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After 6 years of seclusion, writing songs at a rich aunt's house in Stockport, Tom Mayne decided to visit Freud's museum. He brought with him two Glenn Branca albums and a suitcase full of Vimto. However his brief stint as a pro-wrestling ring-announcer came to nothing, as did a spell working in a Camden tattoo parlour, so he took to writing songs, starting David Cronenberg's Wife 'to sing about themes that haven't been much covered yet: being in love with anorexic girls, the urge to jump in front of tube trains and women dying in child-birth· '

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Quote Sheet

'Dark surreal humour. A runaway pram collision of early Beck, Daniel Johnston, The Scaffold, Frank Sidebottom, The Fall.' (Sgt Buzfuz)

'These guys are great. They're not ripping anyone off' (Sky Saxon, The Seeds)

'The world's best seven fingered songwriter'. (Bobbo, DCW fan)

Why I am Antifolk 'Although these are the bits of life that interest me, I may not be welcomed in some places for singing about some of these things. But Antifolk embraced me with its dirty, deformed hands. Not having the full quota of fingers myself means that we're kind of like kindred spirits.'