soce, the elemental wizard

"Soce is a musical and lyrical alchemist. He gets on stage wearing a wizard hat, announces what his next cunning feat or stunt will be and then does it, leaving you shaking your head and saying 'No... He... DIDN'T!'

"If Soce the Elemental Wizard didn't exist someone would have to invent him."
- Dutchboy of Rainbow Flava

"Some of the illest beats from the illest angles I've ever fuckin' heard."
- Breez Evahflowin

Sidewalk Cafe, 94 Ave A
Forget that self-consciously ironic novelty hip-hop. Soce (So-SAY), who as a website quote claims, 'represents the New Hampshire rapping community very well,' is fa real. Being openly gay, white, Jewish, Ivy League-educated, and attired in a felt wizard hat can't obstruct his obviously deep love for heavy gangsta delivery, dope beats, and the occasional organ riff."
--Village Voice, October 8-14, 2003, p. 183
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"Soce is everything you grew up loving about hip-hop in the first place. A refreshing change of pace in a game weighed down by sheep. An artist to watch for in 2004, might be the genuine hero the underground has longed for.."
- DJ Justice

"His performances are way more subtle and interesting than they seem at first. Once you get over the novelty, there's still all this STUFF to seize your attention.."
- Dan Fishback of Cheese on Bread

"soce (pronounced 'So-Say'), a white, homosexual, and Jewish alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale University, defies the conventional stereotype of modern rappers, in that his education and sophistication set his music apart from that of other rappers.

"Although he was dressed in boat shoes and khakis and had a broader vocabulary than many rappers, he was still able to maintain the audience's enthusiasm throughout his performance. He also uses his music to convey meaningful messages, such as a critique of the derogatory nature of rap music.

"His music was eclectic, in content, style and pace. It dealt with a number of serious issues, including homosexuality and love. He also integrated lighthearted themes, such as soce's pride for his upbringing in Kensington, New Hampshire into the show.

"While he performed a lot of rehearsed music, he also improvised well in his freestyles. His music sounded surprisingly fluid, considering his complex word choice.

"soce's positive, enthusiastic attitude extended to the audience. While soce clapped, bobbed his head, or danced around the stage, the audience swayed, waved their hands, clapped, or lip-synced familiar parts of the song.

"As the night went on, the crowd increased, eventually hitting as many as a hundred people. The energy between the audience and performer increased as the audience did.

"He was also able to make the performance really personal by interacting with the audience. He invited them to come closer to his stage and freestyled about topics that they selected. The active, attentive fans created a positive atmosphere for soce.

"Audience member Michael van Landingham said, 'He had some fly beats, and he did spit his rhymes very well. I enjoyed watching him in action. He busted quite the move. He represented the New Hampshire rapping community really well.'"
- The Exonian

The Tip:

Like music that uses more than three chords? Want lyrics you can actually understand and relate to? If so, come see soce, the elemental wizard (say it together now: "So-Say"). Although some claim his music is "hip hop," it is better characterized as philosophical poetry performed over funky backgrounds. Blending joy, passion, and humor, soce will sing, rap, and dance his way into your heart.

socetew (-tew representing "the elemental wizard") has been writing and performing his magical and moving music for over ten years, winning fans from all age groups across the United States and throughout the whole world. Since moving to New York City in 2003, his performances have taken on newfound energy and excitement. He is making his mark, standing out among the many other NYC musicians, while at the same time battling such foes as dragons, goblins, and lack of sleep, money, and someone to love.

In addition to taking it to the stage himself, soce, the elemental wizard works behind the scenes to produce other talented artists. So far, he has produced music for such performers as Keith Zarriello, Logan Threat and TSU, PM US and Migs, Shaz Neo and Camprough, End of the Weak, Access Immortal, Jamie Stellini, Matt Singer, Pete Maiella, Houston Bernard, Sair Johan and Julio Granados. He also has performed as a special guest rapper, singer, pianist and violinist for other bands and musicians, including The Isotoners, Frank Grimaldi, Arthur Lewis (a/k/a the geniuses), dub-L, Linda Draper, Cheese on Bread, Mike Beck, Bea, Prewar Yardsale, Jon Berger, Huggabroomstik, Just Jill, Rare Heat, The Zodiac and Chris Fuller.

If you know of someone who has mad talented lyrics and is looking for backgrounds over which to record their own music, socetew is your man. You can find the elemental wizard performing at various venues including The Sidewalk Cafe, EarthMatters, Downtime, The Knitting Factory, CBGB's Lounge and The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, as well as the occasional open mic, spitting hot fire and giving away sweet greathiphop.com and elementalwizardry.com stickers and fliers for his shows, plus selling both his latest professionally mastered CDs and also his very hot t-shirts.

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