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What is it to stay greasy?

It can't be about the hair. Belowsky has none to slick back.

It must be something deeper.

Maybe it's about never doing any of your performances on stage, and ranting and raving through the audience, shouting in their faces.

Maybe staying greasy is about being addicted to coffee or sugar. Or celebrity icons. Maybe it's about being obsessed with yourself.

Maybe maybe you've got a greasy poem when it's about Larry King, or the lonely knish vendor, or pizza. Maybe that's staying greasy.

Maybe to stay greasy is to speak loudly, and be bald, and hail from Manchester.

Or maybe you know you're staying greasy when you're selling a mug with a caricature of yourself saying, "Stay greasy baby, it's a long slide down!"

Yes, it's gotta be the mug.

But why is Belowsky Antifolk?

Belowsky is the anti-poet. He doesn't like other poets. He thinks they're freaks. So he fits very nicely into anti-ness.

Plus Andrew from Creaky Boards covered his "Best Damn Slice" poem as a song, and he's certainly antifolk.

Plus Belowsky did an Elvis poem a couple times during a live Lach performance of "Kiss Loves You." And Lach is most definitely antifolk.

And finally, you can find him hanging around the Sidewalk Café from time to time. And we all know that's antifolk. Period.

More info at Belowsky.