Chris Maher

Chris Maher was born in 1981, along with Sonic Youth and the Reagan Era

Dig it: Chris Maher started in 1981, along with Sonic Youth and the Reagan Era. He grew up in Hell's Kitchen, went to school and at age 13, started a band and began writing songs. By high school, he was playing shows at Coney Island High, CBGB, and Wetlands. Then he went to college and his bands broke up. But Chris found college uninspiring and quickly returned to NYC to work at a record store and play bass for his friends in Automato (Coup De Grace / Capitol / Dim Mak). During the summer of 2001, drunk on a newfound love for AFNY, Chris began playing shows at the Sidewalk Café. Between then and now, Chris kept busy. He went back to school, taught himself the drums, recorded a Walter Martin produced 7” single with the Morningsides (out on Recommended If You Like Records), and contributed a track to the first Luv-A-Lot Records Compilation (LV12). Chris also played shit tons of shows, both by himself and with his backing band, the Post-Modern Lovers. He's played at the last few ntifolk Fests and has also shared the stage with the likes of Mirah, Mike Doughty and the Dirty Projectors. In late 2004, Chris will release a solo single on Recommended If You Like Records and an EP on Luv-A-Lot Records. Relevant Links: Chris Pic


"If McCartney had a kid with Springsteen who, given the circumstances, was put up for adoption and raised by John Lennon and Elliott Smith, he would be Chris Maher. Love child of Rock n' Roll, Chris writes songs with melodies that twist and turn... I've been to a couple of his shows and usually end up with my fist in the air, smiling and laughing my ass off. He's great." - Julian Velard, NYC singer/songwriter