Dana Immanuel

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Bio Dana Immanuel had a very good education which somewhat passed her by because nothing is as much fun as an acoustic guitar. After a few half-assed attempts at employment and the occasional band, she found herself busking on the London Underground, and this sorry excuse for a day job honed her performance skills down to a fine point. Early childhood trauma left Dana with a propensity to play the banjo, and the massive amounts of spare time a career in busking affords allowed her to indulge and nurture her dirty habit to sordid perfection.

A series of curious incidents late in 2005 saw her get together with her band, the Greeks, which is actually three real Greeks and one Turkish guy who didn't know he was joining a band called the Greeks until it was too late. She is now equally happy playing busking-stylee on her own or with the band in a variety of venues so long as there's beer. She lives in London with some gamblers and her cat, Mr. Cat, and hopes one day to rule her own country.

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Why I Am Antifolk
I am Antifolk because... I am an overeducated, banjo-playing, bourbon-swilling redneck from the hills of North London, I have a battery-powered amplifier and my own blues band, and we are all extremely upset.