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"Either ya know or ya don' ya know!"

1/21/09 - The full schedule for the Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest is now posted at 1/14/09- Todd Fuller now added to our Antifolk Artist Pages.

1/7/09- The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2009 officially announced!
When: Feb.17-27
Where: Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A, NYC)
Featured Artists Include: Mike Baglivi, Ching Chong Song, Diane Cluck, Crabs on Banjo, Debe Dalton, Julie Hill, Phoebe Kreutz, Lach, Brook Pridemore, Grey Revell, Rav Shmuel, The Young Dads. Over 75 acts in all. Stay tuned for the full schedule to be announced shortly.

1/6/09-Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend's CDs Pretty as a Picture and Welcome Back available now through Fortified Entertainment at our store

1/3/09-Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend's new CD Broken Melody available now through Fortified Entertainment at our store

12/29/08-Elizabeth Devlin's debut CD All Are Relative available now through Fortified Entertainment at our store

12/13/08-Elizabeth Devlin added to the Artist Pages.

12/11/08-UK Antifolk group Milk Kan's new single God With An Ipod was released this week. Hear a preview and other goodies at Milk Kan's myspace page

12/25/08-Kimya Dawson in the news.

12/8/08- The Annual Fortified Winter Antifolk Festival has been announced for February 17-27 at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC.

12/6/08- Elizabeth Devlin releases her debut full length album All Are Relative. Look for it in our store soon.

12/1/08-Hamell on Trial and Don McCloskey added to the Jukebox along with Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis and The Moldy Peaches

Jeffrey and Jack Lewis' City and Eastern Songs added to the Fortified store.

Jeffrey Lewis' debut and sophomore CDs for Rough Trade Records, The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane and other favorites and It's The Ones Who've Cracked That The Sun Shines Throughadded to the Fortified store.

11/30/08- Another attempt to understand Antifolk.
Adam Green's CDs, Sixes & Sevens and Jacket Full of Danger added to the Fortified store. Adam's first "Post-Juno" release is a psychedelic joy-ride, new music for a way-out world!

11/29/08-Adam Green's sophmore CD, Gemstones added to the Fortified store. Yup, it went gold in Germany and put him on the cover of Germany's Rolling Stone. Includes the hits Emily and Carolina. (Parental Advisory)

11/28/08- Jeffrey Lewis' Latest CD, 12 Crass Songs added to the Fortified store.

11/25/08- Adam Green's debut CD, Garfield added to the Fortified store.

11/24/08- Antifolk Vol.1 (Rough Trade Records) produced by The Moldy Peaches now available at the Fortified store. This is a veritable 'Who's Who" of Antifolk circa 2002 with great cuts from Paleface, Jeffrey Lewis, Adam Green, Kimya Dawson, Joie DBG, Diane Cluck, Lach and many more. 20 brilliant Antifolk tracks for only 12 bucks. Go check it out now!

11/21/08- New Artist page up for The Moldy Peaches and their debut album (completely enhanced with bonus documentary video!)added to the Fortified store.

11/4/08-New artist, Yoyoyo Acapulco from Norway added to Artist Pages

11/2/08-Jeff Lewis Review of San Francisco show at Hotel Utah

11/1/08- Lach's album The Calm Before was chosen as a top ten favorite album of the month by Paste Magazine!

10/20/08- Attention Grammy Voters: Lach's album The Calm Before has made it to the Grammy entries list. In honor of that the jukebox at now plays the full album in its entirety. Vote early, vote often!

9/24/08- Congrats to the Kriegers on the arrival of Marcella Thunderbolt Krieger reported to be 6.10 pounds with lots of dark, beautiful hair. Word to MTK, " Your Mom & Dad Play Rock ÔnÕ Roll!"

9/22/08- Jeff Lewis review in Londonist

9/18/08- UK Antifolk gets props

9/1/08- Beck plays intimate gig in SF.

8/29/08- BBC-2 Scotland's special on Antifolk at Sidewalk: Listen now.

8/25/08- Hamell on Trial interview in Metrotimes

8/24/08- Lach interviewed on East Village Radio about, guess what? Yup, Antifolk!

8/20/08- The Shivers amazing new album Beaks to the Moon added to The Store and a new cut on the Jukebox.

8/19/08- The Shivers added to Artist Pages.

8/17/08- Congrats to everyone involved with the Antifolk Fests in London and NYC this week. From all accounts they both went off wonderfully! Onwards and upwards...

Brian Speaker added to Artist section.

Lach UK/Netherlands tour announced for Sept.8-19. Full Tour Schedule click here.

Welcome to the The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2008 Aug. 8-17 at Sidewalk Cafe

New Lach Interview for some college paper or some such thing.

Beck releases new album, Modern Guilt and announces tour plans


Adam Green interviews Lach

Adam Green's Weird World

Got news? Contact to get it on the site.

May 2008 News:

May 31-"There's obvious comparisons to be drawn (between Joan as policewoman)with Canadian anti-folk singer Feist, whose gently lilting tones have that some quality of hazy innocence and restrained power."- The Manchester Evening News
Feist as Antifolk?!? What's next, the Antifolk songs of James Blunt?

May 28- At the Antihoot at Sidewalk on Monday and on Lach's on-line blog it was announced that Lach is leaving Sidewalk Cafe to pursue his other creative projects and to "dance with the unknown". Lach's last night at the venue he has run for fifteen years will be on June 30th which is, most fittingly, a monday Antihoot night.
It's also been announced that Ben Krieger has been selected to take over the booking at the club and will also come aboard as the new host for the open stage at Sidewalk Cafe.

May 22- On Sat. May 24 Sidewalk Cafe delivers with a Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute featuring Artist's covering Bob-Tunes and playing their own originals celebrating The Man and digging the new breed! 7:30-Joe Bendik, 8-Eric Wolfson, 9-Frank Hoier, 10-Charles Latham, 10:30-Mike Baglivi, 11-Aaron Krohn and Friends, 12-The Weber Brothers

May 14- New from Fortified Distribution: Carl Creighton's new album Minnesota. Now at the store.

May 1- Lach's Mid-Atlantic States Tour Announced! The new Lach CD, The Calm Before in stores now and going digital on May 20th.
Wednesday.5.14.08 Club Iota, Arlington, VA
Friday.5.16.08 Tin Angel, 20 South 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA at 10pm plus Don McCloskey at 11pm!
Saturday.5.17.08 Richmond Secret House Show, Virginia
Sunday.5.18.08 Pure Vida Gallery,1521 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC at 3:30pm
Monday.5.19.08 The Evening Muse,3227 N. Davidson Street Charlotte, NC at 9pm
Tuesday.5.20.08 New Brookland Tavern,122 State Street, Columbia, SC at 8:30pm
Wednesday.5.21.08 The Cave, 452 1/2 W Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC
Thursday. 5.22.08 The Evening Muse, 3227 N. Davidson StreetCharlotte, NC

April News 2008

New Mecca? p>4/10/08- Antifolk Photo Exhibit by Magali debuts at Sidewalk Cafe on Friday April 11 at 8pm. Plus performances by: 8-Bernard King, 8:30-The Fools, 9-Ivan and The Terribles, 10-Lach, 12-Soft Black

4/6/09- Hey, we're 'semi-famous';-P

4/2/08- Dashan of Huggabroomstik turned away at German customs due to lost passport!
Very upset but with commitments to uphold, the band continues the tour Dashan-less: Huggabroomstik is touring Europe for the third year in a row. Come check out the show if you are around:
4/2 Saint Jean Du Falga, FR
4/3 Bordeaux, FR
4/4 Nantes, FR
4/5 Cologne, DE
4/7 Wetzlar, DE
4/9 Berlin, DE
4/10 Berlin, DE
4/11 Hannover, DE
4/12 Hamburg, DE

March News:

3/27/08- Isto and Suzy Almond added to the Artist Pages.
3/26/08- Langhorne Slim on David Letterman tonight.
3/19/08- Get ready antifolk fans! The new Lach album, The Calm Before (Fortified Records) hits the stores on March 25th! You can get it this Saturday March 22nd at either of the release parties happening that night. Yup, two parties, two cities, one night! On Sat. March 22nd at 7:00pm The Tin Angel in Philly (20 South 2nd Str.) hosts the first party with a live performance at 7:30pm. And then Lach hits the highway to make it to the second party in NYC at Sidewalk Cafe (94 Ave.A) for a live show at 11pm. The Philly show is a double-bill with Ben Arnold and the NYC party features: 8pm-Elizabeth Devlin, 9pm-Soft Black, 10pm-Eric Wolfson and The War Cabinet, 11pm-Lach, Midnight- The Calm Before listening party! You can order the album now at our store or at FYE, Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc. If you have to wait until the official release on March 25th you can walk into your local record store and just ask for it :-). The digital release won't be until May 20 so get the hard copy, the artifact, the amazing Peter Nevins artwork for your very own now!
3/15/08-Debe Dalton's debut CD, Live At Sidewalk, now available at The Store through Fortified Distribution.Dalton's also had an Artist Page added to the site!
3/8/08- Ching Chong Song's debut CD, Little Naked Gay Adventure, now available at The Store through Fortified Distribution.
3/7/08 - Lach interviewed in MOG
3/3/08-Ani Difranco is a new mom and back on tour.

February News:

2/28/08- Lach's The Calm Before enters the CMJ Top 200 at #178 and climbing. The deadline to pre-order the album is tonight at midnight. After that you'll have to wait until March 25th when it hits the shops.

2/23/08- Brook Pridemore is sporting a new tattoo. What's it say? Hey, maybe he'll show you when he plays the Antifolk Fest tonite at Sidewalk.

