Dan Asselin

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Bio My whole life has been about music, though I grew up mostly just listening, and neither of my parents are particularly musical. In high school I fantasized about being a filmmaker, but at eighteen I reinvented myself as a singer-songwriter, inspired by early Dylan albums and an acoustic version of John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels."
Since then I've moved to New York City, played a lot of shows, met tons of other singer-songwriters, watched a few of them get famous, and endured a few music-scene trials and tribulations (mostly in my own head). But after all that, I'm essentially still at the starting line. In one sense, I'd like to keep it that way. My music is a response to life and a reaction to the artists that have moved me. I don't ever want that to change. If one day my songs reach millions of people, great! But if I had to choose one or the other, I'd rather be responsible for great music that reaches a small few than cheesy music that has mass appeal. That being said, today is March 9th, 2010. If I've sold out when you're reading this and you think I should know about it, my personal email address is and will probably still be dasselin86-at-gmail.com.

Why He's So Antifolk: 'Because making good art is still the reason I write, play and sing every day, and Lach is one of the only people of influence I've met in New York City who truly cares about that. I owe the best material I've ever written to the Antihoot'