Matt Sherwin


If Stephen Sondheim had grown up in the post-punk age, he might have turned out much like Matt Sherwin.

With his dry, satirical lyrics and infectious, hook-driven power-pop, Matt has emerged in the last decade as a unique voice on the Antifolk scene. Initially drawn to the Fort as a local teenager by performers such as Paleface and Roger Manning, Matt soon took the stage himself and found an audience receptive to his frenetic delivery and precocious sense of irony. Evolving over the next few years from solo performer to leader of an ace five-piece band, Matt released his fully realized solo debut 'Cold Reader' to considerable acclaim in June of 2000.

Why I Am Antifolk Though his style has developed over the years, Matt has remained essentially Antifolk in spirit - for his sincere skepticism, qualified optimism, cockeyed pop classicism, and for bridging the unlikely gap between Bob Mould and Sweeney Todd.

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