2/20/08- The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest (Feb.19-29 at Sidewalk, NYC) kicked off last night with stellar opening sets from Kenny Cambre, Andrew Duncan and Ben Krieger. We had to leave after that so if you were there go ahead and post on the message board what ya thought!
2/15/08-must see tv

2/8/08- Led Zeppelin plays Sidewalk! OK, it was just John Paul Jones but still! Yup, Uncle Earl, our fave all-girl bluegrass and clog-dancing quartet filmed their latest video at Sidewalk with the legendary Zep bassist/keyboardist playing on our piano in the backroom.check it out

2/6/08- The Family Trachtenburg Slideshow Players added to the Artist Pages.

2/1/08- Lach performed live last night on WBAI-FM, premiering tracks from his new album The Calm Before for the first time on radio on Bob Fass's show: Radio Unnameable

2/1/01-Kimya Dawson in Portland Vanguard

January News:

1/28/08- New Eric Wolfson video posted in our video section

1/26/08- The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2008 has been announced for Feb.19-29 at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC!

1/21/08- The Moldy Peaches on ABC's The View today 1/20/08- Joe Kamm's first indie novel, Flammable Animals added to Fortified Distribution at our store!. You'll be able to read the opener from a link provided in the store!

1/20/08- Brook Pridemore's Greatest Antifolk Hits now added to Fortified Distribution at our store!

1/16/08- The Telethons new album The Gory Details added to Fortified Distribution at our store!

1/14/08- Andrew Duncan added to the Artist Pages

1/7/08- Lach's The Calm Before added as a new release. Hits the stores March 25th but visitors to can pre-order it now for early delivery with bonus goodies! Egg, the first cut off the album, is now on the the jukebox...

1/7/08- An Antifolk novel? You betcha! Dig Joe Kamm's Flammable Animals on sale in the store!

1/6/08- The Telethons added as new artists today

1/5/08- Your choice of time-slot at The Antihoot is now being auctioned off on Ebay! Click here to bid. All proceeds will be donated to help support WFUV indie radio!

December News:

12/29/07- Psssssst...check out the store for exciting Lach news!

12/29/07- Joie Blaney (aka Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend) returns to NYC from Hollywood tonight with a solo set at Sidewalk Cafe. Plus sets from Joe Crow Ryan, Isto, Costello and Phoebe Kreutz!

12/25/07- Merry Christmas Antifolkers! May the lords of imagination, wonder and magic be with you!

12/15/07-Chris Chandler added to Artist Pages.

12/3/07: Huggabroomstik added to Artist Pages.

12/1/07: Antifolk shout-out in Dylan "I'M Not There" movie review: "Sometimes the show is portrayed with grand histrionics like when Dylan’s anti-folk music is symbolized by him unleashing machine gun fire onto a crowd."

November News:

11/15/07- New to Fortified Distribution: Ben Krieger's Class Dismissed

11/3/07- Kelsey Bennett added to the Artist page.

11/1/07-Fortified Records has set February 18, 2008 as the world-wide release date for Antifolk founder Lach's new album, The Calm Before.

October News

10/24/07- New release from Fortified Distribution: My 3 Addictions from Elastic No-No Band available now from our store

10/24/07- Antifolk Shoutout from Emmy The Great in the latest Drowned in Sound

10/23/07-On Monday, November 1, will be running an MP3 story on The Voyces. The MP3 that they will be including is Top of My Lungs.
~ On Saturday, November 10th, The Voyces head west for a tour that will include dates in California, Oregon & Washington.

10-20-07- The New Charles Theodore Zerner CD added to the store (and the jukebox!)from Fortified Entertainment.

10-19-07: New artist page up for Charles Zerner
10/15/07- New pictures from Herb Scher of this year's Antifolk Parade are now up in the archives.

September News

9/26/05- New from Fortified Distribution: Carl Creighton's live at Sidewalk added to our store.

9/23/07- New Thomas Truax video posted
New artist page added for John Houx

9/22/07- New video posted for Chelsea Lynn La Bate

9/10/07-New artist page added for Ben Krieger

9/3/07-New artist page and new release added for the best

9/1/07-New from Fortified Distribution: The Sprinkle Genies new CD is now on sale in our store.

July News:
7/12/07- Lach's "Let The Dragon Fly" tour of the Uk kicks off on July 27th in London at Monto Water Rats. For the full tour schedule and to buy tickets please click Lach Tour.
7/11/07- The Voyces are in the news
7/4/07- New artist page added for M LaMar
7/1/07- The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2007 schedule is up now on our calendar
7/1/07-Adam Green artist video and interview now up in our video section

June News
6/23/07-Earl Pickens EP added to the store!
6/21/07-Charles Latham in the news
6/20/07- The new Bryan McPherson album added to the store!
6/16/07- The new Soft Black album added to the store!
6/10/07- The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2007 has been officially announced to take place August 18-26 at Sidewalk Cafe, NYC!
Go to the club calendar to see the line-up so far!
6/6/07-Rav Shmuel's debut CD, Protocols available now at our store.
6/2/07- Antifolk fest in Kentucky!
6/1/07-The new Phoebe Kreutz CD, Big Lousy Moon now available at the Fortified Store

May News:
5/25/07- New album by The Voyces is out and we've got it at The Store
New Eric Wolfson CD, State Street Rambler added to The Store
New Don McCloskey CD, Northern Liberties, added to The Store

April News:
4/18/07- New Artist page added for Holy Folks. Our first Antifolk group from Aberdeen, Scotland!
4/11/07- New Artist page added for David K
4/6/07- Matt Singer's latest CD All Us Heathens added to The Store and Jukebox. Ivan Sandomire's latest CD If You Say So added to The Store and Jukebox.

March 2007
3/28/07-Lach, Paleface and Joie DBG Play West Palm Beach Saturday March 31. Check out the local paper preview
The Moldy Peaches and Lach feature article in The Michigan Daily
3/26/07-The Woes Brilliant CD That Coke Oven March added to The AntiStore and The AntiJuke.
3/23/07- New Artist page added for The Fools
3/22/07- Durham, NC added to the 'Antifolk Around The World' map.
3/18/07- New Artist page added for Chelsea Lynn La Bate
3/10/07-Antifolk featured in this week's Villager
3/10/07- New Artist page added for Eric Wolfson
3/7/07- New photos of Adam Green and Joie Blaneyadded in The Archives
3/1/07-Lach is in the studio recording his fifth album joined once again by Billy Ficca (of Television) on drums and Richard Barone (of The Bongos) joining Chris Barron (of The Spin Doctors) and Lydia Doran (of The Analogues) appearing for the first time on backing vocals. Also making their debuts on a Lach album are Mike Visceglia (of Suzanne Vega Band) on bass, Mike McGinnis on reeds and Dan Connelly on mandolin. Lach is producing the project with Tony Maimone (of Pere Ubu and They Might Be Giants)engineering.
February 2007:
2/16/07-Thee Intolerable Kidd added to artist pages
2/8/07- Southeast Antifolk Hits Bigtime!
2/7/07-New From Fortified Distribution! Anticomp Folkilation has arrived! This is it, the big one! Hear Cuts on the Antifolk Jukebox below! The 2-disc MUST-HAVE Antifolk compilation from Crafty Records can be ordered now EXCLUSIVELY at our store. Featuring everyone from Jeff Lewis and Diane Cluck to Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches!

2/4/07- New From Fortified Distribution! IT'S HERE! And this is the only place to get it (until it's world-wide release on April 17th!) Ben Godwin's brilliant new album Skin and Bone can be ordered RIGHT NOW EXCLUSIVELY at our store! Godwin will be previewing tracks like Drinking Gasoline on Feb.15 during Fortified's Annual Winter Antifolk Fest but if you order now you can have it before everyone else and proudly know all the words to the songs to sing along at the party! Life is sweet.
2/1/07-Dan Asselin added to artist pages.
2/1/07- Look for two new releases debuting here next week during the Fest to be carried exclusively by Fortified Entertainment during this special introduction period! Ben Godwin's Skin and Bone and the Anticomp Folkilation featuring over 30 cutz of Antifolk including trax by Soft Black, Eric Wolfson, The Sewing Circle, Creaky Boards, Jeff Lewis, Kimya Dawson and Debe Dalton

January 2007:
1/28/07- Herb Scher added to artist section
1/4/06- The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2007 has been announced for Feb.9-18. Confirmed acts so far include Joie Blaney, Lach and The Secrets,Matt Singer, Ivan Sandomire, Erin Regan, Major Matt Mason USA, Brook Pridemore,Dan Fishback, Dan Costello. Go to the Sidewalk Calendar for constant updates! Who do you want to see play the Fest? Let us know on the message board!

Thanks to everyone who ordered the best indie music around...ANTIFOLK!, during our holiday sale. Now that the sale is over our collection is still the best there is at the lowest prices. Get in on the revolution and order that CD for yourself that you didn't get for the holidays!

December 2006:
Randi Russo's new album added to store.
12/13/06- New CD by The Elastic No-No Band added to the store!
12/11/06Hamell On Trial Interview Podcast
12/9/06-Dan Costello added to the Jukebox!
12/7/06-David LK Murphy's new CD get's a great review. Pick up a copy today at our store.
12/5/06-New artist page, Wakey!Wakey!, added.
12/3/06-Jeff Lewis in American Songwriter Magazine.
12/1/06- Rav Schmuel has a cartoon video out on youtube

November 2006:
11/27/06 New Song added to the Jukebox: Diggin' For Gold by
11/11/06- Fortified Distribution adds Gann Matthews' CD, Silent Sound to the store.
11/12/06- New Artist Page added for Gann Matthews.
11/9/06-Sgt.Buzfuz's new release The Jewelled Carriageway hits the stores today. Buz runs, 'Blang!" at the 12 Bar in London, the monthly Antifolk night named after Lach's 2nd album. More at
Jeff Lewis on tour with Scritti Politti

October 2006:
10/29/06: Pitchfork actually gives an good review to an Antifolker! Dig Charles Latham's review!
10/20/06: New Dead Blonde Girlfriend album released and in our store!
10/11/06- New Frank Hoier album Love is War released! (and for sale in our store, of course ;-)
New poll posted check it out!
Lowry has released their first live album, Lowry Live in Atlanta (unplugged) (Pick up their CD Awful Joy, at our store!). The band is currently on the fourth and final leg of their year long national tour in support of Awful Joy, the band's 3rd studio full length album. They return to NYC in December and plan to record a much anticipated follow up.

