The Punctual Peas

The Punctual Peas began in the summer of 2005 in a big pink house in Columbus Mississippi, next to a crappy Mexican restaurant and across the street from a closed down thrift store. Things back then were so blurry I'm surprised that we actually remembered we had the band. But never the less we wrote, we practiced, we had fun, we figured out what anti-folk was, and along the way we bought, stole, and otherwise acquired various instruments, singers, and drummers. Now we are the survivors of that summer, we are The Punctual Peas. All we have to do now is keep practicing and see what happens.

The band's existence is credited mostly to the boredom of small town Mississippi, a good bit of booze and a modest pile of drugs. It all started out as a joke. The joke being that between all four of us involved in the beginning, had about enough musical talent to fill a mans hat, and not a large hat either. The more we joked around, though, the more we accidentally started making progress. Soon we had songs. We didn't know what to do with those songs so we decided to make up a little music to go with them. We realized it's hard to make music if we don't play instruments, so we learned. Even our first show was supposed to be a joke, but people came and we played.

We write about what we have seen and done, what we love and hate, and mostly what makes us laugh. Our songs are simple, after all, we are not great musicians, we just want to have fun and have this whole experience be fun. While we are at it, we want everyone else to have fun too.

Carrie play guitar and sings. Jim plays guitar, banjo, and the mandolin. He also sings. Golda sings and has been known to bang on things from time to time.

Why are we Antifolk? A new brand of folk is needed for newer times. Not to replace anything, but to add a new chapter to a musical tradition. It won't stop here either. There will be a time down the road where lyrics about throwing up for 45 minutes, losing your virginity to a stranger, and waking up holding a ventriloquist doll in the likeness of Hitler will seem old fashioned and the kids will begin cutting out their own niche. The Peas are just here to tell about our lives in the hope that like minds can find enjoyment in it.

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