David LK Murphy

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Born and raised in New York City, Elkay, as his friends call him, grew up playing cello, drums, a little piano and even some trumpet. Submerged in the Lower Eastside music scene at a young age Murphy started writing songs at thirteen. Like a bluesman waltzing to Mozart, Murphy's songs are hypnotic and rough, both intimate and candid. Born from a mouth of sharpened teeth and delivered with lilting precision his lyrics draw from poetry and pop alike. Having won fans in Europe and across the US, Murphy has built up a slow moving but freight train like momentum to his music career.

Why Antifolk?
Nobody believes me when I say I grew up listening to The Misfits and Bad Religion. Then again, I also grew up playing cello. I am that bastard son that punk left behind. If it doesn't have an edge, if the musical flowers of a song don't hint at the blood spilt into the ground, then get it out of my ears. Antifolk is the home of the fighting musician, fist raised, singing, smiling, and always holding fast to that edge. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of it and to learn from it.

"David LK Murphy (aka 'Elkay') turned on that folky, bluesy charm, bringing his audience into an intimate huddle, telling us his heartfelt secrets of loving, longing and leaving. Already a young Sidewalk Cafe veteran, this artist is no stranger to exposing an unnerving vulnerability in every song he's penned, yet his delivery is somehow incredibly subtle, as his fragile but warm voice blends yin and yang with brilliance. His performance is not for those who fear delving into the human condition (unharden that NYC heart - you might actually enjoy yourself)...." Denise Miller - The Deli Magazine (Blog) (Aug 6, 2006)

"A songwriter with accessible intensity and insanity, meaning well-crafted heavy urban-edgy folk but not superfluous whining. DLKM makes his lyrics audible because they deserve to be heard. Quite an experience!"- Gabriel Levitt - Jezebel Music

"Why Murph isn't famous for the gravitas of his performances, I have no idea." - Brook Pridemore

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