Eric Wolfson

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Eric Wolfson burst onto the Antifolk scene about a year ago after moving from Boston to Brooklyn. Within weeks of attending his first Antihoot, he became a staple of the scene; within six months, he found himself appearing in a New York Times article about Antifolk and opening for Suzanne Vega (true story: she borrowed his guitar strap to play “Luka”). He is now set to release his first album, State Street Rambler, on May 1 2007, with a CD release party on Cinco de Mayo at the Sidewalk.

Eric Wolfson was born Christmas morning, six days shy of the 1980s; by the age of 9 he could recite all of the presidents backwards. He has made David Sedaris laugh, got egg-cooking tips from Julia Child, and helped Bruce Springsteen with the architecture books. He has also rung out Jimmy Carter’s granddaughter, briefly dated William F. Buckley’s grandniece, and of course, has kissed Buddy Hackett’s niece. In a graveyard.

Why He's So Antifolk: Because they are young, they are inspired, and they’ve got guitar-shaped heart desires.