Roger Manning

The first Roger Manning album was released in 1989 by California punk recording label SST (Black Flag, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.). Manning toured the U.S. and occasionally Europe, for over 10 years performing lyrical-solo-rock accompanied by highly amplified bass-heavy guitar playing.
The viewpoint conveyed in the dense lyrics is shaped by a life of hitchhiking, street singing, low-income living, disgust with authority, and pondering the mysteries of love and beauty.
"People work hard and end up with nothing. I ain't got nothing either, but at least I didn't work hard for it" (from Manning's 'Pearly Blues').
In the fall of 2007, after being invited to perform in Berlin, Manning started performing again here and there. Work on a new album has been on and off over the past couple of years. Since early 2009, Manning has also been playing clarinet with radical street band, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra.


Austin Chronicle -**** (4 stars) "Manning's most realized effort to date...well honed songsmithing...he explores intimacies with a thorough brush that nails difficult shades of gray with remarkable accuracy."

Cake - "...strands of genius"

Rolling Stone (Germany) - **** (4 stars)

Option -"Writing the lyrics to be dense and then tossed off, it's a clever way way to insure that you get something whether you're listening to the words or not. But the real clincher is the way Manning and company ride the riffs like they were breaking in a colt."

Village Voice - "Always angry about the right thing, and with that rare skill of putting the feeling appropriately to both guitar and lyric, Manning's truly an unsung hero overflowing with passion."

Why He's So Antifolk:
"Folk was for folkies, antifolk was for everyone. I jumped on the latter bandwagon."-RM