Army of Love

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I Amanda Jo Williams
A from LaGrange Georgia
B moved to NYC in 1999
C pilgrimage to Woodstock
D met Paul McMahon who taught her a few guitar chords on her jumbo western that dear Ed gave her god rest his soul

II started writing songs
A two weeks later
B channeled from higher beings?
C writes tons of songs, sometimes more than one a day
D has made four albums with shifting personnel but always with Paul on guitar helping shape the arrangements
E has a burning desire to share her message

III An inspiration to many people because of her spunky songwriting, looks and natural humble charm

IV Paul McMahon is a well-known local Woodstock singer-songwriter with a glorious past and mystical roots.

V Drew North is a good- looking guy and an explosively exciting bass player

VI Mackenzie Parker is a natural choice for drummer. His dad, three uncles and grandfather are all professional drummers.

VII Avalon Peacock is the sexiest member of the group. Aside from that she is a very rhythmic good-eared keyboardist with background vocals the size of Mississippi.

Why we are Antifolk: You may want to call us Antifolk, if you feel like it, because we're happy. I'm just guessing though.