen it yet, hold on. BK Ah, saying “no” is a part of Antifolk, for sure. Phoebe Blue is a good example of someone who is Antifolk but who didn't even know it. Now she books Antifolk on Staten Island and has also brought it on tour with her across the country, and Canada, and the term has traveled. Saying no must be part of it, but also a big part must be saying “yes” to the right things. L Looking at the Fest sched now. Lotsa good perps on there. BK Yes, I'm writing the program for all those damned 80 people, it's no picnic dealing with it but you dealt with it every day for all those years! Ben Krieger is a saint also for doing it with having a growing family. Yes there is a real solid scene of people at the moment. L I've always appreciated the respect you've shown me and other performers. It meant a lot coming from someone as talented as yourself. BK I'd mention a couple people from the Fest but that takes us away from our back and forth. Anything on the Fest schedule that jumps out at you? L Mention away. BK Oh man, thanks, haha. Likewise! Also, you were the one who pushed me into making songwriters read poetry, and that idea is still going strong. I don't even know when that was, 2006? There have been a lot of poetry performances since then and it's become a regular part of the scene, which is still sort of strange to me, coming from someone who's not a musician or performer like the rest of you. L Well, I dig that there's a good amount of acts I never heard of. I wonder how they found out about the scene and what they think Antifolk is? I would encourage the newbies to catch some of the alumni in action. BK So when are you coming back to New York? A visit, I mean. Maybe you could drop in on the fall festival and surprise us. Yes, when I talk about older eras of the scene, newer artists sometimes don't know what to make of it. In a good way. There's a tremendous amount of lore. Even the fact that where the pool table was is now a storage room is quite a change. And when someone hears Diane Cluck's music for the first time, or one of those early Cockroach albums, that is something. Jack Cyanide, as you can tell from the name, is one of the really interesting ones. Kind of like an early Joie DBG, but totally different, but that same kind of explosion. Cannonball Statman is 19, he just arrived here via Goodbye Blue Monday, and has already put on his own Cannonballfest. He's a very serious writer and performer, a 24-7 writer and performer. That's rare. Back in the late 90's and early 2000's, the scene that I first knew, it was a lot more common, you had a lot of very serious people who worked together. There's just too much to say about all these people for our purposes here I guess. I don't know how to contextualize it. L “Looking at Fest Sched: First Thoughts by Lach” Opening the Fest with a group called Sound of Salesmen, an omen? A metaphor? Apprehension soothed by seeing the burly and comforting names of Spurlock, Devlin and Brown. Yes, a gentle push into the night. Is that Phoebe Novak, back? A prayer answered and accompanied by Maya and Bliss. Let's get to the Weekend. Date night! And I'll take a big bite out of the middle of that sandwich with Erin, Debe, Don and Jason. Now That's Antifolk gold right there! But now it's time to get scrappy and Saturday provides with St. Bendik, Telethons, Dan & Rachel, Kung Fu Crimewave, Crazy and the Brains and Baglivi! It's like a few years earlier and getting to see The Voyces, The Humans and The Novellas all on the same night. I need me some Sunday come down and I think I'd sneak in for Espinola and Bird to Prey for that prescription. Wait, it's got a whole other week to go? To avoid overload I'd come out two more times (if you look at everything in the museum, you see nothing). I'd be front row center for Gina Mobilio and Peter Dizozza's CD release gigs. I'd miss some stuff but I'd have one hell of a good Fest. Love to all. BK Oh man, thanks for the poetic stream! Perfect. Yes that's true, there are some of those same blockbuster nights. It's a really good mix. Sometimes you think the scene has fragmented beyond repair but then it re-forms in these layers. People forget that it's alright for the scene to take a break and then change once again. But back to alumni in action, as you said. I agree, you can really get a sense of the depth of the scene when you discover the music of veteran performers, it opens up all those worlds. And shows you what kind of a world you're really in, if you didn't know it yet. L Yr welcome. Wish I had more time but Scotland is a seductive mistress and I must have tea now. BK Scotland mistress, yes, lovely. I'm sort of envious, being part Scottish and all. Tea... good British ending. L Please raise a glass for me at the Fest: "To all the new arrivals I wish you heartache and magic, to all the alumni I wish you renewal and redemption and to those no longer with us, I remember and I cherish." That's me gone. Love you, brother. BK Wow, now you are really sounding like you're in Scotland! Yes, will do. Right back at ya. July 20 - The Sidewalk Cafe's Summer Antifolk Festival Line-up has been announced and it's amazing. You can check it out by clicking here.Highlights include sets from: Bird To Prey, Peter Dizozza, Kirk Kelly, Joe Bendik, Dots Will Echo, Lorraine Leckie, Brook Pridemore, Crazy and The Brains, Debe Dalton, Ray Brown, Joe Crow Ryan, Shilpa Ray, Erin Kleh, Somer, Kid Lucky, Timothy Dark, Gina Mobilio, Grey Revell and Hamell on Trial. Click the link above to see the full schedule. July 1 - German Radio Special on...Antifolk! June 13 - Our good friendsDanny Kelly and Karen Hancock have released a beaut of a new album as The Hinges. Dig it here June 6 - Depresstival added to the Antifolk Artists Pages and the AntiJukeBox May 29- The fantastic new video from Caged Animals! May 29- An amazingly brilliant week ahead. Due to the success of our Wednesday night series, Henry's Cellar Bar (16a Morrison Street, Edinburgh, UK) asked us to add Mondays and Tuesdays to our roster! A big thanks to all of you who've helped make this happen by coming to the shows and spreading the word. Keep it up perps! So, starting this week, Mondays will see the debut of Lach's Antihoot Open Stage. All are welcome to perform or just hang out, songwriters, comics, poets, speechifiers, misfits, magicians, performance artists, burlesque. Come and get it! Doors open at 7pm. Sign-up to perform at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm. Free admission. 18+ only, this is grown-up fun ;-) Fantastic sound. Attentive and engaged audience. Tuesdays will start our new series The Songwriter's Cellar. Every Tuesday night four songwriters, chosen by Lach. Some from the Monday Antihoot Open Stage, some passing through town, some old friends, some new friends, some raw, some established and trying new stuff, all worth hearing. Free admission. Great sound system. Cheap booze. Wednesdays will continue with the usual utter madness like so: Lach's Antihoot Radio Night! Pick Hit of The Week in both The Herald and The Scotsman! "It's a night that has everything - music, humour and an oddly cohesive feel as each song, each turn, each gag and spontaneous aside leads to the next - almost like they scripted the whole show and not just the radio episode. It's certainly worth investigating, see it once and you might well be hooked!" - isthismusic.com "The only show in town (or indeed the country) is antifolk legend Lach and attendant friends, at Henry’s Cellar Bar."- jockrock.org The evenings are recorded live for future podcast by Dabster Productions. In fact, Dabster's production of The Lach Chronicles premieres on BBC Radio 4 this September! May 28- Antifolk Festival, Sheffield, UK will feature Dave Woodcock, Little Robots, Toby Goodshank, Lach added to Jeffrey Lewis/Peter Stampfel gig in Glasgow at Mono. May 23- Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel UK Tour starts today with sold out shows! Lewis/Stampfel UK Tour May 21 - "New York singer-songwriter and founder of the Antifolk movement Lach has been announced as the executive producer at Edinburgh venue Henry's Cellar Bar. In addition to his weekly radio nights on Wednesdays, Lach will also re-launch his Antihoot Open Stage on Mondays all year round, starting on May 27."