Phoebe Kreutz

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Phoebe Kreutz is a boozy floozy with a heart of gold. She sings silly songs about the things she likes best: boys and bars and Vikings and tacos.

Sometimes she sings these little ditties into a microphone at the Sidewalk Café and other odd places. For a while she sang them at Olive Juice Records while Matt recorded them and made her album Pretty. Pretty Stupid. which was released earlier this year.

Phoebe grew up in the East Village but she cut her musical teeth in Olympia, WA. While there, she helped form some truly misguided bands and learned about Irish poetry and samba dancing. She lives back in New York now and brushes puppet fur to make money.

The Buzz:

"Phoebe Kreutz plays straightforward, acoustic folk rhythms with a huge dose of wacky humor and cleverly written lyrics. It's pretty hard not to give in to a chuckle or two." - The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Kreutz is a hilarious songstress, demonstrating the broad-base and sense of humor inherent to the genre." - The Daily Barometer (Oregon State University)

Photo Credit-Lippe