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I was born in Jackson Heights, Queens and moved to New City, New York in Rockland County when I was 6. At the age of 13 I started playing guitar and bass. Afetr that I started playing with friends in their basements trying to learn Nirvana songs and just jamming. There's a lot of stuff that comes after that, like band after band, but now I'm doing it on my own. Writing my songs and recording them. I was using an MP3 player with a built in microphone to record but now I just record any other way I can since that got stolen out of my car in Brooklyn one day.

Why I Am Antifolk
It gives me a forum where I can feel comfortable at trying different things, experiment and fuck up but still feel like I'm being true to myself.
Sometimes I feel the pressure to play music like everyone else but that's not me. I've tried it but it just comes out feeling like I'm cheating myself and so I don't get anything out of it. To me music seems to be very much about the moment and capturing however you feel at that second and not trying too much to duplicate a feeling you had maybe when you first wrote a song. That seems to be the only way I get anything out of it and feel satisfied. The passion is what matters the most. If I didn't truly love music I don't think I could ever play.