- The Scotsman Also, this coming Tuesday night, at 7:30pm at Henry's Cellar, Lach starts up the Songwriter's CellarThe Songwriter's Cellar at Henry's as well! Opening night features: Dog on a Swing, Caro Bridges, Elyssa Vulpes and Mike MacFarlane March 21- Yoshi didn't! Michelle Shocked explains her so-called rant at her gig at Yoshi's in San Francisco that lit up the twitterverse this weekend. She will be interviewed live on internet radio www.radioornot March 21 -LACH, founder of the burgeoning Antifolk music and art movement, brings a new weekly show to Henry's Cellar Bar, 16 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. The evening will be recorded for podcast and eventually for radio itself! (Join the Facebook invite link below :-) The night will start off with music and comedy presented in the style of old time radio shows recorded live for future podcast featuring Lach as the host with a different special guest each week. The weekly cast features Edinburgh's top comedians including VLADIMIR MCTAVISH, GARRY DOBSON, KEIR MCALLISTER, JIM PARK, RICHARD MELVIN plus BRENDAN O'HARE, JERRY SOUSA, ANNABEL and more. Our first special guest for the opening night on March 27 will be LEE PATTERSON Think The Jack Benny Show (ask yr grandparents, kids!) meets The David Letterman Show (ask an American, mates!). This is a half-hour partly scripted, partly improvised extravaganza. Then, after a short smoke break, Lach and his special guest will return to each do a full set of material during the second half of the evening. "Lach is the mastermind of Antifolk, like a Lower East Side rendezvous of Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. Like black snow, stalled subway cars and random violence, Lach is a Manhattan institution."-NY Times "Lach is incredibly bright, he's influential, he's funny, he's smart, and he's got his own, sort of, counter-culture charm. A very intelligent songwriter, funny, poetic. He became part of New York folklore."-Suzanne Vega "The roots of modern songwriting: Bob Dylan, Syd Barrett, The New York Dolls, Nick Drake and Lach!"-Timeout London "Lach is a face-ache funny, beat-punk-unplugged joy!"-The Guardian UK Lach's Antihoot Radio Night Facebook Event Feb.23 - Steve Espinola has a wonderful new website.Paleophone.net Jan.31- Great review in Uncut for the new one from Darwin Deez Jan. 26 - The Kings of Antifolk tour swept through the UK with Hamell on Trial and Lach tearing things up. Raves from buzz blogs MMP and Shakenstir. Nov.21- Lach's Antihoot Live From Edinburgh Fringe Festival is OUT NOW on Fortified Records. This amazing recording features some of the hottest acts playing the UK Antifolk scene today. It's like you are at the event! With performances from Depresstival, Mike MacFarlane, Lee Patterson, William Douglas, Emily Scott, comedy from Nick Sun and much more! Go now to lach.Bandcamp.comp to buy tracks or, better yet, the whole album! All proceeds from the sale of the album go to benefit Maggie's Center Edinburgh who do wonderful work counsiling cancer patients, survivors and their families. So please click on the link and visit the bandcamp page, listen to a few tracks and order a little something for yourself. It's great entertainment for a great cause. Thanks! Oct.29- Joe Crow Ryan on tour and in the news Oct.23- Cool new video from Erin K. Click here to see Oct.22- Cool video from Ratso Sloman and Caged Animals dig it here Oct.17 - Brook Pridemore has a new video up featuring a toon from his latest album Gory Details Oct.7 - Willis Earl Beal puts out for free Oct.4 - Beck's Harvest gig announced Sept.21-Thomas Truax UK Tour Dates announced Sept.20- We are not sure if this will become a regular feature or not but WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO...Mary Ann Farley? And her revealing blog! Aug.9- Rick Shapiro Fringe Interview Aug 3 - First Fringe review for Lach's show Up The Anti! is in and it's a beautiful 4 star rave from Broadwaybaby.com! Beautiful new stuff from Carl Creighton's new band Howth July 29 - Lach writes a column on The Fringe for Scotsman on Sunday. July 20 - The Bowery Poetry Club of NYC has closed. Rumors swirl about it's next reincarnation. Last we heard it will reopen in October as a shared space with Duane Park Burlesque. Who knows, could be cool, but for now, it feels like a real loss to the East Village performance and Antifolk community. We wish everyone from BPC all the best as the winding road continues on... July 15 - Lach and Florence and The Machine in the gossip columns. Oy vey. July 12 - Joe Crow Ryan has a new video. Dig it. July 10- Some new Antifolk outta upstate NY. Go Bottle Kids! Boog City has a very Antifolk-heavy issue out. Beautiful remembrances of Dashan Coram of Huggabroomstik, Secret Salamander and Urban Barnyard and a nice piece on Randi Russo's exodus to Chicago. Jun 14 - Lach sings Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground with Florence and The Machine Live in London June 9 - Lach's new show for Edinburgh Fringe announced! The show is called Up The Anti and runs Wed-Sat. nights at 8pm. A full free-flowing in-concert experience, different every night as Lach performs songs drawn from his six critically acclaimed albums as well as unrecorded gems, stories and the unexpected. We strongly urge you to buy advance tickets now at only 5 quid as we expect these shows to fill up quickly! Click here to learn more about the show and how to obtain your tickets! June 8 - It is with great sorrow that we announcing the passing of Dashan Coram. Dashan was an integral part of the NYC Antifolk scene helping to found such musical projects as Urban Barnyard, Secret Salamander and Huggabroomstik. His sly smile and ability to draw outside of the lines added spark to everything he worked on. He is missed. May 30 - Lach's gig in London at The Boogaloo featured a surprise duet with Florence and The Machine on the Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale. May 18 -Lach in The Lancaster Evening Post previewing the Ramshackle Tour UK Pt.2. We love you Lancaster! May 16 -London Antifolk Fest at 12 Bar! Learn more here. May 8 - Lach in The Bedford Times previewing the Ramshackle Tour UK Pt.2. We love you Bedford Times! May 7 - Regina Spektor interview in the Boston Globe May 1 - Antifolk in China...dig Zang Nan April 28 - Debe Dalton interviewed. The 'songwriter's songwriter' has a new album out on newly minted Kale Records the brainchild of Dan and Rachel Costello. April 27 - Willis Earl Beal making an Anti-name for himself. April 26 - Nice review of Toby Goodshank's latest album. April 10 - Lach featured on BBC Radio 6's Tom Robinson's Fresh on The Net includes a free Lach download! April 6 - Lach on opening a club on the most dangerous block in New York March 22 - The Scotsman breaks the story of Lach's Fringe plans for 2012 March 7 - Lach's Ramshackle Tour Pt.1 for the UK in April is now booked. Go to www.lachtoday.com for details! Feb.17-You can now hear the BBC Lachumentary just by clicking here. The BBC special focuses on Antifolk founder Lach's move from NYC to Edinburgh, Scotland and features interviews with Suzanne Vega, Michelle Shocked, BMX Bandits and more Feb.16- Gina Mobilio crafts a fine interview with Ben Krieger Sidewalk's booker and the host for the venue's Monday Night Open Stage. Read it now by Click Here Jan.10 - New artists The Neighbours added to antifolk.net. Dec.30 - Man, I don't want to write this one. We just found out this week of the passing of three friends to Antifolk. Three. Lynn Samuels was the host of Folk City's open stage in the Eighties when I first arrived on the scene. She was the only one in any position of power there who welcomed and supported not only myself but the rest of the ragtag crew that would make up the first wave of Antifolk. She was New York. Abrasive, honest, funny, smart and loving. She also became a radio commentator on WBAI the flagship