Linda Draper

"Artists like Linda Draper step outside the box we allow society to put us in. With music having wisdom beyond it's years and a lightness and depth in every tune, listeners will find an absoluteness in this listening experience." INDIE JOURNAL.COM Featured Artist

"A clear and talented voice, intriguing and fresh lyrics and accomplished instrumentation are seldom found in one package, but Draper has them all." Snow White Trash Girl CD review in SPLENDIDEZINE.COM

"I get a sense of Renaissance when I listen to Linda Draper...there is no doubting the attraction of her reminds me of a band long ago in a galaxy far away." Patchwork CD review in NYROCK.COM

"All the ingredients of a first class folkstress." SUITE 101.COM - Choice Cuts 04/03 - Patchwork CD

"Linda Draper approaches folk music with spare songs and a high register not unlike folk mama Joan Baez." TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Linda Draper's voice is both soothing and captivating. The overall feel of 'Patchwork', her 3rd album, is delightful and musing....a very fine piece of work, indeed." BEE'S KNEES ZINE

"Songs which pass like a dream, as one crosses a cloud while shivering, semi-lethargic, semi-filled with wonder." Snow White Trash Girl CD Review in MATAMORE.NET "Draper writes sophisticated songs, sculpting seemingly simple phrases into moving ballads. The strength of her output increases with each record and It's obvious that she's on the brink of achieving something great." Patchwork CD review in SPLENDIDEZINE.COM

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