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Bio Brian Speaker writes music from all sides of his personality. A balladeer one moment and a humorist the next, he continues to grow as a human being and as an artist with help from the NYC Antifolk scene. With two albums so far (revolution of one & Off This Planet), several of Brian's songs have been licensed for television and his voice has popped up in movies and video games. He's also a founding member of the spontaneous, improv musical act, Crabs On Banjo with friend Ben Krieger. Every Wednesday night, Crabs On Banjo performs and records their set. COB released their first album during the 2008 Fortified Antifolk Festival.
In his small recording studio (Speakersonic), right up the street from the Sidewalk Cafe, Brian Speaker records for many of the artist on the scene, including; Daniel Bernstein, Debe Dalton, M Lamar, John Houx and many others.


"Speaker can get the most conservative audience member hollering along to a chorus of “wearing that [bird] shit around” in no time. A writer to watch!" -

"I wisely stuck around for Crabs on Banjo, Ben Krieger and Brian Speaker’s weekly foray into improvisational weirdness. It’s nights like this that will keep Sidewalk alive and silly for years to come." - Brook Pridemore

"As for the sonics, all we can say is “Awesome.” The entire track was recorded in Brian’s 300 square foot apartment in Manhattan’s East Village. This is a home recording of the finest order and one that can stand up to many that were done in high-end commercial facilities, particularly as it concerns the drums, acoustic and electric guitars. Outstanding!" - Rick Harper, Recording Magazine

Why He's So Antifolk
Brian Speaker is Antifolk because he's figured out what it means to be Antifolk. That and because Debe Dalton says so!

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