Cheese On Bread


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Once, after they played a big show in Philly, a boy came up to Cheese On Bread and said, "You know, these days everyone's making all this difficult postmodern music, and it's interesting and all, guys are all about joy. Just complete joy and happiness. Sara said, "Aw!" Dan ate a spoonful of cereal and thought, "We're not postmodern??!?!"

Sara FitzSimmons and Dan Fishback became Cheese On Bread in 2002 because they love each other and needed a procrastination device. They sound a lot like the Muppets. In the summer of 2003, after sowing their musical oats in the neo-hippie dreamland of West Philadelphia, they discovered New York's Sidewalk Cafe, where so many like-minded musicians toy and tinker with a similar mix of sincerity and silliness.

They felt so cozy, and discovered that "Antifolk" is a much better answer to "what kind of music do you play?" than "well it's a sorta indie poppish kinda sound but also kinda acoustic and pretty folky but we also do hip hop and country and polka and..."

Cheese On Bread's first full-length CD, Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby is available now from The Store!

"Oh, perfect first love, when quirky-smart gay boy bonds with quirky-fun straight girl over bad dorm food. Antifolk sweethearts Dan Fishback and Sara FitzSimmons capture the moment with toe-tapping perfection, letting listeners eavesdrop on their banter as they deconstruct boyfriends ("Where the Fuck Are They?") and slag the vapid ("[You’re Just a] Gucci Model"). Just don't call them postmodern."-The Advocate

As C.O.B.'s New York representative, Dan Fishback plays his own songs of desire and discretion with the glee of a schoolgirl and the grit of an angry gerbil. He's a direct descendent of Sophie Tucker. He writes plays and essays. He's gay.

Dan's debut album, Sweet Chastity will be around some day soon!