station for all the hippies, yippies and freaks. She was the first to play my band on a "big" station. She spun my tune The John Glenn Song and I listened while smoking a joint and looking up at the stars. It was huge to us. And then, she came on the air and said "I love that tune so I'm playing it again." And she did. And now I could finish the joint and sail out to that star on the airwaves of my guitarist's electric riffs. Lynn went on to bigger things, Sirius Radio, Air America and she became a rare liberal voice in the swamp of hate talk radio that the country's night became. Thank-you Lynn for believing in the rebel upstarts and playing our songs. One of the songwriters from those early days was a stocky, aggressive, grinning fountain of true grit named Mike Rocklin. He had the integrity and awareness of Phil Ochs mixed with the bar room rockingness of a BB King. He howled. He stomped. And we loved him for it. I lost touch with Mike for many years but he returned and played at Sidewalk for awhile. He was a family man and that split between doing this thing we love and earning a living to support a family was a struggle for him. But it was watching him still manage to make music, to turn a room into sweat and smiles from the stage in spite of his hardships that was so inspiring. Bruce Springsteen should cover a Mike Rocklin song, and he'd be lucky to do so. Mike passed back in 2008 but we just heard about it today.Our thoughts go out to his beautiful family. Carlo Carlini also passed this week. He was a gregarious promoter of tours in Italy and worked with a number of people from the scene. He booked my tour there several years back now and I always hoped to work with him again. You hear many negative stories of people in the business but there are so many more people who are supportive and loving to musicians. Who do this thing called show biz because they love it. Unsung heroes. Carlo was that for many of us. As a new year dawns on Sunday morning it's a good time to look around your "here and now". Look at the people you are traveling with on this revolving planet. If they are not people you want to be around, leave. If they are people who enrich your time here, let them know. Life doesn't get an encore. Don't waste it. Have a Happy Now - Lach Dec. 21 - The Scotsman blogs about Lach's upcoming radio special on the BBC. Dec.18 - The BBC Lachumentary December 28th at 2pm BBC Radio Scotland will present a half-hour documentary on my move from NYC to Edinburgh Scotland. Featuring interviews with Suzanne Vega, Michelle Shocked, Dean Friedman, Teenage Fanclub, BMX Bandits, Vic Galloway and Colin Somerville with additional music from Beck and The Clash. Listen on the radio and the web! Click here for more info and how to hear it globally! Happy Holidaze my friends and I hope you enjoy the program. Cheers Lach Dec.5 - New Lach video posted here at antifolk.net. A new one based on Lach's song Sixtie's Girl Nov.24 - Jeffrey Lewis in The NY Times Nov.22 - Matt Frye video added in the videos section. November 14 - Lach will be bringing his 'East Village, NYC' style night to Edinburgh's prestigious, newly-refurbished late night cabaret lounge, Le Monde (16 George Street, EH2 2PF), on Saturday November 26th (Doors at 9pm. 18+ restricted. £8 admission.) A special night of artistic and nightlife revolution featuring performances through-out the evening from such artists as Lee Patterson ("An undiscovered gem" - Maverick Magazine), Seafieldroad ("Featuring florid, literate songwriting all the way, this Scottish artist has made an adult pop record with heart and brains." –The Guardian), William Douglas ("Without a doubt, Edinburgh’s finest songwriter"- reddogmusic.com), Chloe Philip (Up and coming Glaswegian comedian with a "Distinctive and fertile imagination!"- The Scotsman), Emily Scott ("Whimsical, charming, double bass inflected folk-pop with buckets of soul and unexpected melodic twists"-Vic Galloway, Radio 1 Scotland), Tragic O'Hara (Fresh from opening for The Fall, "A one-man army!" - The List) and Lach himself with additional music and video installations curated by The Great Calverto and Lach. Expect unannounced, surprise performers throughout the evening as well. Nov.4-Lach Playing Two Scottish shows this weekend with Viv Albertine (of The Slits) Solo Antifolk-stylee! Edinburgh Show: Saturday November 5th at 11PM at Henry's Bar (6a Morrison Street, EH3 8BJ) This is Lach's Birthday Show (Yup, Guy Fawkes Day, coincidence?) Click Here for Advance Tickets to Edinburgh Show: Glasgow Show: Sunday November 6th at 8pm at Mono (12 King's Court, G1 5RB) Lach will be performing solo songs from all six of his albums including the freshly released 'Ramshackle Heart' ("4 Stars! Brilliant!") - Mojo Magazine ("Dangerously fun!") - Uncut Magazine Oct.21- Lach will play The 12 Bar Club in London on Monday Oct.24 at 8pm with UK Antifolk openers: Erin K & Tash, Depresstival Oct.6, 2011- Jeffrey Lewis in American Songwriter Magazine Oct.5, 2011- Cal Folger Day artist page updated 9/6/11- New free download from Charles Latham Moving Back To My Parent's House 9/1/11-Antifolk Festival, Fall 2011 Complete Schedule September 19 through 25 Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Avenue A (6th Street) East Village, New York Monday, September 19, 2011 8 pm The Open Stage with Ben Krieger (signup 7:30, music until late) The Festival at Sidewalk includes such Antifolkers as: JJ Hayes, Debe Dalton, Kirk Kelly, Erin Regan, Elizabeth Devlin, Joe Bendik, Domino and more. Check out the full calendar at Sidewalkmusic.net 8/14/11- Jay Beharj won Anti-Idol last night at the outrageous Antihoot at Edinburgh Fringe. Did we have a 74-yr old stripper? Did we have a flamenco dancer eat whole chili's while dancing? Oh, yeah, we did! 8/11/11- Big night at Lach's Antihoot at Edinburgh Fringe. Anti-Idol winners were Nikki Lynn Kat, The Good Ship and Ani Desai (who broke the world record with 55 impressions in 5 minutes and 23 seconds! Spotted in the crowd were Richard Melvin (currently with two podcasts in the top twenty comdey-casts on iTunes), Paul Foot (comic Supreme) and Neil Halstead (of Slowdive and Mojave 3). 8/10/11- Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village of NYC has reopened with a new menu, new look and a home once again for NYC Antifolk.Ben Krieger returns as host of the Monday open stage and entertainment booker so we expect good times comin' down the pike. 7/4/11- Lach's Antihoot is alive and better than ever as it prepares to return to Edinburgh for this year's Fringe Fest. The Gilded Balloon, only the coolest venue ever, will once again host the joint every night (except Tuesdays) from Midnight til 3am. This year the Antihoot will also hold the Anti-Idol. Every night the audience will choose it's fave act of the night. That act will get free drinks and prizes and then on the last Thurs, Fri and Sat they will return to be recorded live for the Antihoot CD to be put out by Edinburgh's own Song by Toad Records! Already confirmed for the Antihoot this year are Thomas Truax, Col. Mustard and The Dijon Five, Dean Friedman, Biddy O'Laughlin, Aidan Bishop, The Last Battle and many more. Wanna sign-up for the Antihoot at Fringe? Just email us at: info-at-antifolk.net with a link to yr stuff. We strongly advise getting your tickets in advance at The Gilded Balloon 7/20/11- 4/9/11 -Antivolk by Ryan Bartek (as Jack Cassady) arrived as a free digital release on April 1, 2011.The first three singles from have been posted on YouTube Ryan Bartek will be playing select Jack Cassady dates in Europe this summer . Download his stuff here 4/8/11- Winter family added to our Artists Section. 