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Soft Black Bio

Soft Black's guiding light is known simply as Vin.
Here is what Vin had to say:
"I growed up quiet in North Jersey. My Pops played me Tom Waits, Lou Reed, and told jokes for a living. Moms played me the Beatles, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and took me to Sunday School. Somewhere along the line I discovered Nirvana, Punk Rock, Arthur Rimbaud, Allen Ginsberg, New York City, Divine A! fflatus, Jack Kerouac, THC, and the Guitar. 

My dad bought me my first set of strings for my twelfth birthday, I asked for a stereo, he told me I was going to a place where I wouldn't be needing a stereo. Apart from writing songs, I'm in the middle of my first novel (Henry and Beezus, please don't tell me how it ends). I've lived all over but now I'm back where I started. I'm twenty-two but I feel like I'm eighty-four."

Why I'm Antifolk:

I've been Antifolk all my life; it just took a little while to find out about it. I guess it doesn't hurt that by the time I was in kindergarten I knew all the words to both Pasties and a G-String and Puff the Magic Dragon. I came to the Sidewalk Café on a lark, late last winter, I've been sleeping in the bottle room ever since. I love all of you.