Matt Singer

Matt Singer writes personal and expressive music, bridging folk, alternative, and hip-hop, to share genuine feelings about family, romance, anxiety, higher education, and occasionally New Jersey. Matt's been writing songs since age four, when he spawned "Beep-Beep-Bop-Bop-Bop-Beep," a whimsical yet touching piece about a boy’s love for eating toothpaste. Matt still brushes regularly, but now focuses most of his musical energy on his relationships, his fantasies, and of course, George W. Bush.

Matt has made a home for himself in Brooklyn, NY, USA, and he is musical presence in New York's Antifolk Movement. During the past few years, he's played regularly at Sidewalk Cafe, CB's 313 and ACME Underground. His songs have been featured on such radio stations as London's Resonance 104.4, Radio Crystal Blue, WRPI (Troy, NY), and WWOR-710, on the Joey Reynolds show, where he was praised as "hysterically funny." In addition, he composed and performed music for the critically acclaimed play, "Boy Beautiful," which was featured at the Best of The American Living Room Festival at the HERE theatre in 2003, in the Village.

Matt has collaborated twice with the multi-talented Lance Monotone, to put together Matt's 6-song debut EP, ZOZEN and his 2003 full-length CD release, SUBLIMATION. Both records reveal Matt's versatility, with the politically charged "As Long as Grass Grows and Water Runs," the bitter family story, "In the Way" and "Scary," an energetic love song about an invisible girl. He's begun recording his latest full-length work, to be released some time in 2005.

Last year, Matt was recognized by The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, winning the Director's Prize for his song "Man with a Can". The year before, he received honorable mention for "Scary," in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

"A joyous roots sound strung through an urban outlet… nice string work and fine harmonies." - Andrew Aber, The Village Voice

"It's rare that an entertainer is equally successful making his audience laugh and cry. It is even more rare that he can make his listeners do both at the same time. Singer has mastered this art." – Mary K. Burkett, Allston-Brighton Tab

"Singer's vocal style is old-fashioned jazz troubadour charm with a modern wicked streak. Wide-eyed, innocently wicked." - Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.Com

"Genius, Tenacious D had better watch their backs." -

"Matt Singer writes lyrically expressive tunes [and] has a feel and a love for what he is doing." - Michael Kylis, Delusions of Adequacy