4/7/11- Adam Green released his new movie The Missing Ferrari (filmed entirely on an iPhone) this week and you can watch here 2/26/11 Lach announced last night at the Winter Antifolk Fest that he was shutting down the distribution arm of Fortified Entertainment to concentrate solely on his own creative projects which have taken over his time and attention. he thanked the Antifolk community for their support over the years and he announced that his next album will be out this summer on the Scottish label Song By Toad. 2/20/11- Antifolk goddess Debe Dalton injured her finger last week in a slip on some treacherous ice. We are all hoping for the best and wishing her a swift recovery. We love you Debe! 2/19/11- The Winter Antifolk Festival 2011 February 23-27 at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A and 6th Street, NYC) This is the Festival that Lach began at Sidewalk Cafe about 300 years ago and is still being carried on today by the venue's illustrious booking agent Ben Krieger. We highly recommend every night listed below. They are chock-filled with the best in today's Antifolk scene. Enjoy! Wednesday, February 23: 7:00-Domino, 7:40-Little Insects*, 8:20-Amanda Nicole, 9:00-Charles Mansfield, 9:40-Ben Pagano*, 10:20-Crazy & the Brains, 11:00-The Telethons, 12:00-Clinical Trials, Thursday, February 24: 7:00-Myles Manley*, 7:40-Jon Berger, 8:20-Jordan Levinson, 9:00-Bernard King Presents, 9:40-Adam Bricks, 10:20-Elizabeth Devlin, 11:00-Brook Pridemore, 12:00-Joe Crow Ryan, Friday, February 25: 7:00-Scott Rudd, 7:40-Fenton Lawless, 8:20-Lenny Molotov, 9:20-Emily Einhorn, 10:00-Lach, 10:45-Phoebe Kreutz, 11:30-Isaac Gillespie & the Due Diligence, 12:15-John Houx, Saturday, February 26: 7:00-Bible Gun, 7:40-Laura Brenneman, 8:20-Bird to Prey, 9:00-Ray Brown, 9:40-The Barnyard Boys*, 10:20-Dan & Rachel, 11:00-”The Penultimate Blowout” with Yossarian Feedback, JJ Hayes, Berth Control, Timothy Dark, Deep Sound Diver & more! Sunday, February 27: BLACKOUT NIGHT – CLOSING CEREMONIES Candlelit performances with no stage lights or power Each set will begin with short readings by Gina Mobilio and Dan Costello Intermission Music by Joe Crow Ryan 7:00-Blueberry Season*, 7:40-Charles Latham, 8:20-Cal Folger Day, 9:00-The Everybody Knows, 9:40-Dave Deporis, 10:20-Beef & Jerky*, 11:00-Talking Stick Presents with Master Lee, Rick Patrick, Puppies Holding Hands and more! *first-time festival performer! 2/3/11 - Fortified announces it's biggest clearance sale EVER! Go to our store now for half-off prices on all your fave Antifolk artists! Limited quantities! First come, first served! Many CDs only $3! FREE CD for orders over only $15! -1/7/11- Crazy and The Brains are on tour with Isaac Gillespie. Dig it, America! 1/8 Saturday in Atlanta Ga at Wonderroot with Zebu, the Emotron, Savant & Bad Mammals 1/9 Sunday in New Orleans at an art gallery, more details to come 1/11 Tuesday HOUSE SHOW in Nashville 1/12 Wednesday HOUSE SHOW in Knoxville, Tn 1/13 Thursday in Cleveland at Now That’s Class with Shivering Timbers 1/14 Friday HOUSE SHOW in Youngstown 1/15 Saturday in Pittsburgh at Ed’s Garage with Sleep Experiments 12/4/10- Brilliant Cardiff-based songwriter John MOuse talks about Antifolk and new album. -12/3/10- Johnny Flynn's Antifolk adventure in The Guardian 11/10/10- Lach can now be spotted hanging out at Webster Hall where he hosts the new Art Bar gallery space. Calling art the "new rock" Lach kicked off the new space with a beautiful exhibit entitled Skinned including photos, paintings and video by downtown QAS artist Carianne Blain. Recent drop-ins at Art Bar include: Ice-T with his wife CoCo and best-selling author Ratso Sloman In addition to Art Bar, Lach put together a new night at Webster in The Studio on Saturdays from midnight-4am called Freakshow as part of the night's Circus theme. DJ Jess spins great rock hits as a motley assortment of downtown burlesque stars strut their stuff. Lach calls it, "A night of elegant decadence." 10/8/10 - While Lach's Antihoot is on hiatus this is a perfect time to check-out the QAS. Songwriters, poets, actors, dancers, visual artists all meet every Monday at 8pm at Webster Hall and exchange ideas and perform for each other in a lead-up to the quarterly take-ove of Webster by the city's arts community. Antifolkers are strongly encouraged to attend for a different time of open stage and an opportunity to play at Webster. It's free to get in and hang and participate. 10/7/10 - Jeffrey Lewis brought the Antifolk to Webster Hall's main stage in the Grand Ballroom this week opening for The Vaselines. Spotted in the crowd were Toby Goodshank, Dave of The Humans and Luke Kelly and Deenah Volmer of Kung Fu Crimewave. 9/23/09 - Lach is planning a major announcement concerning the Antihoot, Antifolk and Webster Hall. Stay tuned! 9/17/10-Anti-Idol 2: Anti-Idol Returns to Lach's Antihoot at Webster Hall. $100 prize each week with a Grand Prize of Free Studio time and CD Manufacturing! Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street) is proud to present Lach's Antihoot every Tuesday night in The Marlin Room. Doors open at 7pm. Performers should arrive by 7:30 to sign-up to perform. Show starts at 8pm. Admission is free with a two-drink minimum. Age limit is 18+ (21+ with ID to drink). The Antihoot is NYC's longest running open stage, launching pad for such stars as Regina Spektor, Beck, The Moldy Peaches and hundreds more. Lach's Antihoot returns to Webster Hall after spending August sequestered in The Gilded Balloon at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received 5 star reviews from The Herald, Radio Forth and Leith Radio as well as 4 star reviews from The Scotsman and The List. The Anti-Idol competition is a chance to reward and recognize the extreme talent so particular to the uniquely downtown acts that congregate at the Antihoot. Each week by audience acclaim and celebrity judge's final decision, a semi-finalist wins $100! The Anti-Idol will receive studio time with a professional engineer in Webster Hall's renowned studio and Webster Hall will also manufacture the first CD printing for the artist. Oh yeah, and one more thing…The Antihoots are recorded for a weekly podcast presented on www.antifolk.net and giving performers even more potential for exposure and acclaim. "A vital New York club scene." – Billboard " Lach's Antihoot drips with honesty…creating a nice family feeling for misfits. " – The Village Voice 9/10/10- Nice article on Diane Cluck and Anders Griffen with video here 9/9/10- After an incredibly successful and critically-acclaimed month-long residency at The Gilded Balloon during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (5 Stars from The Herald and from Leith Radio and 4 stars from The Scotsman and The List) Lach's Antihoot returns to Webster Hall every Tuesday night beginning September 14th. Doors at 7pm, sign-up at 7:30pm. No cover and $3 drinks and 3rd drink free. Two drink minimum. See you on the 14th from the big home-coming party! 8/24/10- Congrats to Lach for another 4-star review, this time from Broadwaybaby.com, for his one-man show 'The Day I went Insane' now running at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 8/21/10 - This just in from Lach: With less than ten days left of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival I feel compelled to look back at some of the shows I've managed to catch before it all becomes a complete blur. As I review I realize all the performances I've seen have been by women and all of them have been strong, accomplished and very talented. I'm doing two shows a night and getting to sleep around 5am. I see hundreds of performances a year in New York so, between these two facts, I am quite happy spending my afternoons in my friend's Scottish garden reading and watching the sky change. However, there's this voice of guilt in my head berating me for not "experiencing the Fringe" more. Future voices of friends and family in NYC drifting into my present moments questioning me when I return, "So, you just spent the whole festival staring at clouds?" "Well, they were particularly spectacular clouds." I might reply but still, the poison drop's been planted and so, I have come into town on occasion and caught a few shows of my fellow artist's at The Gilded Balloon. And I must admit, I'm glad I have. Seeing one singular show every few days has allowed me to appreciate and process what I've seen. Similar to when I visit a museum and just look at three paintings, each one for quite a while. If