Ivan Sandomire

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About the author: (From his only "published" book The Great Challenge)
Ivan Sandomire is an 8-year-old student in 2nd grade at Acme Elementary School. He has lived in the area most of his life, surrounded by his family, cats, goats, chickens and trees. He enjoys reading, ice cream, transformers and singing. P.S. He's not 8 anymore, not that anyone would know it though

Why Antifolk?

He is Antifolk cuz it's the only way to be these days- kickin' it with a forty shorty style, Swillin' goobers and runnin' into homies is the American pastime, and it does fly, Specially when it hits the fan and he has found you can count on all that and more in The land of the Antifolk, where the grass is green and the high winds blow, truly; home is where they let you in.

Contact: ivan@acmeon.com


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