Charles Zerner

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Bio Charles Theodore grew up between France and the US, wandering through hallowed churches and looking at paintings with his art historian parents. After graduating from Harvard University, he turned down the straight jobs, and moved to New York to live dirt poor, and sing his songs full time in the subways.

He was soon invited to record for a 3 month session with the producer of the Clash, Joe Blaney, in a rock outfit. After touring the east coast, holding residencies in New York, playing countless shows, a few festivals, and cutting a record in France with the producer of Jacques Higelin, CT finally has an official release. A Suitcase Life, his debut record, pulls influences from a rich musical heritage, from everywhere and nowhere, with a longing to touch upon the simple universals that are truly worth singing about.

Why He's So Antifolk
I am Antifolk for the same reasons that I am French, or American... We are from the worlds we grow up in, and I am very grateful to be from a place with such a liberality of ideas, and such generosity of spirit.
While music is taking me to more and more places, I will always come to back to the Antifolk scene to refuel, like thirsty people to a well. It will always be home.