I try to see more than that it just gets me dizzy and I end up tired and unable to absorb what I saw. Tara Flynn - I snuck into Tara's show a few minutes into it and left before it was over because of commitments I had made but what I got to see was delightful. Tara reminds me of NYC Antifolker Phoebe Kreutz in that both play "funny songs" but through the sub-text and performance style reveal a vulnerability and open-approach to life that elevates their work and makes what they do as valid as so-called "regular songs". Smart, funny and a real treat! War Notes - Lili La Scala's show War Notes features Lili's beautiful classically trained voice singing vintage songs from world wars one and two along with simple piano arrangements by her accompanist. Lili appears like she stepped out of a duo-tone sepia-graph as she sings such well-known tunes as A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, We'll Meet Again, I'll Be Seeing You as well as obscure chestnuts like That Lovely Weekend. During the show three letters from soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan are read adding a modern poignancy and realism to the performance and fueling Lili's ability to total inhabit the emotions of these songs. Chloe Philip - I strayed from the Gilded Balloon and popped into several Free Fringe shows around town. Unfortunately, none of the shows held my attention for more than a few minutes until I ended up at Opium and caught Chloe's set. I know Chloe from her stay in NYC and performances at the Antihoot there and was happy to see the place was packed and the crowd was charmed by Chloe's self-deprecating stories. Her monologue about her sudden encounters with Alan Rickham and Russell Brand were unintentionally (?) symbolic of new women performers trying to break-through the invisible force field of the male-dominated comedy scene. Chloe has the least improvised of the shows I've seen, she sticks to her script, but that's a good thing in this case. The show still feels fresh each time to each new audience and it gives her the ability to concentrate on refining what works and discovering new things in the material. The result is a very funny and endearing show. Bec Hill - The first time I went to see Bec the show was sold-out. Once I got into her show I could see why. Bec is simply delightful. The show is based on the idea that one can and should hold onto their child-like wonder of life as they navigate the passage into adulthood. Using a giant sketch-book in a way similar to Jeffrey Lewis and a few other under-stated props and lighting/sound effects Bec draws you into her world, a land where one is faced with compromises and the claustrophobic (false) realities pushed on an individual by society. But with a devilish humor she skewers those expectations laden upon her and ultimately triumphs and emerges with her hopeful curiosity of life intact...and so do we. Rona and Beverly - I discovered this duo as a result of their asking me to guest on their show at The Pleasance. They are two LA comedians/actresses who perform as a pair of forty/fifty something Jewish yentas pushing a book on second marriages. It's all a pretext for their hilarious improvised interviews each night with a different guest. Their ability to stay in character and improvise without missing a beat is a riotous experience and I'm hoping they'll do some guest hosting with me at the Antihoot. Biddy - I just have to mention this fireball who's been gracing the stage at the Antihoot. She doesn't have a fringe show, she's crashing on couches and I have no idea how she's surviving. Her sets are not polished and she sometimes looks a bit bewildered that she's here but she has that special something that cannot be learned. A little like how I imagine Dylan first struck people when he ambled onstage at those early open mikes at Folk City. Her comedy is risky and rebellious and I’m eager to see what she brings to the world over the coming years. Very much someone to look out for. Tanya Lee Davis - OMG! Tanya Lee is a midget. She prefers that to dwarf because she thinks midget is funnier. And funny she is. Totie Fields meets Joan Rivers by way of Lily Tomlin. She is far from physically challenged as I think she's one of the funniest physical comedians I've seen. Making faces and gestures that would rival Lucille Ball on her best days. This is why the Antihoot is so much fun, you never know what sudden treasure will appear. Caroline Rhea - Caroline seems to be adjusting to the style of the Fringe. Still a bit distracted by new motherhood. But I am so glad she came and did a set at the Antihoot because the crowd adored her. She's much more in her element with the late-night uninhibited audience and it was a pleasure seeing her relax and just be incredibly funny. I hope she returns to the Antihoot because everyone truly loved her and she’s easily one of the best on the scene. Celia Peachy - Celia has a show running entitled 'Girl Constantly F***ing Interrupted'. This is my favorite show title and I really want to catch it especially after meeting her and hearing her story of incredible tragedy and how she's getting through it and emerging as a soul warrior and accomplished actress. Unfortunately, her show is at noon when I'm still asleep! But that's what alarm clocks are for and I have her show on my list of things to see before the Fest ends. That's it for now. I'm immensely enjoying the brilliant performers I've experienced so far at the Fringe and looking forward to more, but just for now the garden and sky are calling and I think I'll sit and stare for a while before getting ready for my shows tonight. Cheers-Lach 8/19/10- Amazing reviews coming in for Lach's performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest. He's doing his one-man show 'The Day I Went Insane' every night at 10pm and hosting the Antihoot five nights a week, both shows at the Gilded Balloon. Here's the press so far... The Day I Went Insane: "***** Five Stars - Rich, Skilful, Quirky and Quixotic!" - The Herald "His set was very nostalgic, descriptive, funny and moving. Lach is hilarious and although little known here has a huge following in the US. I have already and will continue to tell people to go see his show. A very funny man!" - Radio Forth "An acoustic ruckus...funny! New York singer/songwriter Lach is a legend!" -The Scotsman Lach's Antihoot: "***** Five Stars!"- The Herald "**** Four Stars!" - The Scotsman "***** Four Stars!" -The List 8/15/10- Big shout-out to Ben Krieger for a great Antifolk Fest at Sidewalk Cafe this year! Anybody got a on the spot report/reviews for us? send 'em in for posting... 7/31/10-Lach leaves for the Edinburgh Fringe Fest today. The town is already buzzing. Lach will be performing his one-man show "The Day I Went Insane" every night Aug.4-30th at 10pm and running the Antihoot five nights a week Midnight-3am at The Gilded Balloon. Buy advance tickets now as these shows will sell-out quickly! 7/28/10- Amazing finale to this season's Anti-Idol at the Antihoot last night at Webster Hall! Six fantastic finalists competed at the end of the night for the free recording time at Webster Studios and the suspense was high as to which act was the winner. All six acts were wonderful: Tyler, Crazy and The Brains, Rob Shapiro, Supercute, The Fools and Cal Folger Day. With the packed room stamping and cheering the judge's (Lach, Brook Pridemore and Somer) called an impromptu meeting of the acts and a huddle formed around the soundboard. Then the acts sat back down and Lach announced that the rules were thrown out the window and all six acts would be allowed to record and that an Anti-Idol compilation CD would be made featuring all the finalists! In addition, Webster will print up 100 copies of the CDs to give to the acts and that the acts could also use the recordings for future projects if they wish. Talk about a win-win situation! Congrats to everyone involved, a big shout-out to everyone who attended the history making first season of Lach's Antihoot at Webster Hall and we'll see you all in September. (ed note: wait, what? a whole month with no Antifolk? Don't fret dear reader, The Summer Antifolk Fest will be in full swing in August at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC and Lach's Antihoot will be shipped lock, stock and barrel for the summer over to The Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh, Scotland for the World's largest Arts Fest, The Fringe!) 