August 2006-

New review for Charles Latham's new CD Pretty Mouth! Of course you can pick up the disc at our store. Click here to read the review
UK Antifolker,Kev2sheds, has released his new album. Catch a review here
Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend is in the studio recording the new album

Dan Costello's debut CD Halloween Baby to debut during the Antifolk Fest with a party on Tuesday Aug.15
New Scotts Roger CD released this month

July 2006-
Lach in The Daily News!

May 2006
The Voyces have signed with Planting Seeds Records. The Virginia-based label is also the home of Linda Draper, among others. Expect a brand new Voyces album in early 2007!

Lach's Get Out Of The House UK Tour announced for July 19-30! Ten cities in ten nights: London, Lancaster, Lincoln, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds, Sheffield, Brighton. The tour kicks-off July 19th with a giant Antifolk night at The Barfly featuring the most notorius of the UK Antifolk scene. Confirmed acts include: Milk Kan, Filthy Pedro, David Cronenberg's Wife, Larry Pickleman, The Bobby Mcgees, Sgt. Buzfuz and Spinmaster Plantpot!

New Regina Spektor album drops June 13. More info here.


Antifolk interview on German radio

Emmy the Great interviewed in Drowned in Sound

Antifolkers on tour all over. Brooke Pridemore, Hamell on Trial and Lance Romance all over USA, Phoebe Kreutz in UK. Read Lance review here

Antifolk Fest Winter 2006 visits WBAI Radio
Milk Kan in the News
Ami is back as Sidewalk's manager. We bid a fond fare-thee-well to Chris and welcome Ami back. As some of you may know Ami was the club's manager during the "Moldy Peaches" years and has always been a big supporter of the scene.
- their website is:; there is also a live stream

Antifolk Germany Tour!
The WoWz
Le Horror Me

amSTART + goon magazine + Four Track On Stage present:
Venue: Bastard @Prater
March 8, 9:30pm sharp
with short performances by: John E. Donald, Marzipan Marzipan, Le Horror Me, Crazy For Jane, André Herman Düne, Freschard, G. Lucas Crane vs. Non-Horse, Marc Marcovic... followed by sets by Woog Riots and The Jeffrey Lewis Band
Also: March 11 at HAU2 (Hebbel am Ufer)
Reading by Martin Büsser from his book on Antifolk, followed by music by Back Up (André Herman Düne + Freschard + G. Lucas Crane vs. Non-Horse) and Jeffrey Lewis Solo

The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2006 at Sidewalk was a HUGE success. Every night was packed (and during the coldest part of the winter!) and the performances were incredible. 2006 is shaping up to be an amazing year for the scene.
Milk Kan plays a sellout show opening for The Violent Femmes at Shepard's Bush Empire Theater (~1500 seats). They join Lach and Hamell on Trial as Antifolk acts to grace that illustrious stage. T'would be nice to have an ALL Antifolk bill there, eh?

Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches is now expecting a baby in July baby news
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S ADAM & EVE Includes two songs by The Voyces. Rent or buy it today!

The Analogues back at Dubway Studios recording with Richard Barone.
In it's goal of being the best sounding intimate room in the NYC, Sidewalk just installed new power amps for the PA and has welcomed Joie Blaney as a new soundman!

Feb.19-26-The Fortified Annual Winter Antifolk Fest 2006!
Confirmed Acts: The Analogues,Bendik, Cheese on Bread, Dibs,Hug Vibrations, Lach,The Sewing Circle, Shira Goldberg,Toby Goodshank,The Woes.

Regina Spektor review with Antifolk shout out!

News on Cindy Lee Berryhill

Antifolk in The Stranger

Nellie McKay
dropped from Sony. We figure someone else will pick her up and in the meantime she's slated for Broadway in Three Penny Opera

MilkKan enter the UK Indie charts!!!

MilkKan reviewed

The Voyces have two new songs in the upcoming National Lampoon film Adam and Eve

Adam Green new album in da woiks
The Analogues in the studio recording tracks with producerRichard Barone
Hamell On Trial finishing up new album for Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe label
The Bowmans in studio recording album tracks

Milk Kan'sBling Bling Baby played on the Chris Moyle Show on BBC (That's a big deal for all you non-londoners)

October Antipoll reveals fave time to play the Antihoot:
First choice was: 1AM-Over one-third of you favored this time slot!
And the rest fell out like this:
11PM- 32%

New Hearth three-song CD out now and available for free at their Tuesday night October residency at Sidewalk.
">Antifolk comes to Kentucky with a Festival!

Geez, October already?!? I'm still not even used to writing '2005' as the year! Peek ahead at the Sidewalk calendar and discover weekly residencies coming up for Hearth, The Bowmans and Dead Blonde Girlfriend

Speaking of Dead Blonde Girlfriend they are the winner's of our most recent poll: What is your fave Antifolk band name? Here are the full results:
Dead Blonde Girlfriend-41.6%
Beat The Devil-16.6%
The Sewing Circle-11.1%
Cheese on Bread-8.3%

Sidewalk got a new flat screen TV in time for the world series. Yikes!

Jeff Lewis in the news: click here
Efrain in the news: click here
Regina Spektorin the news: click here

UK Halloween Antifolk Fest at The Engine Room in Brighton to feature: Jinx Lennon, Bobby McGees, Larry Pickleman, Kevin 2 Sheds, David Cronenbergs Wife, Winston Echo, Horsebox, JJ Crash, Paul Hawkin and more more here.
Billy Syndrome, Antifolk pioneer, downgraded from ICU to Rehab after a week in a coma. All our best wishes for a full recovery! Antifolkers benefit for Katrina raised over $2000. Tip of hat to Jenn Lindsay, Dina Levy and Danny Kelly for putting it together. Speaking of Katrina escapees, Antifolkers Patsy Grace and Grey Revell made it out safely and are sequestered in Maryland for the time being. Hey guys, not a bad drive to play a NYC gig? ;-) Kimya Dawson heads to Europe to tour. Beck to play NYC Oct. 6 and 7. Lach and The Secrets to play rare NYC gig at CBGB's this Friday 23rd sharing the bill with Dead Men Walking (featuring Captain Sensible (of The Damned), Mike Peters (of The Alarm) and Slim Jim Phantom (of The Stray Cats). Last week's Antihoot had over 80 people sign-up to play! Last act Almost Awake from Troy, NY went on at 3:45 am with over a dozen people still hanging and partying.

A new book, Antifolk: from Beck to Adam Green by Martin Busser is out now in a german city near you.
The freshman class of Antifolk has arrived and the sophomores are shining up their boots. Keep an eye out for Carl Creighton, Erin Regan, Dan Costello, Beat The Devil, Miles, Shira, Efrain, Preston, Joff, Herb Scher and more as the Antihoot continues to explode with talent. Speaking of the Antihoot, wasn't that Ryan Adams spotted hanging out last week? C'mon, dude, try out a new song, the water's fine.

August poll results are in:
What is your favorite way to hear recorded music?
35 votes cast. Turntables are the clear winner. You all are a buncha lovable vinyl junkies. The soon to be extinct CD came in second with ipods on the way up. By the way, what is a cassette?
1 Turntable 37.1 % 13 votes
2 CD 22.8 % 8 votes
3 ipod 17.1 % 6 votes
4 Computer 11.4 % 4 votes
5 Cassette 8.5 % 3 votes
6 Radio 2.8 % 1 votes

Billy Syndromeupdate: Billy is still in the hospital. We have heard that it seems that a rumor has been going around that Billy is "brain dead".. while he is severely hurt, all hope is not lost. Doctors have not ruled out recovery for him at this point. Anyone who cares should put out some positive vibes for Billy. Billy is breathing on his own and showing minor signs of movement though he is still in a coma. People are hopeful.

Miwa's September Tour Announced!
sept 01 :San Francisco , CA @ The Edinburgh Castle (
sept 03 :Los Angeles , CA @ The Rainbow
sept 04 :Los Angeles , CA @ Zen Sushi (
sept 05 :Albuquerque, NM @ Atomic Cantina (
sept 06 :Austin, TX @ Red Eyed Fly (
sept 08 :Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land (
sept 09 :Bellville, TX @ The Fainting Goat (
sept 10 :New Orleans, LA @ Neutral Ground (
sept 11 :New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar (
sept 13 :Augusta, GA @ The Soul Bar (
sept 14 :Athens, GA @ Flicker Theatre and Bar (
sept 15 :Charlotte, NC @ somewhere, sometimes, details to come...
sept 16 :Richmond, VA @ Hollywood Grill
sept 17 :Philadelphia, PA @ Fiome's
sept 18 :New York, NY @ Sidewalk Cafe (
sept 19 :Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door (
sept 20 :Boston, MA @ NEST Fest: Obrien's Pub

8/25/05Billy Syndrome (one of anti-folk's first regulars & pioneers) is very sick... he suffered a brain hemmorage last night, and is in the ICU at Bellevue... if the word could be spread to other anti-folksters, that would be greatly appreciated.... thanks.

UK Fest Review.
Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2005 is huge success! Nine nights of pure Antifolk was a fan's dream come true. Stellar performances, new friends, old friends, hanging out. Tip of the hat to the soundcrew and waitstaff at Sidewalk for making the room sound great and feel welcome. Onwards and upwards!

