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So Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson are smoking a joint at Flava Flav's house....

A theatrical performer since the age of five, Dan's been all over the country in embarrassing costumes. Now Dan lives in Brooklyn and writes songs. He actually lives at The Sidewalk Cafe though. Ask his roomates. He is not related to Elvis Costello but thanks you for asking. He is however related to Ethan Allen (of the Green Mountain Boys.)

WHY AM I ANTIFOLK? - I don't write Folk or Antifolk or Hip Hop or Showtunes. What would Joan Baez have sounded like if her early influences included Siouxie and the Banshees? I think rhyming "evil wallet men" with "cosmopolitan" in 5/8 time is something Woody Guthrie would have done if he had heard Frank Zappa. If Cole Porter had heard DMX? Well, maybe you get the idea. I think jam bands are underated and emo bands are overated. I like powerful music with a good story or message. I guess I'm not really Antifolk, I'm more antishit. I hate Shitty Pop (and a new girlie style I have dubbed "locker room confessional".) It seems like Antifolk is also antishit. The coolest people I know are at the Antihoot at 3AM. That's why I'm Antifolk.

email: dan@dancostellomusic.com

website: dancostellomusic.com

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