The Fools

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JEN: i grew up in cleveland ohio. uchenna (pron  "you-chain-uh") and i met in 1996 as students at rutgers university.  we both played soccer. we were instant friends.  i played guitar a little and uchenna didn't play bass at all.    i was trying to write songs though. uchennas support is one of the main things that led me to continue playing until i finally did write a song at age 24. after graduation uchenna moved back to seattle and i moved to brooklyn with my sister, michelle.

UCHENNA: after a year in seattle i moved to new york. jen and michelle were already in brooklyn and let me live with them while i looked for an apartment and a job.  jen had owned a bass guitar since college. during that time, she never really played it and i never even thought of playing it. she had it with her in brooklyn and one day i picked it up- that was the begining of the fools.

THE FOOLS: we began making music together and in 2004 started playing open mics and other shows in nyc.

Why They So Antifolk:
Three reasons why we are Antifolk: Lach, Sidewalk Cafe and the revolution

Press Quotes:
"Everything about the two of them seems to line up, to fit perfectly.Their music is personal, it's familiar. It's quaint, and it's anything but formal." -Dan Costello, Urban Folk Magazine