Trevor Jude Smith

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Trevor Jude Smith, born and raised in Hartford, CT is a ukulele player and songwriter who performs alongside his trusty bass player/former arch-nemesis Tom Feldtmose. In 2009, he released an iTunes charting debut album entitled Call Me Cliché which exemplified his upbeat and quirky style.
Trevor also has played ukulele for many local, indie, and national artists including The Broken Ottomans, Livingston Taylor, and Weezer. He also enjoys toast.

Why I Am Antifolk

"My music life has changed drastically over the past year and I've been seriously immersing myself in Antifolk. It all changed when I went to the open stage with Ben while I had a night off on tour. Since then I helped Major Matt, Toby Goodshank and Barry Bliss book a show on their tour, gave them a place to stay for a few nights and made some great friends. I travel down to NYC several times a month to play shows, see fellow Antifolker's shows, and try to make friends. I was almost afraid to say that I'm Antifolk because I respect so many AF artists and I feel like I almost don't deserve it. But I will be Antifolk and be proud of it."