Bio: (written by poet Eric Gilbert)

His hair whether shoulder length or cropped short always sprouts into the direction of purpose. His songs develop into protests of the places he is going, the women he is loving and the issues he means to tackle. The bus is always going to stop for Ryan Gilbert, taking him anywhere from New York City to Plymouth, England to play to the newly introduced fan with jaw agape. So, which hand will he use to flag the bus down? The one that is writing or the one that is picking the notes? Both work together to create his rambling melodies. Songs inspired by Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan, but forging his own path with style and wit that would make Oscar Wilde chuckle in his grave. Ryan Gilbert was born somewhere and he'll die somewhere. In between he'll write songs about things that matter to him and to the drifters and politicians, the immigrants and the homosexuals. Through his studies of archaeology and folklore he is constantly searching for a people and place to inspire music. His album, College Radio Never Sounded So Dead is out now. Hear his songs at www.myspace.com/rgilbert .


"Ryan Gilbert is such a recent discovery and his music is the unusual thinking man's music of humorous thought and political and religious commentary. Such a soft spoken man too but his music, what little he has recorded is fairly brilliant. On top of all that he's studying archeology down inTexas. Look for him soon. He may be touring again very soon." -Radiomike

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