Chloe Philip


Chloe Philip is a comic storyteller hailing from across the UK. Her comic incarnation is a result of much dreaming, writing and life living in a small town in Scotland called Lanark, which is mostly pubs, churches and hairdressers. From a fairly early age she knew she wasn't a drunk, nun or hairstyler of Grannies- (who were 87% of the tight perm wearing population). Growing up there informs a good slice of the pie chart that is her show. Chloe's comedic stories are self confessional and entirely over familiar Making sense of life in New York sashes in too, like writing one's new comic bio in the 3rd person while wondering if it is her job to clean up roommate's cat sick on the Parke flooring of new Brooklyn apartment- perhaps a moot point as cat begins eating said sick. Well done that filthy animal.

Chloe is relatively new to raconteur performance, breaking the seal in November 2008, with her first 45 min set at Sidewalk Jan 2009. She continues to perform at Sidewalk, in comedy clubs, bars and supermarket queues around New York.

Why She's So Antifolk: Antifolk seems to be like spring board at the pummel horse of performance in New York City. I have a huge amount of respect for Antifolk performers that populate the Monday Hoot at Sidewalk, who are some of the most talented people you will see in one room at one time and the most encouraging and inspiring. I want to be those things (1st person).