The Festival, Jessie Murphy and David L.K. Murphy in Germany!!!
Here we go:
11/8 BERLIN Zosch
13/8 AUGSBURG Lamm Klub
14/8 GEISLINGEN Rätsche
16/8 STUTTGART Schaufenster Mitte
18/8 BERLIN King Kong Klub

More acts confirmed for The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2005 include: Amy Hills, Beat The Devil, Belowsky, Casey Holford, Creaky Boards, Don McCloskey, Elgin Movement, Randi Russo, Joe Bendik, Juanburguesa, Kirk Kelly, Mike Tyler, Phoebe Kreutz, Preston, The Analogues, Thomas Truax, Toby Goodshank!

The Antihoot just got a wicked review. Check it out!

Antifolk Fest (August 14-21 every night at Sidewalk Cafe) is heating up! More confirmed acts:Danny Kelly, Cockroach, Lach, Debe Dalton join previously confirmed acts: Dan Fishback, Fenton Lawless and Rebecca Smith.

Brighton UK Summer Antifolk Fest announced!

Langhorne Slim releases new album on Narnack Records. Langhorne labelmates with The Fall and Sonic Youth?!? Quite!
Antifolk Fest now set for August 14-21 every night at Sidewalk Cafe. Confirmed acts already include: Dan Fishback, Fenton Lawless and Rebecca Smith.
Look for celebrity DJ nights this summer at Sidewalk featuring: Nan Turner (of Schwervon and Pantsuit), Yoko Kikuchi (of Dream Bitches) and Chris Maher!
Look for UK summer tours by Randi Russo and Miki Huber!
The Analogues get their first nice feature in The Village Voice, highlighting the group's Thrusday night residency at Sidewalk!

Alex Lowry's new CD is released

Adam Green's latest CD tops 100,000 sales mark in Germany!
Are they or aren't they Anti? Who cares? Either way The Analogues are loved on the scene and in the new ish of The Village Voice!

Dan Fishback and Randi Russo release new albums this week.
Sidewalk has added a new stage monitor further cementing their rep as one of the best sounding rooms in the village.
The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest is rumored to stretch from August 12-21. Who's playing? Stay tuned!

Rick Shapiro on HBO? is it true?
Lach back from fantastic UK tour. Chosen as Pick Hit of The Week by The Guardian! Plus featured performer on BBC radio and Juice FM!
Regina Spektor to tour with Keane


Date City Venue
Fri. 13 London: Barfly
Sat. 14 Canterbury Festival: Local Heroes Records
Sun. 15 Lincoln: The Bivouac
Tues.17 Sheffield: The Washington
*Wed. 18 Hull : Willerby Springhead
*Fri. 20 Workington: Carnegie
*Sat. 21 Bradford : Rio
Sun.May 22 Cardiff : Miller's Tavern
*Mon. 23 Southhampton : Brook
*Tue. 24 Tunbridge Wells: High Rocks
Wed.25 Brighton : The Freebutt
Sat. 28 Salisbury Festival: The Old Ale House
Sun. 29 Norwich Trowse Festival: Big Note Stage
* Lach is double-billed with The Casbah Club featuring members of The Jam, Big Country and The Who!

Brighton, UK Antifolk Fest July 15,16. Interested in playing? Email Larry at


Regina Spektor conquers Leno

Major Matt Mason USA and Pantsuit on tour in UK

Also currently (or soon to be) on UK tour: Diane Cluck, Thomas Truax, Dufus, Jeff Lewis and Lach


NYC singer/songwriter Lach will embark on a three-week solo acoustic tour of the UK starting with the Camden Barfly on Friday May 13. The tour will include nine shows co-billed with the new superband, The Casbah Club, a new band featuring Bruce Watson and Mark Brzezicki of Big Country, Bruce Foxton of The Jam and Simon Townshend, brother of Pete and for the last decade a fellow member of The Who.
This will be Lach's first appearance in the UK since his 30-date tour last summer as the support act for Suzanne Vega, Television and Roland Gift and The Fine Young Cannibals.
Lach UK Tour May 2005
Date City Venue
Fri. 13 London Barfly
Sat. 14 Canterbury Festival Local Heroes Records
Sun. 15 Lincoln The Bivouac
*Mon. 16 Hartlepool The Studio
*Wed. 18 Hull Willerby Springhead
*Fri. 20 Workington Carnegie
*Sat. 21 Bradford Rio
*Mon. 23 Southhampton Brook
*Tue. 24 Tunbridge Wells High Rocks
Sat. 28 Salisbury Festival
Sun. 29 Norwich Festival Big Note Trowse
*Mon. 30 Kingston-upon-Thames Peel
*Tue. 31 Southend-on-Sea Riga
*Wed. 1 Oxford Zodiac
* Lach is double-billed with The Casbah Club

Man, DJ David had the Sidewalk slammed last night until 3AM spinning the best of New Wave Classics. Check out the gatherings each week-end after Midnight. The new late night hang.

Speaking of Sidewalk didja see the new large 'band-size' stage? Look for more and more full groups playing the scene. Hey maaaaaaan, wanna start a band!

Lach heading back to UK for a May Tour? Stay tuned for details here and at Lach's site

Major Matt Mason UK, uh, we mean, USA: Matt and Nan are back from UK tour and play Sidewalk this Thurs. April 14.

Speaking of UK:Date set for Spring Festival: Sunday, 17th April at the Buffalo Bar. Celebrating bands from the first half of the alphabet. Confirmed acts include Acoustic Angels Fight the City, Adrian Teenbeat, Apricorn Quartet, David Cronenberg's Wife, Filthy Pedro, Jinx Lennon, JJCrash, the Mink Troubadou Kamikaze Squadron, and Milk Kan.

Two ladies who got their start at the Antihoot headlined top NYC venues on the same night this week. Nellie McKay at Irving Plaza (with The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players note: Jason Trachtenburg at Sidewalk this Saturday at 10pm!) and Regina Spektor (with Sean Lennon) at Bowery Ballroom. Nellie also rereleased her debut album as a dual CD with live concert footage and bonus songs this week.

Antifolk on BBC One. Listen here

Adam Green cover story with great pic in new German issue of Rolling Stone

Sidewalk begins construction of larger stage to accomodate more bands

Regina Spektor cover story in new issue of TimeoutNY!

Sidewalk's been going through some way cool infrastructure changes. The live sound rocks and now the downstairs lounge's new look and comfortable atmosphere has turned it into hang central.
Late night DJs at Sidewalk have gotten off to a smashing start. Last Saturday night DJ David had a packed house grooving until 3 am. Look for DJ's David, Mikkel and Brother Mike Cohen every Friday and Saturday night after the live music ends to keep the party going until the early morning hours with their eclectic rock mixes.

Geez, that was BBC Radio One at Sidewalk covering the Fest. They say the special will air end of March...Lotsa new releases this past month including: Alexis Booth, Linda Draper, The Dream Bitches, Miwa. Sad tidings in NYC as so many great music venues are either closed (Brownies, Bottom Line), closing (Luna, Fez), rumored to be closing (Tonic, CBGB). What the hell is wrong with this city to allow our popular cultural heritage and gathering places to slip away, I mean, CBs?!?

The Winter Antifolk Fest goes live on the radio on Thursday Feb/24 on Bob Fass's legendary radio show Radio Unnameable on WBAI-FM 99.5. Fass has been on the air for over 35 years in NY hosted some amazing impromptu appearances from Bob Dylan, Abbie Hoffman an other lights of the revolution. It is a call-in show so tune in and join in!
Speaking of it true that BBC Radio 1 is covering the Fest this year?

Added to Fest: Army of Love, Dan Costello!
New review for Cheese on Bread: "Oh, perfect first love, when quirky-smart gay boy bonds with quirky-fun straight girl over bad dorm food. Antifolk sweethearts Dan Fishback and Sara FitzSimmons capture the moment with toe-tapping perfection, letting listeners eavesdrop on their banter as they deconstruct boyfriends ("Where the Fuck Are They?") and slag the vapid ("[YouÍre Just a] Gucci Model"). Just don't call them postmodern."-The Advocate. Cheese On Bread's first full-length CD, Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby is available now on this site!

New story in archive section on Luke Smith UK Artist

New Mattoid release is out!
The Antihoot last week had 75 people sign-up in freezing weather but it quickly heated up inside. An amazing evening!

More acts confirmed for Fest:Miwa, Debe Dalton, Rebecca Smith, Bandini (from UK)

More acts confirmed for Fest: Phoebe Kreutz, PreWar Yardsale, Jeff Lewis and Paula Valstein

Update confirmed acts for The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2005: Amos, The Analogues, Barry Bliss, Joe Bendik, Zachary Cale, Cheese on Bread, Tom Clark, JJ Crash (From the UK), David Cronenborg's Wife (From the UK), Josh Garret-Davis, Linda Draper CD Release Party, Filthy Pedro (from the UK), Toby Goodshank, Casey Holford, Beau Johnson, Lach, Brook Pridemore, Lance Romance, Randi Russo, Rav Shmuel, Elliott Stein, Matt Van Winkle.
The Analogues will play a weekly Thursday night residency at Sidewalk in Feb. Tom Clark will start a monthly residency at Sidewalk beginning the last Thursday of Feb

Adam Green's new album Gemstones is out with a rave review in the new issue of Mojo. This is looking to be a brilliant year for Adam! Brian Wurschum of The Voyces has moved back to NYC and we hope to be able to hear a lot more from him over the coming months. Duende have announced they are going on indefinite hiatus and pursuing solo projects. We are quite eager to hear what they come up with. Rick Shapiro has been chosen for the Aspen Comedy Festival

Happy "for those who still believe in artificial linear illusionary time" New Year. For the rest of us...Happy Now!
New Mackie Onyx 1640 soundboard installed at Sidewalk and it sounds sweeeeeet! Coming Feb.18-27- Fortified Presents The Winter Antifolk Fest 2005! Confirmed acts include: The Analogues, Joe Bendik, David Cronenburg's Wife (from UK), Linda Draper's CD Release Party, Filthy Pedro (from UK), Lach, Brook Pridemore, Rav Shmuel

Lach's latest album Today is now available for digital download on the Apple I-Tunes store
The stage at Sidewalk has been made larger by a whole foot! Now the bass players can keep both feet on the stage :-)
The big Antifolk New Year's party this year is at Sidewalk with Belt, Elliot and Joel Stein, Echolalia, Langhorne Slim and Lach and The Secrets. No cover and free champagne at midnight!

