Nicole Strachan

Nicole Strachan is a poet turned musician turning into a comedian and back into a poet. And then into a poet-musician-comedian and then into a comedian-poet-musician. Her influences are local bookmakers, a Danish painter and friends in North Carolina, which is in America. The American bands have broken up or changed their names in the nearly 5 years she’s lived in Edinburgh, so she does not have a way of contacting them, but you could find a way to contact her if you want by visiting: Nicole's website

The Buzz:

"I love all of Nicole's poems. She should do stand up. She's very funny and seems to have found her own voice. Her ukulele playing is a bit avant-garde." - Paul Vickers

Why I am Antifolk:

I played Sidewalk Cafe in June 2013 only because a return flight fortunately got cancelled. I had 10% battery on my phone, so quickly wrote directions from JFK to Sidewalk, phoned a friend to sleep on his couch, and rescheduled my flight for lunchtime the following day. I heckled my fellow performers from the stage.