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Manon Athenol (Vocals) and Fred Plozner (Guitar/Vocals) founded The Neighbours on September 2010 the 4th at around 3 A.M. in the city of Romans Sur Isère, France. They met each other while Fred was playing alone at a local social festival in June 2010. They were neighbours. So they decided to play together. One month after they started, they had their own tunes and played them for the first time on stage on October. They also recorded their first EP, Strange Days three months later. They have performed several gigs in several places; pubs, small stages, and some exotic ones. Most of their songs are composed, recorded at home in a day. They are still on the road...


"I like it" (David Esteves, Radio Mega for The Neighbours)
Link to the broadcast

Why They Are So Antifolk

We decided to not answer to this question anymore. Everybody in France ask us "What is Antifolk?". But nobody, absolutely nobody understand us...Boring... So now, our reply is: "Have a look to and you will see by yourself what is Antifolk! And why we are !!!" Links

And also a small video. Home made too. In six hours. Arf. Antifolk?