M LaMar

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Born in Mobile, Alabama (Reginald) M. Lamar relocated from San Francisco to New York in 2006 and immediately found a musical home in the antifolk scene. Lamar’s perversions of operatic melodrama, blues and gospel with sexually/ racially charged song lyrics has made him an unlikely antifolk hero. Lamar's penetrating soprano and songs are explicitly pornographic, yet mournful and haunting.

Why He's So Antifolk:

“I remember the first time I played Sidewalk and I started singing the chorus to my song Nigga Spectacle. It of course goes "nigga, nigga, nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga spectacle". Well, the second time through Lach called on the crowd of left leaning, mostly white folks to sing along. This was so moving to me for so many reasons that are beyond words. Afterwards, I thought ‘I was home’.”

Press Quotes:

"A big falsetto and a fearless sense of propriety that would make Gil Scott Heron proud. This revolution is already being televised, bitches"-Urban Folk

"Lamar's understated work on the keyboard was accompanied by soaring phrases of song, sounding overwrought, and intentionally so."-$pread Magizine. "Scratchy and gritty, Lamar deeply probes race, class, and sex prejudices and taboos."-San Francisco Bay Guardian