Mike Boner

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Mike Bonner was severely introverted and repressed as a child. He was so scared of everyone that he didn’t really have any friends. Creating and performing music turned out to be the perfect therapy for Mike, teaching him how to connect with other people in a profoundly meaningful fashion.

At first, learning how to perform was a tortuous process for Mike. He felt compelled to overcome his fears by forcing himself to do things that terrified him. So he started to talk about his sexual fantasies in his songs. He started to appear on stage wearing nothing but lingerie and high heels. Sometimes, he invited women to whip his ass or kiss his body as he sang. His singing and guitar playing, inspired largely by the musical stylings of animals and little kids, became increasingly wild and improvisational. He changed his name from Bonner to Boner and really started making love to audiences.

Why He's So Antifolk

Mike Boner is Antifolk because he is pro-folk. He celebrates life’s absurdity, mystery, and irony. His songs are both sweetly melodic and disturbingly dissonant, both down-to–earth and surreal, both masculine and feminine, both sexy and spiritual, both hysterically funny and profoundly moving, likely to induce laughter in some and tears in others…deeply orgasmic experiences for both him and his audiences.