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Mike Grubbs was raised underneath the burgundy baby grand his mother gave lessons on for extra money. His father was a singer with a day job. They would never bring him to New York on vacation, so when he was old enough, he moved there and started what is now WAKEY!WAKEY! Mike is most often seen alone on stage, behind his piano or guitar. His most common comparison is Ben Folds, but always with the immediate addition of, "with more edge". With inspiration drawn from Soul, Punk Rock, and his classical background, his main influence is the integrity of the artists with which he has surrounded himself. His songs are extremely intimate portraits of naked emotion, sang, whispered and screamed into the consciousness of the growing crowds that currently enjoy his live shows all along the East coast.

Why I Am Antifolk

When I first moved to New York and started writing songs it was acts like Paleface, Kimya Dawson, Regina Spektor, Joey Blaney and Duende that really inspired me to write music that was more than just pretty. I was blown away by their ability to do on stage what I could only attempt in my room. The fact that I was sort of born again in all that, is probably the most compelling argument to my being Antifolk. And I'm proud of it.