Lisa Bianco of Red Jacket


Lisa Bianco landed on the Antifolk scene in mid 2001 as "Red Jacket" offering songs that were confessional, cryptic, and heart felt.

In mid 2002 Red Jacket formed in to a three-piece band (Holly Rock-drums and Jairo Ruiz-bass) creating a montage of alt-rock infused with dissonant notes and clever time changes over pop melodies.

The name Red Jacket is derived from the Native-American chief from the Buffalo, NY area who believed in preserving his culture and staying true to his beliefs. This parallels the philosophy of the band and that music exists to transcend or create a relationship between song and listener. The end result being a form of enlightenment...or something that just completely rocked.

You can find Lisa performing with other Antifolk musicians such as Last Up Larry and Timothy Dark.

" [This] trio's real talent is pulling off Rush time change-ups under galvanizing Rust Never Sleeps wah-wah." -The Village Voice

"Structuring, coloring, and arranging music, putting something supernatural together."

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"Why I am Antifolk":

From it’s original conception "Antifolk" represented anti-standard, anti-lame, and anti-rejection and anti-what-folk-music-had-become. It fostered change and no rules. Anything goes. Red Jacket has no rules: acoustic, electric, noise…adding to the never-ending evolution of music…like a circle.

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Lisa Bianco (center) with Red Jacket