Dan Fishback


Raised on a steady diet of showtunes and secular Jewish leftism, Dan Fishback was destined to be gay and loud. In 2003, he moved to New York City, where he promptly found a home in the Sidewalk Cafe's Antifolk community. As half of the indie-pop duo Cheese On Bread, Dan saturated the Lower East Side with his characteristic blend of coy spunk and fierce progressive ideology. It was his solo work, however, that established him as more than a bouncy pop singer.

Hailed by Next Magazine as an "Antifolk genius," Dan's songs of frustration and fear provided a welcome change to the vacuous vamping found in most "queer art." His performance art, too, has attracted the attention of intellectual young homos, thirsty for thoughtful discourse. Ironic without being nihilistic, passionate without being annoying, Dan writes outside of and against consumerist mainstream gay culture.

His debut album, SWEET CHASTITY, is a frantic, schizophrenic exploration of virginity in a culture that commodifies the human body. From the twisted electro-pulse of the title track to the Carpenters-esque croon of "Kiss and Tell," SWEET CHASTITY blends at least a dozen musical genres into an anti-pop mission statement of bitter wit and seething optimism. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll break up with your boyfriend.