The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2004 has been announced for an unprecedented 10 days: Feb.18-27. Look for the British Antifolk Invasion during the Fest and stay tuned for more announcements.
Army of Love and Cockroach residencies at Sidewalk this Winter
Shout out to Sidewalk's new soundcrew joining Marilee: Rebecca Smith and Lance Romance
Speaking of sound at Sidewalk look for the ultra cool new Mackie board arriving soon and a bigger stage...

Did you notice the super-Antifolk Boxing Day at Sidewalk?
Big Antifolk Christmas in Brighton UK on Dec.17. More at AFUKXMASS
Linda Draper's music is on the TV pilot NY Actor's Showcase for New York's Metro channel that will air Sat. Dec. 11 & Sat. Dec. 18 at 8PM/9PM EST and Christmas day, Dec. 25 at 3PM.


Antifolk UK Christmas party announced at

Lynn Samuels at Sirius Satellite was spinning Lach's Former President Bush tune but since Nov.3 they have switched to playing his Hillary Clinton Song

What's new with you?


Ukranian election fraud brings tens of thousands of protesters to the streets threatening a civil war. American voter fraud causes flurry of email petitions and message board postings.


Linda Draper interview at Linda Draper Interviewed

Review of new Lach CD Today in Ink 19 The Review

The NYC Winter Antifolk Fest at Sidewalk rumored to be last two weeks of Feb with a good contingent of the UK scene attending.

Mike Rocklin joins his brother Jim Loughlin (of moe.) for a monthly set of shows at Sidewalk

Musician's lounge now open at Sidewalk Cafe. Look for late, late night events coming soon to the backroom.

Thomas Truax UK/Euro tour begins this Saturday! The Tour details


Lach heads to London for two exclusive shows headlining at the Acoustic Barfly in Camden on Thursday and Friday night (October 21 and 22).

Rick Shapiro totally rocked Howard Stern and has been asked back

The Moldy Peaches reunited for a one-off (?) show at The Hook in Brooklyn as a benefit for Accidental Record shop of Ave. A. Check 'em out...they have an Antifolk section!

Tonight in London at Buffalo Bar Big Antifolk night!


Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players leave on mega tour of the states

Rick Shapiro to appear on Howard Stern Wed. Oct.13

New Kimya Dawson album, Hidden Vagenda, is out

Ben Kweller opening for Incubus

The Moldy Peaches to reunite to help save Accidental Record Shop in East Village


Some of you have noticed some infrastructure changes at Sidewalk Cafe, home of the NYC Antifolk scene. Yup, the pooltable is gone and the downstairs is undergoing a transition into a musician's lounge. A cool, comfortable area to hang out while waiting for your set to start or to calm down after rockin' the joint. Stop in and check it out and look for it to evolve over the coming weeks.

Two more weeks to the UK Antifolk Night at Buffalo bar on the 17th

Two Major Halloween Antifolk nights on either side of the ocean!

In NYC at Sidewalk on Sun. Oct.31: 7:30- The Festival, 8- The Babyskins , 8:30- James Colvin, 9-Diane Cluck,10- Cockroach, 11- Jeff Lewis ,12-Barry Bliss

In UK, Brighton at Hobgoblin on Friday Oct. 29 7-11pm: Milk Kan, The Bobby McGees, Larry Pickleman, Filthy Pedro, Apricorn Quartet, Mertle


Autumn UK Antifolk night now set for Sunday 17th October. Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, Highbury. Highbury and Islington Tube. Just right as you come out of the main entrance. More details to follow.

Filthy Pedro and Tom Mayne of David Cronenberg's Wife will be presenting an Antifolk special on Resonance FM's clear spot. Tuesday 28th September. 7:00pm to 8:30pm. 104.4 FM in London, available online everywhere.


From: Johnny Sizzle our Vancouver correspondent Hi It's JohNNy SiZZle tellin' you what's up with the little Antifolk scene here in Western Canada just in case you want to know. This won't be the most all-together e-mail you've ever read. So I'll just shoot it off.

As of right now their are two new releases out there one is from Mr.Plow titled "It's Plow Or Never" which was released about 2 months ago.
And yours truly is going to have in about a month an upcoming new release titled "MetamorpheSIZ". Antifolk bands coming on strong are The Doers and The Blackie Lablanc Band. Talk of recordings from these two have been heard about. There's also a man in Edmonton by the name of Babe Lloyd who regularly performs shows and puts out numerous recordings.
Websites to check are acoustic chaos youÍll find resources and a number of artists featured there.
That's all I can tell you for now. If you're curious about myself you can find out about me at If you wish for possibly more information feel to write back. England, USA, Canada a united Antifolk for all.



Regina Spektor's album Soviet Kitsch now available as a digital download from Sire records

Lach interview and picture in latest ish of Timeout New York

Soce has a new rad t-shirt he be pimpin' at gigs

Rumor has it London's got an Antifolk Fest Night in works for Autumn

Speaking of London looks for Lach's return on Oct.21 and 22 to the Camden Acoustic Barfly!


Lach is back MCing the Antihoot every Monday night at Sidewalk Cafe and things there are as slam-packed and beautifully crazy as ever. A big shout-out to Amy Hills for 'holding down The Fort' while Lach was on tour over in the UK. Check out her wonderful new album heroine at

Look for the return to Sidewalk of UK supercool band The Wave Pictures

Rav Shmuel dropped by the Fortified office and played us a few cuts from the upcoming debut, this stuff rocks!

Sidewalk has been going through some decor upgrades recently. Goodbye to the broken down ol' pooltable and hello to the 'musician's lounge'. Look for the lounge to be made even more inviting over the coming weeks! Schwervon! on's the scoop!
3 - london - legions - old street - 0207 729 4441
4 - bristol - fiddlers - willway street - 0117 987 3403 also - Major Matt and Nan Turner afternoon performances at The Scout Tent 4pm here -
5 - edinburgh - wee red bar - laurieston place - 0131 229 1442
6 - aberdeen - dr. drakes - shiprow - 01224 596 999
7 - newcastle - cumberland arms - byker building, byker - 0191 265 6151
8 - hull - adelphi - degrey street - 01482 348216
9 - london - venue tbc
10 brighton - hobgoblin - 31 york place
12 - dresden - scheune
13 - hamburg - venue tbc
14 - dusseldorf - venue tbc
15 - munich - venue tbc
16 - leipzig - venue tbc
17 - berlin - zosch


Regina Spektor gets a huge article in Sunday's NYTimes! Namechecks Antifolk twice (blush).

Lach and Paleface attacked in Tompkins Square Park by crazed fan during Antifolk Fest. All three are fine :-)


Friday August 13th Central Park show MOVED to Sidewalk Cafe due to weather
5pm-7pm Everyone will have 2 songs/8 minutes except *
5-6pm Amy Hills, Six/7, Casey Shea, Jeff Lewis*, Rachel Lipson, Plus special guests...
6-7pm The Babyskins, Don McCloskey*, Lach, Charles Zerner, Jaymay, Ivan Sandomire, Peter Dizozza

Sunday August 15th:Tompkins Square Park
Everyone will have 2 songs/8 minutes
Look for alternate, surprise acts through-out the day

The Mattoid, Cockroach, Phoebe Kreutz, Scott Peterson, Toby Goodshank, Fenton Lawless, Jessie Murphy/David L.K. Murphy, Timothy Dark, Beau Johnson,

Dream Bitches, Peter Dizozza, Joe Bendik, Langhorne Slim, Major Matt Mason USA,

Dan Fishback(representing Cheese On Bread), Duende, Osei(representing The Woes), Joie DBG, Ian Thomas, Nan Turner (representing Pantsuit),

Dibs, Debe Dalton, Simple, Prewar Yardsale, Lippe


Lach and The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players back in NYC after big tours of UK.

Fortified announced the line-up for the Summer Antifolk Fest.

Antifolk well represented this year at Truck Fest in Oxford UK with Joe Buzfuz, Thomas Truax, Chris T-T and Lach

The UK antifolk night is all lined up now. 1st August at the Buffalo Bar. We're starting early to get quite a few bands on. The following acts are playing: David Cronenberg's Wife, Joe Buzfuz, Filthy Pedro, Milk Kan, Apricorn Quartet, Spinmaster Plant Pot, Moondog, The Bobby McGees and Martin Amis & The Cripples


Lach's UK tour is going well with sold out shows in London and Dublin opening for punk legends Television. Ten shows so far opneing for Roland Gift and The Fine Young Cannibals has exposed Lach to over 5000 new listeners. This week sees Lach's first shows with Suzanne Vega. Lach has also played a few surprise "after-concert" appearances at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen, The Barfly in Cardiff and The Blang night at 12-Bar in London.

Regina Spektor rave review in new NME!

Do you have Antifolk News? Feel free to send it in:


Back from UK is Major Matt Mason USA, Back from da South is Cockroach

The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest 2004 now has two outdoor concerts planned: Tompkins and Central Park!

