Bryan McPherson

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Bryan was born and raisedon the mean streets of Dorchester, a blue collar neighborhood in Boston. He was inspired at a young age by the raw energy and angst of Punk Rock, as well as the lyrically driven American folk songs of the early 1960's. His first performances were street corners, house parties, and subway stations in Boston's inner city. In 2001 he burst onto the acoustic music scene. Needing a demo, he recorded Folk n Roll MoFo in his bedroom, a dark record chronicling the world of active heroin addiction and political/class discontent. He then hooked up with The Counterfolk Collective and released a compilation comprised of off-beat, outlaw, and rejected folk singers from the Boston area, including Joe Kowan, Sophia Caciolla(Blitzkrieg Bliss), Mike Epstein(The Motion Sick), Leesa Coyne, and Jon Sage. In 2003 Bryan took a break from performing to address his issue with addiction and vanished from the scene. 2004 marked his return. Revitalized, with a budget of two hundred and fifteen dollars he released Alive, a live recording from a set at Club Passim(that bastion of folk music). With the songs What if Jesus was Gay? and Neurontin, the CD gained some international attention and Bryan was featured on Ireland's website and radio show as well as WRKO, a talk radio station in Boston. Alive was then heard by producer Hendrick Gideons of Indecent Music who offered to produce Bryan. The two struck a deal and have been in production for most of 2005 and 06. Bryan now performs regularly in Boston and New York. The record is scheduled for release in September/October 2006

Why I Am Antifolk

I'm Antifolk. One word. I'm Antifolk. Anti Boundary Anti Exclusion. Anti Classification. It seems I've always been a little too loud for the Folk spots and never brought my distortion pedal to the punk spots. Seems I fall somewhere in between. I'm Antifolk brecause I'm pro-freedom. Freedom despite the so-called boundaries. Freedom despite the so-called "rules", Freedom to express oneself, as a human being, on this fucked up planet, where fucked up things happen, and not sugar coat it. Freedom to express oneself despite the consequences that exist in the boundaries of someone elses mind and in the prisons of someone elses heart. Thats why I'm Antifolk.

Press Quotes:

"Bryan sings like, we're lucky he doesn't own a gun." -Chris Adams, Filter Magazine

"lyrics of beauty and belief, furiously exploding themselves into floral fireworks of the poetic seed sprouting over the rolling meadowlands of his ever-talking acoustic guitar."

-Joseph Dumer, Not Your Average "Want a gig?" -Mary Lou Lord, Singer Songwriter

"An outstanding songwriter and performer, who is both a throwback to days gone by and a distinct glance into the future." -Tom Moore, U1 Productions

" A star is born!" -Fintan Dunne, Break for

" You will be inspired."- James Obrien, Club Passim