7/8/10- Congrats to Supercute for becoming last week's semi-finalist to be the Anti-Idol of the summer and winning the weekly prize of $100! 7/3/10- Congrats to Tyler for becoming last week's semi-finalist to be the Anti-Idol of the summer and winning the weekly prize of $100! Only one more week to go. Come by this Tues July 14th for your last chance to become a semi-finalist, win $100 and go on to the finals where you can win free studio time with producer and engineer! 6/27/10- The Antihoot's Anti-Idol game is going great! The crowds have doubled in size and we already have four amazing semi-finalists: Rob Shapiro, Cal Folger Day, Crazy and The Brains, Gabrielle. They've all won $100 each and will compete for a recording deal in our finals at The Antihoot on July 27th. You still have three more weeks to win yourself! See you at da hooooot! 6/18/10- Ben Krieger at Sidewalk Cafe has announced the dates for their Antifolk Festival as being Aug.3-13. Plan accordingly :-) 6/14/10-Jeffrey Lewis and Laura Marling cover Eminem. 6/11/10- (L-R) Eddie Izzard, Lach and Mike Myers enjoying the night at "Lach Presents..." at Webster Hall. 6/10/10- Great new video from Thomas Truax 5/29/10-Lach's Antihoot, NYC's longest running open stage, happens every Tuesday Night in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Str, NYC). Launching pad for such artists as Beck, Regina Spektor, The Moldy Peaches, Jeffrey Lewis, Rick Shapiro and hundreds more. Are you next? As much fun to perform as it is to watch. The Antihoot now includes the Anti-Idol contest. Each week a semi-finalist is chosen and they will win $100! After eight weeks, at the Antihoot on July 27, they will compete for the final prize of a recording deal with Webster Hall (studio time in Webster's recording studio with a professional engineer/producer and the manufacturing of 100 CDs!). Judge's decision is influenced by audience acclaim so bring your friends and fans to cheer you on! Doors at 7pm. Sign-up to perform at 7:30pm, show at 8pm. No cover, 2 drink minimum and 3rd drink is free! $3 beer/ $3 whiskey. When: Every Tuesday night. Doors at 7pm. Sign-up at 7:30pm. Show at 8pm. Plus: Free to get in! 2 drink minimum and 3rd drink is free! 5/21/10- An episode of Lach's Antihoot Radio Hour is now up on our jukebox! 5/13/10- At the last Antihoot at Webster Michelle Shocked showed up and jumped up on stage with Lach for a rendition of The Edie Effect from Lach's first album and the Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale. The week before Adam Green came by and charmed the crowd with two songs and introduced us to The Shining Twins. Can't wait to see what happens this Tuesday... 5/10/10- New Soft Black video premieres today! 5/6/10- Last night at Lach Presents...in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall: Sander Hicks announced his candidacy for the Green Party's nomination to the US Senate with a speech from the stage. Macaulay Culkin, Dibs, Dashan and Kirk Kelly spotted in the crowd. Alana Sveta discovered and booked straight from the weekly Tuesday Night Antihoot mesmerized the late-night crowd with a beautiful, hypnotic set. Next week sees the return of Joie Blaney (AKA Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend) to the New York stage at Webster on May 12th along with fellow Antifolk stalwarts Lenny Molotov, Greg D and the mysterious Churchill Downs 5/5/10- Wow, what an amazing Antihoot last night in the Marlin Room at Webster Hall! Over 100 people came by to hang out, perform and have fun. I dug all the performances but a few stand-outs to my brain-of-very-little-sleep include Rob Shapiro's hilarious diatribe, Adam Green's set, Da Skufz getting the crowd joint jumpin', The Antihoot debut of The Shining Twins, Pezzettino's stomping accordion set (she's fresh in NYC for only two days but I got a vibe she's gonna have a great summer here!), Toby Goodshank's short and sweet song, Tommy Volume of The Star Spangles Lou Reed-like number...oh man and dozens of other great acts and moments...oh yeah, the light saber martial arts demo by Dark Cthulu! Tonight, Wednesday Marlin has 6 acts for 5 bucks. Look at our calendar on this page for the line-up and we'll see you tonight! 5/1/10- On Wednesday May 5th at 8PM Sander Hicks will announce his Green Party candidacy for the NY Senate at his show this week at Lach Presents....at Webster Hall. Other clubs profess revolution, we do it! 4/20/10- So, how many of you have gotten your heads wrapped around the fact that Antifolk now has a home at NYC's largest, longest running, live rock and roll music venue - Webster Hall? Every Tuesday night is Lach's infamous Antihoot open stage with sign-up at 7:30pm and every Wednesday night Lach Presents...5 acts for 5 Bucks! This is Antifolk on steroids! The roof just came off and this beanstalk's shooting past the clouds, hop on, it's a wild ride! One of the best columns we've read recently on Antifolk...and in Pitchfork!?! (ed. note: who's James Murphy? We never got his demo...) 4/18/10- Adam Green interviewed in Cleveland Scene 4/10/10 - The NYC debut of Lach's One-Man Show The Day I Went Insane has been announced for Wed. April 21st at 11pm at Webster Hall in NYC. 4/8/10- Malcolm McLaren has died. Malcolm's style and energy as manager of The Sex Pistols was a big influence on what became the Antifolk scene. We will miss him. 4/5/10 Nice write-up on the new Antifolk scene at Webster Hall in The New Yorker. So classy! Um, a few corrections though: It's the Antihoot, not the Anithoot. It started in 1984 and arrived at Sidewalk fully-developed in 1992. It was on Mondays at Sidewalk not Tuesdays. It attracted over 200 people a night on average not 60 and it's already doing quite well in the bigger room at Webster. Other than that at least they spelled Lach's name right and we love the New Yorker! When is the Antifolk cartoon issue with David Chelsea, Jeffrey Lewis, Fly, Leah Hayes and Toby Goodshank coming out? 4/4/10- New interview with Lach in indiesoundsny.com 3/25/10 - Spotted at the last two Antihoots at Webster: Jason Trachtenberg, Randi Russo, The Debutante Hour, Master Lee, Rob Shapiro, The Fools, Debi Dalton, Crazy and The Brains, JJ Hayes, Lorraine Leckie, Timothy Dark, Chris Maher, Larkin Grimm, Steve Espinola, Cal Folger Day, Mr. Patrick, Ariel, Touching You, Joe Crow Ryan, Don McCloskey, Birds of Prey, Anna Haas and scores upon scores more. Don't miss it! Lach's Antihoot every Tuesday night at Webster Hall! 3/21/10- Happy Spring everyone. A time for new beginnings is upon us. Easter and Passover respectively celebrating rebirth and liberation! The perfect time to come out this week to Webster Hall (125 East 11th street, NYC) for the official opening night of Lach's Antihoot. Doors at 7pm, sign-up at 7:30pm if you want to perform, show starts at 8pm and goes all night long. At last week's 'soft launch' of the Antihoot we had an amazing time. Everyone kept describing it as a dream, as being surreal and walking around with huge grins on their faces. Time-out NY made us a pick-hit for this week, 'East Village staple Lach personifies the antifolk scene with his jangly, funny pop-punk songs. Tonight he hosts an antifolk open-mike night, which restricts performers to (very) brief sets; good for those with short attention spans. This series ran for years at Sidewalk Cafe, and tonight debuts at Webster Hall's new Marlin Room.' And then on Wednesday, March 24th at Webster is the premiere launch party for the new weekly series entitled "Lach Presents...". Every week you can see 5 acts for 5 bucks in the beautiful Marlin room at Webster. This week on the 24th we hit it with The Fools, Chink Floyd, Ching Chong Song, Rav Shmuel and Don McCloskey 3/17/10-From the Herblog: