JJ Crash


Spawn of the Newtown London suburb of Welwyn Garden City - famous for having only 3 pubs, JJCrash fled for the bright lights of London and Brighton as soon as he could afford a pair of Dr Martens and 2-Tone drain pipes. "I blame those punk rock records," said mama Crash. "But his first music heroes were James Brown, Parliament and Funkadelic believe it or not" admitted his probation officer.

OK - to set the record straight it was hearing early Clash and The Jamthat inspired JJCrash to play guitar - 3 chord songs about growing up in the burbs that made life more bearable. Favourite album is still Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables by the Dead Kennedys.

You can tell he's mellowed out a bit musically since then but he still twists the knife in some of his clearly politically inspired lyrics. JJCrash says, "I don't wanna be a popstar - just wanna play songs to myfriends to make 'em laugh and think. If I'd been old enough to get in tothe 100 Club in 1977 I reckon that's what it was like. That's the vibe I got when I first walked into the Sidewalk Cafe in 2001 and started listening to what Antifolk artists were doing". Now JJ's got Milk Kan andthe Moldy Peaches - life don't get much better.

"JJ Crash plays protest lullabies in punk and blues overtones with a bit of slide geetar thrown in… according to the critics "somewhere between the punk poetry of Patrick Fitzgerald and the wordy folk buffoonery of JakeThackary"

Why I love Antifolk – Because it has no rules, no boundaries, nothing to prove but a whole lot to share.