Thee Intolerable Kidd

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Thee Intolerable Kidd is a London based musician and artist involved in the Antifolk UK movement. Known for collaborating, he has worked with David Cronenberg's Wife, Paul Hawkins, Dibs, King!, The New York Howl and Antifolk UK founder Filthy Pedro amongst others. He is now recognized as a solo musician in his own right.

Why I Am Antifolk: Because Filthy Pedro says I am, and if I disagree with him he will lock me up and won't feed me for a week. I play shows which are called Antifolk and am part of a community in London that calls itself Antifolk........
If you want to go into such things as sound i would say the elements often associated to Antifolk that my songs possess are mainly acoustic with a punk edge, narrative tales aspect of my lyrics and songs about the seedier sides of life.............. "

Press Quotes:

"What better way to spend 2am than with the incredible musical talent of Thee Intolerable Kidd and his William Burroughs influenced carnival lullabies" The 12 Bar Club, London

"Bertolt Brecht meets Lou Reed & Dirk Bogard in Tex Ritter's caravan in a nightmarish future world" - The 12 Bar Club, London

"(Thee Intolerable Kidd) Does a kind of early Dylan talking blues thing and is very quirky, very funny." Kevin Hewick, Musician (Ex-Factory Records).

"Underground Antifolk Star" The Communist Party of Great Britain


Fruit Machine - Blang compilation. Featuring 'Sweden' by David Cronenbergs Wife. Guitar and bass by Thee Intolerable Kidd. Recorded and produced by Thee Intolerable Kidd. 2006

The Rock'n'Roll Points EP - Filthy Pedro. Featuring Thee Intolerable Kidd on bass, drums, and guitar. Produced by Filthy Pedro and Thee Intolerable Kidd. 2006

Thee Intolerable Kidd - Thee Intolerable Kidd. 1st album. With guest musicians Brer Brian and Stefan Zenuik. 2006

The New York Howl - Live From Spaceship: Your Mind. Features Thee Intolerable Kidd on violin on two songs. 2006

Thee Intolerable Kidd - Untitled. 2nd album. 2006