And in this corner, weighing in at 165 pounds, accompanied by three chords and one can of whoop ass, is West Virginia's own folk/punk superhero, OL' VW.
Armed only with a beat up acoustic guitar and the occasional Casio keyboard, OL' VW will assault you with a barrage of high-energy tunes ranging from punk rock to political bluegrass. Self-described as "John Prine being fisted by the Dead Milkmen," OL' VW will make you think, make you laugh, and make you wonder, "Is everything that comes from West Virginia this twisted?"
With two full-length releases under his belt (as well as another monster that it wouldn't be polite to mention here), OL' VW invites you to "Get on this train now before it ties you to the tracks, runs you over, and chops your head off!"

Press Quotes:
"You will laugh your butt off from the second Walters gets on stage. This widely comedic and rather ingenious artist will throw some seriously random yet highly entertaining lyrics at you." - Kathryn Thuss, The Tartan
"Vaughn's music revives the story-telling days of folk and combines it with an acoustic style, but with the twist of lyrics that quietly/self-deprecatingly mock both the artist and audience alike. I truly believe that this bizarre combination only works because of Vaughn's talent in cultivating a hilarious stage presence." - Kalista Popp, WUVT

Yo, OL'VW, Why are you Antifolk?
I ate one too many punk rock pills in my teens. Eventually I became a burnt out pile of Antifolk.