UK Artist: Filthy Pedro


Filthy Pedro was raised on the Island of the druid people. One night, as a teenager, he saw a vision. Hermes Trismagistus [thrice greatest hermes - "As above, so below"] appeared before him and told him that is he didn't start writing dirty lo-fi music when he dies he would be tortured for enternity with dildos made of frozen turd.

After such a stark warning, Filthy packed his bags, left the Island and went on a geo-musical journey, travelling through the desert of Leciester, the forest of Nottigham, the jungle of Dublin, the mountains of Sheffield and eventually arriving in merry London during the electronic goldrush. He now desperatly tries to avoid a dubious fate by writing and performing antifolk music.

You can visit his website at Filthy home

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Quote sheet

"If Filthy Pedro didn't write the book on perversely ingenious acoustic rock 'n' roll, he can at least find it using a card catalogue." -- Michael Hogan, Vanity Fair

"With an ego the size of Madagascar and a penchant for the perverse, Filthy Pedro tells tales of antiquity, alienation and library books, all delivered with Celtic charm and a wicked sense of humour." -- Gary Rose, the Sonic Archive.

'Why I am Antifolk' statement:

Filthy Pedro was attracted to the Antifolk scene by the movement's emphasis on contemporary story telling through any means necessary, switching seamlessly between humour and emotion in order to tell a story. Production quality, technical skills and taboo all take second place to a good song, which is especially apt, as he doesnât score highly in these areas. Nor would Hermes Trismagistus have wanted him to.