Mad Happy

Mad Happy is an act that pushes the envelope.

Mad haPPy is a guy/girl electronic duo with a distinctive sound, blending electro, hip-hop, latin, eastern european and folk; Their lyrics, intelligent verse promoting tolerance and individuality. Mike iLL and Rivka draw on a rainbow of influences, from Hasidic folk melodies to Public Enemy to Hank Williams, Nina Simone, Madonna and Sly Stone.

Both partners came from devout religious families. Rivka's parents joined the Hasidic movement and she was the seventh of nine children sheltered from American culture in an enclosed Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn. In her early teens she left the community and became involved with the spoken word community in NYC. Mike's parents, an ex-nun and seminarian were active in civil rights work. He was raised in the diverse community of Hoboken, NJ. As a youngster he was introduced to free jazz, salsa and rock music, later making tracks into NYC studying electronic music and samba and becoming involved with the NoWave scene. Ultimately making a splash with his band Sweet Lizard iLLtet (Warner Bros.)

Rivka and Mike iLL met in 1997 in a sweat lodge in New Jersey, got together for a musical project and ended up romantically involved. They formed Mad haPPy on New Years Eve of 2002 and have been doing over 200 live shows a year since, building a diverse and dedicated fan base and sharing bills with other cutting edge artists such as Bonde Do Role, Gogol Bordello and Girl Talk. Working closely with labelmate Zef Noi$e (Psychic TV, iLLtet), they've released four full lengths; "Feel Good Music" (Bar/None Records), "Renegade Geeks" (Mutiny Zoo Records - Produced with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth), "FrankenProphecy" (Mutiny Zoo), "Re-Ups" (Mutiny Zoo) a live DVD, "Desperate Living" (Mutiny Zoo Records) and "The Electro-Funk No Wave Hip-Hop Compilation" (Mutiny Zoo Records).

Mad haPPy's live show is tight, energetic and emotionally charged. The charismatic pair, with manic colored hair, a laptop and a free spirited approach, can start a party anywhere.

Mike ill is also the author of the Antifolk Road Manual

"Feel Good Music" (Bar/None Records) 2000
"Renegade Geeks" (Mutiny Zoo Records - Produced with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth) 2005
"FrankenProphecy" (Mutiny Zoo), "Re-Ups" (Mutiny Zoo) 2007
"Desperate Living" (live DVD - THG/Mutiny Zoo Records) 2004
"The Electro-Funk No Wave Hip-Hop Compilation" (Mutiny Zoo Records) 2004
"Re-Ups" (Mutiny Zoo Records) 2008

Why are we Antifolk?
We're Antifolk 'cause Antifolk will have us. Throw our drum machine on our back and hit the road, spreading words of peace, love, freedom, light and parties. Too pop for the hippies, too rap for the punks: leadbelly on liquid?