Clint Coker

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Mixing the Texas twang of his country roots with punk minimalism, a dark sense of humor, and a healthy dose of "fuck you" attitude, Clint Coker isn't the Texas-born-singer-songwriter type you're accustomed to. Sure, he cut his songwriting teeth on the works of Billie Joe Shaver and Guy Clark, but bands like The Velvet Underground, and Black Flag had just as much impact.
In 2002, he released a live CD, What Do I Care on Nervous City Records (out of print) and a new live release is pending. Songs from the new EP can be heard at

Why He Is Antifolk:

"I don't know if I'm Antifolk and I could give a fuck.", he says. "I write songs, then I go out and play those songs. If you like those songs, that's cool, if not, then fuck off. What's the difference what you call it?"