Lach's UK tour has kicked off with shows supporting The Fine Young Cannibals in Liverpool and the town of Grimsby. Check out the new ad in the new issue of Mojo (where Lach's Today recieved 4 stars last issue


Look for CD release parties at Sidewalk coming up for : The Wowz, Amy Hills, Eric LaCain and Cheese On Bread

Speaking of CD releases, did another Antihoot alumni just score a major label deal?

The Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players to play South Street Seaport June 9 and we hear they are preparing to conquer London in July

Lach and The Secrets recorded a new single at Dubway with Richard Barone producing. Get ready to hear Former President Bush on cool radio and websites near you!


Lach Solo Acoustic Stylee Summer 04 UK Tour Dates:

Opening for Fine Young Cannibals
10th June Thurs LIVERPOOL: Academy
11th June Fri GRIMSBY: Auditorium
12th June Sat -off-
13th June Sun ABERDEEN: Music Hall
14th June Mon NEWCASTLE: City Hall
15th June Tues BILLINGHAM: Forum Theatre
16th June Wed -off-
17th June Thurs READING: Hexagon
18th June Fri DERBY: Assembly Rooms
19th June Sat OXFORD: New Theatre
20th June Sun -off-
21st June Mon CARDIFF: St David's Hall
22nd June Tues SWANSEA: Grand

Opening for Television
23rd June Wed LONDON: University of London Union
24th June Thurs - off -
25th June Fri DUBLIN: The Village

Opening for Fine Young Cannibals
26th June Sat KINGS LYNN: Corn Exchange
27th June Sun LOWESTOFT: Marina Theatre
28th June Mon - off -
29th June Tues CHATHAM: Central Theatre
30th June Wed BRISTOL: Colston Hall
1st July Thurs - off -

Opening for Suzanne Vega
2nd July Fri NOTTINGHAM: Royal Concert Hall
3rd July Sat NEWCASTLE: Opera House
4th July Sun MANCHESTER: Royal Concert Hall

Opening for Fine Young Cannibals
5th July Mon WORTHING: Assembly Hall

Opening for Suzanne Vega
6th July Tues FALMOUTH: Princess Pavilion
7th July Wed LONDON: Shepards Bush Empire

Opening for Fine Young Cannibals
8th July Thurs TUNBRIDGE WELLS: Assembly Halls

Lach Headlines
10th July Sat PARIS: House of Live
19th July Mon PARIS: Bastille
23rd July Fri LONDON Camden Barfly
24th July Sat OXFORD Truck Festival
Lach will be back in New York City for the Fortified Summer Antifolk Festival at Sidewalk CafÚ Aug.14-21 with a full set on the 20th at 10pm


Major Matt Mason USA Returns to the UK to promote his new album "Bad People Rule The World"

May 28 Bristol Here Shop & Gallery 0117 942 2222 (with The Bulky Mule, Francois)
May 29 Birmingham Jug Of Ale 0121 449 1082)
May 30th Leicester The Music Cafe 0116 262 5050
May 31st Coventry The TIn Angel (02476 559 958)
June 1 Oxford The Cellar 01865 244761
June 2 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire 0131 220 6176 (opening for BMX Bandits)
June 3 Glasgow Nice n Sleazy 0141 333 9637 (opening for BMX Bandits)
June 4 Aberdeen (opening for for Andy White)
June 6 Hull Adelphi 01482 348216
June 7 Manchester Britons Protection 0161 236 5895
June 8th Brighton The Hobgoblin 01273 602519
June 9 London The Comedy 0207 839 6642 (with The Rebel) 7 Oxendon Street, London, (off Coventry St.- Piccadilly Circus /Leicester Sq.)


Regina Spektor has announced a set of UK shows, due to kick off in GLASGOW next month. The singer will be supporting the release of her album, 'Soviet Kitsch' which is released on Shoplifter Records on July 5 and was co-produced by Gordon Raphael. Last autumn, Spektor accepted The Strokes' invitation to open for the band on the US tour. Kings Of Leon also made the singer an honorary Followill and took her out on the road for their European tour. The UK dates are: * Glasgow Barfly (June 10) * Cardiff Barfly (12) * Manchester Night & Day Cafe (14) * London The Spitz (16)

Hamell On Trial on tour in Ireland last week of May

Lach's new CD Today recieved a 4 Star review in the new issue of Mojo Magazine

New CD out from Prewar Yardsale-We Are Singing A Sad Song

Major Matt Mason USA's new CD Bad People Rule The World out soon with UK tour to follow


The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest will return to Tompkins Square Park this year for a four hour concert on Aug.15th. The Fest will incldue 8 nights of Antifolk at Sidewalk Cafe celebrating 20 years of the scene!

Lach has been invited to open for Television in the UK

Rick Shapiro has a huge feature in the New York Observer

Ben Kweller called Antifolk in the Village Voice

Major Matt's UK tour announced at OJ Calendar

Adam Green to open for The Strokes at Summer Stage


Bon Voyage to Danny Kelly and Knot Pinebox as they head west to spread da woid! NYC's loss is the Northwest's gain!

The Mattoid now has a label behind him and is out on tour. Look for him and pick up his great new album here.


The Fortified Summer Antifolk Fest has been announced for August 13-21. Nine nights of Antifolk madness at Sidewalk Cafe. Stay tuned for updates, announcements and special events.

Congrats to Brad and Vanessa of on the arrival of their new baby boy,Hatcher :-) :-) :-)

Cheese On Bread is about to enter Olive Juice Studios to master the long-awaited deluxe RE-RELEASE of their debut record, "Maybe Maybe Maybe Baby," critically acclaimed over and over again by Time Out New York and no one else. The re-release will be re-released at Sidewalk on July 10th, on Dashan's Luv-a-Lot Records. Look out for the upcoming "Gucci Model" music video, and shows in Philadelphia!

You got Anti-news? Wanna write reviews? Just send it along to us at OK? OK!


Dibs has his own Antifolk radio show called Folk Off on every Friday from 10am until noon. Tune in bay-beeeeeee!


Lach announced last night at his CD release party (CD out on 4/20 but rumour says it's already in Virgin megastores) that Fortified Management has begun working with Lydia and Jim

So, who was the notorius rolfer at Major Matt's B-Day party?

Soce's CD arrives this week. Look for the party on Sat. at Sidewalk and it will go on sale here on Tuesday.


Lach has just been invited to open for Suzanne Vega for five dates (July 2-7) in the UK!

Casey Holford lost his dear guitar. We hope you find a new one soon!

Randi Russo and the band are currently at loiter studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn doing the final mixing on their next album... it's almost finished!

Amy Hills in studio completing the new album!

Thomas Truax featured in current issue of Uncut Magazine. Nice pic!

4/2/04 Catch the new interview on the Sidewalk and Antifolk with Lach on the BBC World Service (Over 150 million listeners worldwide!) for BBC

Rumor Mill Dept.= What superstar has just asked Lach along as their UK support act in July? Stay tuned...

Thomas Truax and Curtis Eller tonight in London at 12-Bar's Blang! night. Wottabill!

After a year-plus of recording and spending thousands on getting it professionally mixed and mastered, Soce, The Elemental Wizard is getting his debut full-length album I'm in My Own World pressed with the works, including a full-color booklet and clear CD tray! He will be celebrating this achievement at The Sidewalk Cafe on Saturday, April 24 by throwing a CD party featuring performances by himself, Chris Fuller, Dibs, Matt Singer, Cheese on Bread, Friends with Benefits and the ultimate jam team, Mystical Wunderkind Experience!!! Come one, come all. Note: I'm in My Own World contains some adult language. If you prefer to hear soce without any curse words, then fear not. His completely clean and radio-friendly album Dream de la Dream is also available here on right now.


Thomas Truax UK Tour has begun


New Release---"Love Arcade"æfrom The Voyces- Out March 20!ææ Contains some obscure songs along with some favorites. Also includes Relate To Me from Jack Johnson's Thicker Than Water soundtrack album and Linda Draper's A Little Bit Goes.

Curtis Eller UK tour dates announced. Check out his artist page for details.


- JOSHUAGABRIEL's debut full-length album is at the plant and will be available on April 7. go to for MP3 of Welcome to the END OF THE WORLD.


Kirk Kelly featured in current issue of Village Voice

Rachel Trachtenberg is the Timeout NY covergirl in current issue!

Lach and The Secrets UK Tour plays to packed houses and Lach is already booked to return for an end of July tour.

Testosterone Kills in studio recording new material

Are you Antifolk? Got News? Tell us about it so we can spread the word!


Lach launches new website! Celebrating the upcoming release of, Today, the Lach and The Secrets UK Tour schedule for March 3-12, MP3's added weekly building to the CD release on April 20, Weblog :Confessions of a Lach and much more. keep comin' back!

New message board added to No more spam and all sorts of cool 'bells and whistles'. Go check it out.

The Voyces' Thicker Than Water is #21 in Billboard's soundtrack chart. Brian Wurschum from The Voyces plays Sidewalk March 5th.

Nellie McKay top ten Apple I-Store download!

Sidewalk books People's History of the United States of America into March residency!


One day 'til Sidewalk Cafe and Fortified Present: The Winter Antifolk Fest 2004! What else is there to know :-) 2/7/04-

Nellie McKay does Letterman. See the video at

Regina Spektor with The Strokes now out as a single. The song is called Modern Girls & Old-Fashioned Men.

Lach and The Secrets head back to the UK for 8 shows in 8 nights March 4-11. Cities include London, Oxford, Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham. The tour will include two private shows for web-hounds and e-mail listees only ;-)

The Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest will be at Sidewalk Feb.21-28 and the line-up is awesome! Oh yeah, Fest T-shirts have been ordered!

Amy Hills has joined the Fortified team and will be the voice you hear when calling to book a show at Sidewalk Cafe. Amy will also be assisting in all areas of the company and we couldn't be happier to have her on board. Look for some amazing moments this year as Fortified takes it to a whole 'nother level!


