Jinx Lennon

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Jinx Lennon part punk folk poet troubadour, part gospel music energy preacher originally played with Dundalk Ireland outfits Silver Seeds, and Novena Babes who played at IMRO showcase in Queens, Belfast a few years back. He has released two highly acclaimed CDs Live at the Spirit Store and 30 Beacons Of Light For A Land Full Of Spit on his own Septic Tiger label. Recent gigs include two Irish tours with Hamell on Trial, gigs with the likes of The Fall and a fiery appearance at the Mor Festival (Tullamore) Ireland in August, and Vicar St (Dublin) in November. Jinx is currently working on his third album and promises to clear the cobwebs out of peoples heads, and get rid of all energy vampires with his full on show aiming to uplift heads everywhere.


"A loose cannon, wild card protest singer full of rage and irreverence"- FOGGY NOTIONS

"Self righteous but laced more liberally with mischevious humour " - TICKET-IRISH TIMES

"The main issues he covers are drugs, life on the dole, working in a factory, racism and prejudice, forgiveness, baldness, and! wife battery, has Jinx's brand of twisted humor marked all over them " - Tia Clarke TAIN FESTIVAL LIVE REVIEW (Dundalk).

Why I am Antifolk:

I believe in folk music, its part of growing up in Ireland, traditional music, ballads, yet I believe in free expression and irreverence towards the guitar as an instrument after all it is only wood and strings, I believe that all you need is one note, one chord, to get up onstage to express yourself as long as you believe in what you are singing about because if you really do believe then the energy you will transmit towards the audience will make them believe it too, this is what I see as the essence of a lot of the people involved with the Antifolk movement whose music I have listened to, I feel I will be in good company at the Winter Antifolk festival

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