Herb Scher

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Bio Born and raised in Miami, Herb grew up on show tunes, the Beatles, and the great singer-songwriters and rock bands of the 60s and 70s. A tenure in New Orleans instilled a love for the city and the rich music that is woven into its culture. In New York he started off playing piano in jazz groups before finally focusing in on songwriting and discovering Sidewalk Cafe. His group Herb Scher and the Key Lime Pie Revue plays Herb's original tunes fleshed out by funky horn arrangements and a groovy rhythm section. Herb is also a member of Elastic No-No Band and was part of the legendary yet now defunct Handsome Men of Sidewalk, which broke up after only two performances. The dramatic story is covered in the riveting behind-the-scenes documentary "The Handsome Men Get Ugly," which is awaiting distribution.

Why He's So Antifolk: Labels and categories in music are limiting. Antifolk, seems like it might indicate a genre, but instead it's defining characteristic turns out to be a sense of openness and inclusion. This is most clearly apparent in the welcoming and inspiring vibe that flows through the community of artists that hang out at Sidewalk Cafe, an amazing home for performers where anything is possible.