Lach's Antihoot got off to a new start last night at Webster Hall. I wandered up about 7:20 or so and saw some familiar faces outside, Debe Dalton chiefly among them. The room inside is large and kind of slick, with comfortable places to sit. There's a stage with a cool back drop that looks like a big wrought iron fan--a kind of Art Deco look. Lach is stationed behind plexiglass partitions in a booth at the back of the room. There's a large bar to the left of the stage. Leading into the main room is a side room that I have a feeling will become like the Sidewalk basement, a place to hang out, practice, chat. While hanging around before things got going, I had this disorienting moment from encountering Lach as Antihoot host in a new setting. After all, the pattern and rhythms of the Sidewalk open mic nights hosted by Lach had grown so familiar over the years. The crowd was kind of slow to build and Lach delayed sign up a little. Unfortunately I had to leave for a while and so wasn't there for the evening's kick-off, but from what I heard it was pretty much as usual with Lach explaining the ropes of how the evening works. I came back later in the night and somehow things felt more familiar. Bernard was hanging around and people were singing their hearts out on stage. It seemed to be a kind of quiet kick-off for the Antihoot. There were any number of folks from Sidewalk there: Master Lee and Mr. Patrick, Steve Espinola, Vin, Charles Mansfield, Don Cameron, Rick Shapiro. There also were other performers who seemed new to the scene, who somehow found out about the Antihoot, and there was also a group of mysterious folks in darkened areas along the wall who were hanging out. But the large room made it feel as if it was a little sparsely populated. The new event probably does need some time before it catches on but I have no doubt it will. As usual, even in the brief time I was there, I heard some really interesting music, some of it from folks I wasn't at all familiar with. Is there a bottomless source of people in New York needing to express themselves? It seems so. The greatness of open mics is the opportunity given to anyone who has the urge, the drive, the desire to tell the world how they feel. Even with Lach back as host, this one will probably take on a character that's different than what came before. So, let's say welcome to the new Antihoot, and thanks for providing us a stage. 3/11/10 - The Fools added to jukebox. Catch The Fools on the opening night of "Lach Presents...at Webster Hall" on March 24th along with Chink Floyd, Ching Chong Song, Rav Shmuel and Don McCloskey 3/9/10- Trevor Jude Smith added to the artist pages and the jukebox. 3/8/10- The Return of The Antihoot hits the news at altsounds.com 3/7/10- RANT FROM THE EDITOR: OK here it is. Spring is around the corner. The Antihoot is coming to Webster's Hall. Antifolk is blooming all over the world (again!) and a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon. They are adding "Antifolk" to their music resumes as a marketing tool along with twitter, facebook, and myspace. They feel the need to be everywhere at once and part of anything that might possibly help them get three more people to a gig or the attention of the music programming director for Grey's Anatomy. The phrase "chill out, it's all good" was actually overheard at an Antifolk event! Enough's enough. It's NOT all good. Some stuff is fucking amazing and some stuff suck's Woody Guthrie's balls. How can an artist grow in an environment like that? The scene was never about a cloying passive-aggressive acceptance of everybody so no one gets offended and everybody wins. You want that go join a San Francisco Little League team. Artists, true artists, need and thrive in a community of like-minded peers who are critical, competitive and supportive. But they are supportive out of a desire to experience better art not out of a fear of personal rejection or failure or being left behind. To be an Antifolker takes more than just using the word as your genre descriptor next to indie, quirky and guitar-driven. It means hanging out at the Antihoot 'til dawn because your heart is burning to be part of the song of night, it's about owning a vast collection of Antifolk CDs,it's about going to an Antifolk event not just because your friend is playing and you want them to come to your gig too but because you've been to them before and had your mind shredded and opened up to a new way of approaching art and entertainment. You can't call yourself "folky" and expect an artist page on antifolk.net. We are NOT folky! Go play on the freak folk site or buy a ticket to the Folk Alliance to listen to Gordon Lightfoot wannabes and don't waste our time anymore. On our end of things, we apologize, we've gotten a little lazy while pulling up our chair to the lip of the apocalypse. We allowed artist pages up on the site without really vetting them and as we started to review them over the past week we found they had NO MENTION of Antifolk on their sites. That no-one has seen them actually hanging out at Sidewalk's open stage, that they couldn't name a Debi Dalton song if you paid them. Over the next few weeks we will be deleting those artist pages that are from artists that are not really committed to calling themselves Antifolk. It's OK, they probably won't notice anyway. 3/6/10- Darwin Deez has a wonderful new video 2/27/10 - OK, this is big. Really. Really Big. Lach's Antihoot is back but at a new venue on a new night. Starting on Tuesday Night March 16th (and every Tuesday thereafter) Lach will be hosting The Antihoot in the Marlin Room at Webster Hall (125 East 11th Street, NYC), sign-up at 7pm to perform. There will be no cover charge and no drink minimum. There will be a piano, full bar and coffee drinks available. We'll get you more details as they become available but, for now, mark your calendars for Tuesday March 16th...The Return of Lach's Antihoot! 2/21/10 - Ray Brown added to artist pages. 2/20/10- This Just In: Lach will bring the infamous Antihoot back to Sidewalk Cafe for one night only this coming Monday night (Feb.22) to give Ben Krieger a well-deserved respite. Sign-up to perform is at 7:30pm, chamomile campfire sometime after 2am. 2/20/10- It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Antifolker Gena Dry. Gena arrived to the NYC scene in early 2000 from the UK and brought with her a vitality and sassiness that quickly endeared her to the Antifolk community. She will be missed. 2/20/10-Adam Green fashion tips 2/19/10- Cal Folger Day added to artist pages. 2/19/10-Antifolk Fest, Live, February 18, 2010 Blurple is the type of act we need more of around here. Kind of weird avant gardy stuff They even had a song called Avant Schmavant Garde Schmant, or something like that. Another of their ditties elucidated the steps for making grilled cheese, and yet another featured a sort of chant of the lyrics: "Hey Kids, Don't You Smoke, Hey Kids You Will Choke. Blurple consisted of a guy who mostly played acoustic guitar but also played the piano with his foot on one song and a girl who played a variety of things including a hollowed out gourd whistle. Somehow Blurple, I think, came from a combination of the names of the two members of the group. - Herb Scher 2/18/10- Annie Crane added to artist pages and jukebox. At Sidewalk's Antifolk Festival last night we caught JJ Hayes doing his TS Eliot meets The Doors set last night as well as Joe Crow Ryan's beautiful off-the-cuff acapela version of 'September Song' and The Telethons' punked-out power-pop set and were instantly reminded of how the diversity and eclecticism of Antifolk still thrills us and confounds the critics. Perfecto. Hank and Pigeon added to artist pages and jukebox. 