Brook Pridemore


ne time, when Brook Pridemore was five, he was parked in front of an endless series of mid-afternoon cartoons, sitcom reruns and PBS gourmet programming, playing with toys and banging on his grandmother's old piano. Having been blessed with the attention span of, well, a bored five year old, he'd all but ignore the Facts of Life reruns and the priceless culinary expertise of the Frugal Gourmet. Commercials, however. Therein lies a difference. Every six minutes or so, Brook dropped whatever he was doing and watched, in breathless anticipation, ads for Domino's Pizza, Father and Son Construction Company, and The Quicker Picker-Upper. Singing along to the jingles. Reciting the slogans. Truly believing in a world where all of your problems were solved in thirty seconds, just in time for the next parade of satisfied shoppers.

These days, Brook believes in utopia, but he also believes in a world where everything goes wrong. In 2002, fate dragged him away from Detroit and onto the streets of New York City. Brook likes New York better than Detroit. Brook also likes singing and writing songs. Brook Pridemore plays punk music and folk music at the same time. Sometimes he bangs on the guitar like it was a drum, and sometimes he jumps up and down, cussing like a five year old who just learned how to say "Fuck." A firm believer in audience participation, and an avid record collector, Brook's lyrics are sing-alongable tales of love, drunkenness and living in Harlem. His songs and his voice have been compared to Paul Simon, Frank Black, and David Dondero. Brook really likes Kosher food, but he's not Jewish. He's a Gemini, but he's also a Cancer. 


hy am I Antifolk?

It was always hard for me to find places to fit in, especially in   music scenes. None of the punk rock kids wanted to play with me because all I liked to play was acoustic guitar. None of the dyed-in-the-wool, granola-eating folkies wanted to play with me because I didn't know any Donovan songs. Antifolk is the only scene I've found where I can hear the parts I like about punk and the parts I like about folk, and anything else in between, from disco to experimental noise. No one is out of place here, but no one is making the prevailing sound. No one has a firm foothold, but everyone has a foot in the door. And here's a blurb for the festival.

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