Josh Garrett-Davis



Josh Garrett-Davis imagines he is an acoustic punk rocker. He has played bass guitar in several punk bands since age 14, and currently plays in the band Krylls. For even longer, though, he has written songs by himself. Early hits (ages 8-10) included Save the Elephants and We Are the Children of this World. He displayed an early inclination toward political and topical songs; later, he enjoyed the short-lived Anti-Social open stage at the Sidewalk Cafe, hosted by Danny Kelly.

A native of South Dakota, Josh has a typical Midwestern sincerity, but he is not above selling out the cause for a better rhyme.

"What does some hick smoking ditch weed out in Tornado Alley/ Know about the history, and the ghetto, and slavery? / Hes just a prairie Jerry Lee biting Chucks Berry and D.' --From White Rappers

Why he is Antifolk:

While not literally "against people', Josh has been known to try to convince punk rockers that the Indigo Girls are in fact punk ("Look, dude, shes wearing a Husker D shirt on the album cover'.); and to play acoustic swing versions of Fugazi and Bad Religion for his parents.

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