2/17/10- Antifolk Fest, February 16, 2010 - By Herb Scher Jeff Lewis: Jeff started off with a new song...it was about trading time...essentially it was about how to be great, how to use the time you have to learn something new, unique.... He also did covers of three songs from the 1950s: "Endless Sleep" by Jody Reynolds and the Storm, The Fang, by Nervous Norvus, and a Tom Lehrer song about when we all die. Another new one was a song about green sludge. Yes, it was about something called "Crongu" the best green sludge around. (I'm not really sure if that is how you spell "Crongu" by the way. Could be Krongu or Crongoo or Crongue etc. Jeff also performed one of his documentary films, a new one about the fall of the Roman Empire. As usual Jeff's set was rich with compelling and interesting material. It had at least three new pieces and three covers I'd never heard him play before. That's a lot of new material and a lot of ideas for someone who could coast a lot more on his established "hits" if he wanted to. Unfortunately I had to leave before hearing The Everybody Knows. Man these shows go late. (ed. note: The Everybody Knows caused an appearance of the police due to noise problems...now that's folk!) 2/16/10-Roger Manning added to the artist section 2/15/10- Crazy and The Brains added to the artist section and the jukebox! 2/6/10- What's old is new again. It's funny how Antifolk is constantly the 'new thing'...for 25 years! 1/13/10- For those in the know Jessica Kane is an amazing performer and was a shining light of the Antifolk scene for a few years at The Fort at Sidewalk Cafe. It is to our delight that she's back with a brilliant album collecting her spoken word rambles. Check it out for free at her site. 12/23/09- Jeff Lewis and Kimya join forces for a new album as The Bundles. 12/21/09- New Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend Review. 12/18/09-ALL FOLKED UP with NOWHERE TO GO? KIRK KELLY's Go Man Go ANTIFEST at Webster Hall features Jeffrey Lewis, Lach, Jason Trachtenberg, Joe Hurley, Debe Dalton, John S. Hall, Roger Manning, Erin Regan, John Kruth, and Mike Rimbaud. 12/17/09- Wakey!Wakey! releases new album. Read about it here. 12/14/09 - A Lach interview has surfaced. Read it here 12/11/09- Five Questions for Lach from Metro UK just surfaced, thought we'd post it. 12/8/09- Review of Regina Spektor concert in UK 12/5/09- One of our fave UK Antifolk venues is closing (read about it here). We hope Ruth and the gang best of luck wherever they end up! 11/30/09- Video of Lach performing at McCabe's Guitar Shop in LA from several years back unearthed and posted in the video section (Lach plays at Sidewalk in NYC on Dec.5th) 11/25/09-New Adam Green song for free for the Antifolk.net crew :-) 11/13/09: BULLETIN FROM THE FORTIFIED STORE: We have unearthed a few official Fortified Antifolk Fest 2006 T-Shirts! These collector items are designed by renowned artist Peter Nevins (graphic artist for Gillian Welch, Lach, Ben Godwin, Eric Wolfson!). This is it! Once these are gone, they're gone! Here is what's available (first come first served!): Ladies Tank Tops: XL, M, S and Guys: S. Please indicate which type in your order. These 100% cotton T's will sell -out fast so please order today so you won't be disappointed. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! $12.00 11/1/09- Guess Who's Antifolk Now: Tegan and Sara!?! 10/31/09- We've decided to start a "Guess Who's Antifolk Now" series. When we first started, claiming you were Antifolk got you kicked out of clubs, ignored by record labels and scorned in the press. These days it seems everybody and their step-mother want in. We've seen everyone from Feist to The Jonas Brothers make a claim. So, who's today's new inductee? A fellow named Vic Chesnutt . Antifolk? We do dig the guy and do see how he could be labeled as having an "Antifolk sound" but is that all it takes? Ever see him hanging at the Sidewalk? Reading a Jeff Lewis comic? Jamming with Dufus? Yeah, us neither. Got an opinion on it? Feel free to spout on our message board 9/24/09- Regina Spektor on Broadway! 9/13/09- Our message board gets a new look. Check it out and join the on-line community. 9/6/09 - Daniel Johnston joins Kimya Dawson on stage Lach schedules some UK dates starting with The 12 Bar Club in London on October 8th. Lach's upcoming NYC dates include Sidewalk on September 19th alongside such major Antifolk names as Joe Bendik, Randi Russo,Lenny Molotov and Fenton Lawless 5/6/09- 9/6/09- The Lost Antiweekend. 5/6/09- The Epoch Times covers Paleface and a brief history of the Antifolk Scene in this article: Anti-Folk Hero Kicks Out the Jams 5/5/09-Added to our video section:Lach's Last Antihoot Part One: A tribute featuring the likes of Soft Black, Creaky Boards, Erin Reagan, Mike Baglivi, Joie DBG, and tons more! 5/4/09- Paleface bursts back onto the antifolk scene in North Carolina. Read about it in the Charlotte Observer: New York sound, Concord found 4/30/09- Melissa Spencer added to our Artist Pages. 4/29/09- Lach to Bring his Box Full of Lyrics Tour to UK in May Renowned New York City singer/songwriter Lach, the legendary founder of the Antifolk movement, will be bringing his groundbreaking acoustic style back to the UK for a two-week tour May 18-31. The tour will include seven shows double-billed with UK songwriting phenom Neil Halstead whom you may well know as being a member of Slowdive, as well as the henchman of Mojave 3. Halstead has also enjoyed a successful solo career, being described by the NME as �like Syd Barrett if he�d ever set foot on a surf board�. 4/4/09 - CD Review of A Brief View Of The Hudson at Reviews Section 4/3/09 - Here's the deal.Here at Fortified Entertainment we have a huge backlog of CDs passed along to us. To motivate us to listen to them we've decided to start reviewing them here. Let's see now, on top of the pile we see a Ben Sadock CD...here's our thoughts. 3/21/09- What a great way to celebrate the coming of Spring with the following letter we recieved in the Fortified offices this week from Patsy Grace... "Eight years ago the Antifolk Community gave Julian a bond for his 8th birthday to go towards the instrument of his choice. I just wanted to send out these photo's and let you know that Julian is currently taking trumpet lessons with Mr. Brendan and voice lessons with Miss Elizabeth. He has been fortunate enough to take drums with Michael Skinkus and Bill Summers and is apart of the preservation of traditional New Orleans Jazz Music youth program. He is starting to play guitar and over all he is very musical. I want to thank everyone who was a part of contributing to his instrument fund and music education when he was born !!!! We live on the bayou, and many days Julian will sit outside and bring his instruments and sing. He has a very sweet voice. He even brings a tip cup. We really don't get much traffic so he doesn't get much in tips, but he is certainly following in the tradition of our many musicial friends and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up at Sidewalk sooner then later! Big Love and Thanks, Patsy For those not in the know, Julian is the son of Antifolk stars Patsy Grace and Grey Revell. Patsy and Grey met on the scene, Grey proposed at an Antihoot and Julian's birth coincided with that year's Fortified Antifolk Fest. All of the artist's involved donated their fees to Julian's Instrument Fund. Looks like our faith paid off! 3/7/09- David Greenberg added to Artist Pages. 3/1/09- New Elizabeth Devlin video now up in our Video Section. 2/28/09- Congrats to everyone who played the Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2009 this year and a big welcome aboard to all the new acts on the scene! 2/23/09 - Lach returns to host the Antihoot tonight, Monday Feb.23, for one night only in honor of the Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2009! Come out and represent! 2/23/09- Congrats to Emmy The Great on the release of her new CD. 2/20/09 - The Venn Diagrams added to Artist Pages. 2/19/09 - Chloe Philip added to Artist Pages. 2/18/09 - A Brief View of the Hudson and Domino added to Artist Pages. 2/17/09- The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2009 Starts tonight at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC! 2/17/09- Julie Hill added to Artist Pages. 2/9/09-Congrats to Kimya Dawson and Adam Green on winning the Grammy for best soundtrack for the movie Juno 2/8/09- Antifolk in Juice Magazine