The new Lach CD has arrived at the offices of Fortified Records and April has been designated as the release month. There will be opportunities for the Antifolk community to get a copy earlier so stay tuned to find out how. Tracks on the new album, Today include: Antenna, Parade, Junior, Do The Next Right Thing, Power Lies Within, Wail Away and much more. Also look for the launch of to coincide with the album's release.

More Lach news... The UK tour is shaping up for the first two weeks of March. The tour will include solo shows as well as a few select nights with The Secrets. First official date confirmed: Thursday March 11 at The Barfly in Camden!

Schwervon releases their new album Poseur next week with a special party at Galapagos on Thurs.29.

Jeff Lewis announced as closing act of The Winter Antifolk Fest 04 (Feb.21-28 at Sidewalk)

Yo parental units, Sidewalk has introduced a children's menu :-) Check it out!


Fortified Records announces Lach UK Tour for first two weeks of March. One week solo acoustic and one week with his band The Secrets. First announced date for March 11th with The Secrets at The Barfly in Camden. Look for the new album Today to be released in late winter/early spring.

Fortified Records also announced the dates this year for the Winter Antifolk Fest 2004 to be Feb.21-28 at Sidewalk Cafe. Acts already confirmed include: 6/7, Amy Hills, Beau Johnson, Casey Holford, Danny Kelly, Dave Deporis, Dibs, Elliot Stein, Fenton Lawless, Huggabroomstik, Joe Bendik, Joie DBG, Jon Berger, Kieth Zariello, Kirk Kelly, Knot Pinebox, Lach, Langhorne Slim, Lippe, Mike Rocklin, Phoebe Kreutz, Rav Shmuel, Rick Shapiro, Simple, Schwervon, Lisa Bianco of Redjacket, Schwervon, Testosterone Kills

Is there Antifolk outside yr little world boy-o? Malaysia


BURBANK, CAææWednesday 1.7.2004ææ/ -- Julian Casablancas has taken issue with a detail on the credits, so the new Strokes single will not be released next week as previously planned. Reptilia the second single from Room On Fire featured a b-side, Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men, a collaboration with New York-based pianist and Antifolk musician Regina Spektor was credited as being by 'The Strokes featuring Regina Spektor'. But Casablancas insisted that it be changed to 'Regina Spektor featuring The Strokes'. 10,000 copies of the sleeve were printed up with the original credits, undoubtedly creating some nifty collector's items!

Curtis Eller's song Alaska has been voted "2003's most popular" tune on NPR's All Song's Considered open-mic webpage.

Da Newz

Good Lord what a year for the Antifolk scene! The Moldy Peaches go on hiatus and Adam Green releases a solo CD while Kimya hits the studio and the road. Jeff Lewis releases and tours a new CD on Rough Trade. Hamell On Trial signs to Ani Difranco's Righteous Babe label and releases two CDs! Lach returns to the studio and records once again with The Secrets and Richard Barone. The master tape has been shipped to the plant so look for a winter 2004 release. Testerone Kills signs to Fortified Records and release's War All The Time to rave reviews. Schwervon! and Major Matt Mason USA release new CDs and tour UK and Europe. UK also gets Antifolk invaded by Paleface,Breadfoot,Steve Shiffman, Thomas Truax. Rick Shapiroæappears on Comedy Central, completes a successful residency at Bowery Poetry Club and returns to his home turf of Sidewalk for a winter 2004 residency. Peter Dizozza and Diana Dunphy marry and Peter releases The Golf Wars. Prewar Yardsale release their first child the beautiful Harmon Gillespie Levy Rechner. Grey and Patsy move to LA. Regina Specktor opens on world-wide tour for The Strokes. Fortified Management discovers Nellie McKay and escorts her from playing her first original tune at the Sidewalk's Antihoot through a bidding war to a contract with Columbia Records. Jim Flynn releases his book Stranger To The Systemæand you can't go anywhere on the scene without seeing someone reading it. Dashan records a 46 song Antifolk comp in his bedroom and releases it on Luv-A-Lot records. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players sign to Bar-none and release a wonderful CD and tour the States. Ami, Sidewalk's beloved manager returns to Isreal and Jeff takes over the reigns and the belovedment. Sidewalk renovates and gets a beautiful Yamaha upright piano, and an even better sounding room. Justin Tranter starts up the Flaming Sundays series at Sidewalk featuring the best Gay/Lesbian and occasionally straight performers around and the room is slammin'. So much more happened with so many fantastic artists that we could go on for pages, but instead please check in with for regular updates on the comings and goings of this truly vital, maddening, delightful, anarchic family of misfits known as the Antifolk scene and our apologies to the tender artistic minds who didn't get a mention above. We are just jotting this out as quick as we can so we can get over to Sidewalk and catch Rick Shapiro's set tonight! In closing, a sad note.

The scene lost a dear friend this year, Aaron Wilkinson. He was a beautiful soul and very loved by the community. Aaron was a great songwriter, real, rootsy and embracing. He played and toured with The Moldy Peaches, worked sound at Sidewalk and we miss him greatly. Our prayers go out to his family and friends and we hope during this particular time of year each of us may pause to take a moment to reflect on and appreciate the people in our lives and the love that really lies so close at hand. May your holidays be bright and love-filled :-) Cheers-The Gang at Fortified


Adam and Eve is a film directed by Jeff Kanew ("Revenge of the Nerds", "Gotcha!", "Tough Guys") and starring Cameron Douglas ("It Runs In The Family") and Emmanuelle Chriqui ("Wrong Turn", "Snow Day"). Cooler yet, it features 2 new Grey Revell songs ("I Will Remember", and "This One Tomorrow") and "Crazy Like an Ambush". The film will likely be released on the festival circuit this summer.


The new Lach album has been shipped to the manufacturing plant! Look for a winter 2004 release. This is the highly anticipated follow-up to 2001's Kids Fly Free and once again features The Secrets (Billy Ficca and Roy Edroso) and is produced by Richard Barone And the title for the album is (drumroll please)...Today.

Schwervon has returned from a three week tour of Europe and the UK

Paleface fell ill during his UK tour and some shows were cancelled. We all wish him a fast, strong recovery.


Last Up Larry has been hard at work at an undisclosed bar on the upper westside. He has been doing instrumental rehearsal jams with a percussionist in preparation for his upcoming show at the Sidewalk Cafe ---- Next Year---- Jan 7th 2004 8:30pm. With the use of a loop station (a device masterfully used by Knot Pinebox) Last Up Larry is enhancing old songs and creating new dynamic instrumentals.


The Voyces can be found on a movie soundtrack just widely released by Universal Records. The movie is called, Thicker Than Water. It's a surf movie available on dvd. The song is called Relate To Me.

Also in Voyces news, the fabulous Linda Draper has joined the band.

11/30/03- Splendid reviews Peter Dizozza's Golf Wars CD. See link on Peter's artist's page.


Hamell on Trial in Ireland and in the press

Article on Jeff Lewis at Oxford!

-The CULTURAL WORKERS CONSORT presents "I AIN'T MARCHIN' ANYMORE!--A PHIL OCHS SONG NIGHT" Celebrate the music and the legacy of this legendary Protest Singer, Activist and Force of the Left... with performances by ANNE FEENEY & CHRIS CHANDLER ("A deliciously cynical skewed view of our American empire"-Sing Out!), BEV GRANT ("A pure work of art"-Sing Out!), KIRK KELLY ("The Billy Bragg of NYC"-LA Times), JOHN PIETARO ("Joe Hill's spirit lives"-1199 News) and many special guests including Mike Rimbaud, Ray Korona, Joel Landy and more. FRIDAY DECEMBER 19--Phil Ochs' birthday!--7:30 PM TILL 11:00 SIDEWALK CAFE, 94 AVE A (near E. 6th St), NEW YORK CITY, 212-473-7373 Write to organizer John Pietaro for more info: or see the Sidewalk website:


An introduction by Simple kicks off the new Duende album, "Peppers & Jelly - 100% Live," selections of which were recorded by Hogan at the Sidewalk Cafe. The CD release party is Dec 12th in PA. The album will be available on and


Rick Shapiro returns to Sidewalk for a weekly residency Thursdays at 8pm beginning Dec.4

Jessie Murphy is this week's cover story at EC Rocker Magazine

Hamell On Trial's latest CD Tough Love gets five stars in the new issue of Uncut Magazine. That's the highest rating possible!

Regina Spektor pictured in th latest issue of NME singing with The Strokes at Bowery Ballroom. Is she signed yet?

The Strokes have written and recorded a collaboration with pianist and 'anti-folk' musician Regina Spektor. According to the band's longtime producer Gordon Raphael, the track - 'Modern Girls' - was recorded in Seattle during a break from The Strokes' current US tour. Moscow-born Spektor - who has been touring with The Strokes throughout their North American trek - sings joint lead vocals on the track, which is said to mark a significant change in direction for the New York five-piece. "I just got back from New York and Seattle watching The Strokes and Regina Spektor play amazing concerts," Raphael told XFM. "While in Seattle we recorded a brand new The Strokes song with Julian [Casablancas - Strokes' vocalist] and Regina singing the lead part together! "We recorded the song 'Modern Girls' at a gorgeous studio called Bear Creek out in the woodlands near town. "Jules and Regina sang outside next to hundreds of amazingly tall trees into very old vintage microphones whilst a German Shepherd dog named Ella (vator) sat between them on the grass." He added: "The song sounds like an old time jazzy rocker being played on a radio from the late 1940s...The effect of the two superb singers is breathtaking and quite emotional." According to Raphael, the song - which was performed live at recent concert dates in New York (October 29 - 30) - may eventually be released as a single. "They want to release the song under the name of Regina And The Strokes, like some unknown classic band from way-back," he said. "Watch out world this is the future..." The Strokes have now ended their US tour. The band begin their long-awaited European jaunt in Glasgow on December 1


THE MATTOID's (aka-Ville,aka-The Urban Peasant)CD Release Party this Friday (Nov. 7) in Nashville with Laurel of The Voyces as guest performer.

