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Winter Family is a duet from Jerusalem & Paris currently living in Brooklyn. Xavier Klaine develops layers of piano or harmoniums and pipe organ's drones into a dark mystic universe. Ruth Rosenthal speaks her texts/poems with a low voice, inhabit by a rare deepness. Together they might depress you seriously. They have been recording and playing live in clubs, theaters & churches around Europe, Israel and USA. Their debut album was out on 2007 at Subrosa and was hailed by the critics. It was followed by a LP on 2008. Their second album 'Red Sugar' was recorded in a farm in France and in the streets of Jerusalem and will be published in spring 2011. They also created a documentary theater performance 'Jerusalem-Cast lead, a hallucinatory trip in an emotional dictatorship' on tour in Europe in 2011/2012.

Press Quotes "almost all of the songs convey some aspect of horror and the agony of remembering. In short, this is some scary shit.... This one should make more year-end lists than it will." - Split Foster,

"Overall, Rosenthal and Klaine have created a wonderful document of their work, it is a very natural and human sounding album."- John Kealy,

"Winter Family somehow feel more grown up, more genius grant, more self-reflective Laurie, more Ritalin-slowed Diamanda." - Christopher R. Weingarten,

Why They Are So Antifolk

Xavier is bold. Ruth eats a lot of meat

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