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Oh What a Night

After an early childhood spent in England, Brazil, and Chile, I get in touch with American pop music


The freighter carrying all my worldly possessions split open on a coral reef and disgorged my miniature orcs, dragons, Balrog and other lead fantasy figurines to become part of a coral reef in the South Pacific. Living in Papua New Guinea with no TV is when I first bought a small gut string classical guitar to join my Australian friends in relieving some boredom. I was listening to Zeppelin and Hendrix at the time, but my friends played The Beatles, so the intro of "Paperback Writer" was the first riff I played.


I bought a black Les Paul copy and was playing mostly The Clash and Sex Pistols. I once played live with the now infamous Bob Santora (who?).

The Silence of the Jams

The late 80's were roaring along and it seemed everyone was out to make it rich. When my band mates insisted on Judas Priest and Black Sabbath, I went into self-imposed seclusion.

I never put down the guitar though, and was learning Bach and Segovia, when my skills at copying Alex Lifeson, and Joe Satriani were what sealed the deal for my future wife. Playing guitar finally bags the chick!

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Again the spirit has faded.In an age when tired cheap copies of Blink 182 and Linkin Park are the best that popular music has to offer, turn off the radio, listen to Six7, and call me in the morning.


The music has been likened to Lou Reed and the Violent Femmes.

"strikes fear into the hearts of folkies"

"one part prophet, one part string punishing punk."

"The black Lenny Kravitz"

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