Steve Shiffman UK TOUR!

Nov. 9 Cardiff @ Journeys/

Nov. 10 London @ 12 Bar Club, "Blang" night, 10:30pm/

Nov. 11 Exeter @ Cavern Club/

Nov. 12 Brixton @ The Windmill

Nov. 13 Leicester @ The Attik w/ Bocca/

Nov. 14 London @ Arts Cafe, 10:15pm Up All Night

Just in from Soce:
Antifolk acts Cheese on Bread, Shiragirl and Soce, the Elemental Wizard have teamed up with fellow gay acts Gina Young and Steph Furness to bring you The Q-Superpowers World Tour!! So far, they have two shows lined up in Philly.One at The Keswick on Friday, November 14, and another at The Rotunda on Sunday, February 1, 2004. Go go gadget gay!!

Just in from Curtis eller: Dear friends and gentle hearts... I've happily learned that my tune "Alaska" is being featured on NPR's "All Songs Considered" website this week. æIf you have a moment, stop by and check it out (and hopefully give it a good rating). æHere's the link: NPR It'll be posted until next Wednesday. æI hope this finds you well, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let me know. Yours Truly, Curtis P. Eller

Testosterone Kills are in the semi-final Grammy nominations for Best Record, Best Album and Best New Artist. Tell all your Grammy votin' friends! Trachtenberg's spotted on MTV. Sidewalk Cafe, Antifolk central, has just added a beautiful Yamaha Upright Piano to it's stage replacing the old Hardman baby grand. The tone and playability are wonderful, a great addition to one of NYC's most intimate and best sounding live music venues. Look for upcoming residences at Sidewalk from Rick Shapiro, Jessie Murphy, Chris Barron and Ruth Gerson. Lach has started touring outside of NYC in anticipation of the Winter release of his next album. Last week saw Lach in Boston at TT the Bear's with upcoming shows scheduled in Philadelphia at The Point and in NYC with The Secrets at Sin-e on a double-bill with New Model Army.

Schwervon! and Thomas Truax Domesticated Animals Tour
10th nov - Edinburgh (cabaret voltaire)w/Gordon Mcintyre of Ballboy
11th nov - Glasgow (stereo) w/ Desc
12th nov -Newcastle (the cooperage)w/A Ghost
13th nov - Hull (adelphi)
14th nov -Manchester (Picadilly Gardens Hotel)
15th nov - Cardiff (Dempseys - Twisted by design club)
16th nov - Nottingham (The Social) w/cass mccombs
17th nov -Leeds-(Royal Park)
18th nov - Oxford-(The Cellar)
19th nov - Brighton-(Upstairs at the Prince Albert)
20th nov - Bristol-(Il Bordello)
21st nov - London (Bush Hall/Strange Fruit Festival) W/The Lucksmiths, Vermont
23rd nov - Haarlem/The Netherlands (Patronaat)
24th nov - Nuernburg/Germany (K4, Uhr ZentralcafÚ)

We walked into Virgin Megastore this week in Union Square to see Antifolk albums everywhere including Hamell On Trial, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Lach, Testosterone Kills, Adam Green and more. Seems like they should get themselves an Antifolk section, doncha think?
Lach and The Secrets played at the notorius Cat Club in NYC with fellow Antifolk star Joe Bendik sharing the bill. Don't fret if ya missed. The club has already rebooked the band for November!

Check out the cool Rick Shapiro clip at click for rick. Dashan of Huggabroomstik has just released a dynamite new Antifolk compilation on his luvalot label that totally captures the current scene with over forty artists recorded in his bedroom in Harlem. Sidewalk has added an upright piano to its music room. Yay! Curtis Eller, Danny Rockett, Thomas Truax and Schwervon! all have new tours of UK coming up over the next two months. Watch our London!

Testosterone Kills and Hamell On Trial rocked the Tin Angel in Philly last week. Catch TK at Sidewalk Oct.9 Secrets drummer Billy Ficca ends Television in time for the upcoming gig with Lach and Roy on Oct.11 at The Cat Club in NYC. Schwervon allowed a sneak listen to their latest CD and it is killer folks, pure dynamite! Rick Shapiro has added nightly appearances at HA! Comedy Club located on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues 212-977-3884 to his already busy schedule. How's he do it?

Regina Spektor to open for The Strokes on the new tour including Madison Square Garden! New Lach CD being mastered this week at Jigsaw Sound by engineer Phil Klum. Rick Shapirois now doing a new weekly show every Friday at 8PM at Bowery Poetry Project. Schwervon have finished mastering their new disc and are planning UK tour. Jeff Lewis to start a three-week UK and Euro-tour

Patsy Grace and Grey Revell are now officially moved to LA. Will they start up an Antihoot for us out there? The Sidewalk Cafe is in the process of renovation, partly due to new city ordinances (thanks a heap, Mike) and partly due to expansion of the kitchen to increase the quality of service and expansion of the menu. The club is seeking to replace the baby grand with a quality upright to claim as much stage space for bands as possible. A new wall is being built which will alter the size of the room but at the same time improving the sound and creating a more intimate venue. Lach and the Secrets have completed the final mix of the upcoming album. Engineered by Al Houghton at Dubway Studios. Stay tuned for sneak peaks. Rick Shapiro has been spotted nightly at Ha! performing short sets after 10pm. He is bringing the full show to Bowery Poetry Club on Fridays beginning on the 19th Testosterone Kills knocked 'em alive at Kendall Cafe in Boston last week. Look for them in Philly with Hamell On Trial at Tin Angel next week and in NYC at Sidewalk in October. Kimya Dawson has left RoughTrade and is shopping her latest recording. We're sure she will land at a happy place and we look forward to hearing the new material. If YOU have news, reviews, etc. for this site just email them to: Cool...

Looks Like Linda Draper has found her Voyce as Laurel from The Voyces becomes Linda's new roommate. A new Reality series MTV?
Hamell On trial released his new album Tough Love on Ani's label Righteous Babe Records last week. Go get one the new one from one of Antifolk's brightest stars today. Lach and The Secrets are completing the final mixes to the still untitled new album and are looking toward a Winter 2004 release. Peter Dizozza released his latest CD The Golf Wars last week at the Antifolk Fest. We hope to carry it soon on our buy page because it is that good! Testosterone Kills were featured in a live interview on FXN the biggest alt. station in Boston, Portland (Maine) and Rhode Island this past week and the dynamic duo head for Philly next to open for Hamell at The Tin Angel.


The Outdoor Antihoot as part of the Antifolk Fest 2003 and Howl Fest is on Sat.Aug.23 at 11th st. and Ave.A from 2-5pm. Hosted by Dibs, Peter Dizozza and Danny Kelly with the following performers in order of appearance (figure five minute sets per act):Soce The Elemental Wizard, Timothy Dark, Carmaig De Forest, Rachel Lipson, Peter Dizozza, Thomas Truax, Jessie Murphy, Chris Maher, Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend, Joe Bendik, Dibs, Daoud/Art Sorority "4" Girls, Vita Izabella, Huggabroomstik, Dave Deporis, Breck Alan, Just About To Burn, Jason Trachtenburg, Regina Spektor, and surprise guest.

Lach and The Secrets had just finished the mix on Power Lies Within when the blackout hit! Patsy Grace and Grey Revell are moving to LA in September and their last NYC shows are this week at the Antifolk Fest at Sidewalk. Two of the scene's brightest lights and we look forward to visiting on our next western trip.

Peter Dizozza has announced his Antifolk Fest slot will be a CD release party! Lach and The Secrets once again with Richard Barone producing, are currently in the studio putting final touches on their next album. We hear rumours that Schwervon are finishing up their latest CD. And Testosterone Kills just announced their Philly debut will be late September at The Tin Angel with Hamell on Trial

Testosterone Kills rocked Fez last night, scoring an encore with the very enthusiastic crowd. They have two NYC shows in August and will be making their Philly debut in September with Hamell On Trial at The Tin Angel. Jim Flynn has released his book on the homeless in the East Village entitled Stranger to the System. Look for it on sale on this site soon! Lach and the Secrets hit the studio last weekend. Is there a new album in the works? Julia Rose was banned from Borders bookstore for making a disparaging remark about Bush's legs! So much for freedom of speech in an American bookstore.The story has made the national news so you go and fight the power Julia!

Schwervon get a rave in new NME. Way to go! Testosterone Kills CD back in stock at Tower and added to listening post at Virgin megastore. Last week we heard the news that Aaron Wilkinson has passed away. We are heartbroken over this loss and our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Aaron was a beautiful artist on the scene, friendly, giving as well as a wonderful songwriter and performer. His light will be truly missed. You may follow this link to Aaron's obituary in his hometown paper in Wichita Falls On Aaron

The Summer Antifolk Festival 2003: We will be announcing the full schedule soon but to whet your appetite here are the rosters for the opening and closing nights (go to 'Where It's At' and click 'Sidewalk Schedule" for more info), you won't believe who's playing the rest of the week! Sat.Aug 30-8-Michal Towber, 8:30-Prewar Yardsale, 9-Testosterone Kills, 10-Lach, 11-Schwervon, 12-Closing Party Superstar Jam.


Cool article on Langhorne Slim in today's Daily News

Fond farewell to Sidewalk's manager for the last 3 years, Ami. Ami became an integral part of the scene through his support, love and friendship and we will all miss him very much. All the best Ami!

Congrats to Peter Dizozza on his marriage to the lovely, brilliant Diana Dunphy