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1989 Paleface meets Daniel Johnston. Daniel teaches him how to write songs and Paleface begins to make home tapes, which in the following years will evolve into sought after underground bootlegs.
1990 Roommates and burgeoning songwriters, Paleface and Beck hang out in the Lower East Side, NYC. Danny Fields (The Stooges, The Ramones, MC5,The Doors, etc.) discovers him at Lach's Antihoot and signs on as his manager.
1991 Polydor signs Paleface to a major label deal; he writes and records his first album Burn And Rob Sidebar ..1 Fact, Myth or Legend? To those in the know, its common knowledge that during this period Paleface, to say it gracefully, inspired Becks early work.
1992 Paleface is excited for his first album tour, but is mismatched with tour mates The Judybats and Crash Test Dummies. Not long after, he tours with Billy Bragg and gains his own following laying the foundation for his grass root fan base. He appears in Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine.
1993 Paleface begins work on his second record, but A&R badgering keeps him awake at night and by the end of 93 he gets dropped because the record company doesn't understand the new songs.
1994 He records Generic America produced by Kramer for indie label Shimmy Disc.
Sidebar ..2 Fact, Myth or Legend??? With the touch of one finger Kramer erases the masters. Consequently the record doesn't come out.
1995 The New York Post does a feature article on Paleface in Lisa Robinson's column. Toward the end of 95 he signs to Sire Records.
Sidebar ..3 Fact, Myth or Legend??? Hanging out behind the bar at Coney Island High, Paleface finds out he's been signed to Sire from Jesse Malin (D-Generation), who had read it in the newspaper earlier that day.
1996 Sire releases Get Off about the same time as Beck's Odelay. Sire doesnt want to compete with the marketing and one month later Paleface is dropped.
1997 A bit disillusioned with the music industry, He begins a spring tour with The Breeders and Lutefisk. Rightfully pissed off they all indulge in too much substance consumption. While touring near Vegas Paleface gets shakes, Lutefisk breaks up soon after, and The Breeders album gets shelved.
Sidebar ..4 Fact, Myth or Legend? Paleface collapses, is rushed to the hospital with a failing liver and nearly dies.
1998 Paleface alters his lifestyle and starts the process of restoring his health and well-being. Paleface also begins a very prolific writing period; he produces and records some of his best songs as lo-fi underground bootlegs.
2000 Paleface meets and becomes friends with The Moldy Peaches, Joie DBG, and a bunch of other cool artists at Lach's Antihoot in NYC and releases his famous underground classic The Multibean Bootleg.
2001 Jason Carmer (The Donnas, Run DMC,) and Arion Salazar(Third Eye Blind) invite Paleface out to San Francisco to make a new record, but the sessions are postponed after the events of September 11th. PF releases another of his home recordings The Couch Tape and sells out both of his bootlegs at shows.
2002 Paleface forms a new band called Paleface with Monkeybone and they gig around New York. Monkeybone is a vehicle for Paleface to showcase the new songs hes writing faster than the band can learn them. During this period Paleface plays gigs with The Moldy Peaches and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and is introduced to their audiences.
2003 Picking up momentum, he returns to the West Coast and finishes the San Francisco recording with Jason Carmer. The CD, Bottlefed is released on Art Monkey Records. The album features Third Eye Blind bassist Arion Salazar, Jeff Buckley' s drummer Parker Kindred and Brain (Tom Waits, Primus, and Guns & Roses), and introduces his fans to all new Paleface classics such as: Shes So (Rock n Roll) , Bottles On The Sidewalk ,and Hangin out
2003 (Was such a big year for Paleface it gets two sections.) Along with his re-emerging solo career, PF experiments with the Americana sound and forms a new side project Just About To Burn. They release their first record, produced by Ena (The Willowz, White Zombie, Dee Dee Ramone), and the band tours London the crowds love the new songs and the new sound.
2004 Free Your Mellow is recorded and released as a new Paleface solo record and that brings us to
Paleface 2005:
For the past two years Paleface has been on the road, and of course, writing new songs. A Paleface performance includes the best songs from his various creative periods as well as newer songs.
Paleface has a personal goal to release 10 albums by the end of the decade and is accepting offers from labels to assist him in achieving that goal. If you havent heard Paleface in awhile its time you got reacquainted with the words and the groove.

Why I Am Antifolk
Because of the people i met.i met Daniel Johnston and hung around with him a bit and figured out how to write a song worth writing.Then Roger Manning saw me playing at an open mic and invited me down to ABC-NO RIO.Thats kinda where i got my mind blown.Seeing John S. Hall chain smoking and rattling off these brilliant poems like Jesus Was Way Cool.Being buddys with Beck and learning those blues songs he always used to play.I was pretty young and the impressions were deep.I wasn't really able to catch my breathe and all the sudden i was in Rolling Stone magazine.Well that was too much for my mirror too soon, so i kinda imploded, almost permanently.Glad to be here now though, so happy to meet you ahhh really truly madly glad to ahh yea you know whAT I MEAN.......Pf